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  1. Yeah they aren't honouring those orders so you'll have to request a cancellation or credit to put towards something else.
  2. The Myopta scope was about $1100 which is roughly equivalent of the range of scopes you mentioned plus the Australia tax.. the next step up was about 2.5 to 2.8k which was getting a bit silly. I'll definitely look up that scope you mentioned as I do intend to get a second rifle of some sort a little later on.
  3. I intend Roy to be my last NY purchase full stop.
  4. After a nearly 25 year absence I am finally back into a long lost and missed hobby! Renewed my firearms licence and picked up this Lithgow Arms .308 rifle. Couldn't go overboard with it and spend huge money but I am very happy with what I got. Yeah the Myopta scope isn't the sharpest tool around but it'll have to do for now. Just couldn't justify spending double the rifle cost on a scope at this stage. Though it should be more than accurate enough for up to 500-600 meters. Unfortunately my weekend is full with other stuff so I'll have to wait till next weekend to go do some target sh
  5. Hate to bang on about them as I'm sure we're all sick of it but I haven't heard a peep out of NY regarding my Roy. Am really hoping to see it before this side of Christmas. Not gonna hold my breath tho.
  6. I ordered a set with BIJ.. hopefully it goes smoothly.
  7. FYI, Decided I'm only going to collect the TV versions of the DX line. Listed my DYRL Hikaru 1S and Kakizaki 1A in case anyone is interested?
  8. So Monday 4pm Toyko Japan time yes?
  9. When does the VF-1D preorder begin?
  10. Expensive for a used item but I'm surprised this is still available..
  11. Oh wait Roy is already pre ordered.. whats after Roy?
  12. So what is expected to be announced next? I thought I'd read something about a Roy variant?
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