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  1. I've had her three years now and I don't tire of her beauty! I've been struck down this week with the flu and a chest infection but couldn't help taking her out for the short trip to the doctors.. So nice to drive!
  2. Hehe! I sold all of them! Free for MWF members! I will be making a bracket to secure the throttle to the left side of the seat frame and another bracket to hold the stick. I was told that they will be making a flight sim accessory for this rig which is coming in the next few months. I'll suss it out when they release it and see if it'll work for me. I set this one up primarily for driving as it's what I use it for most but I also fly. Yes you certainly do! The stick is to the right of the pc and the rudder pedals are on the lower shelf. Thanks! Yeah I figured I'd set it up that way as it's how we drive here in Aus and it makes room between the rig and pc table.
  3. Found one of these 1:18 Minichamps Jenson Button Brawn GP championship winner locally at a decent price.
  4. I was thinking of getting the Autoart version but it's friggin expensive! And I'm not so sure I want to add any Lambo's to my collection again.. That's the case with many of the cheaper brand models, they look fine on a shelf and the price is much more reasonable. My son has a Welly Aventador which to be perfectly honest wasn't that bad or at least hugely worse than the AA version anyways.
  5. The simulator shipment came in two parts which the transport company managed to send one package to another state ffs... Finally got everything yesterday and got it all built up! Apart from a few minor build and design flaw issues which I was able to sort out easy enough, I couldn't be happier!
  6. Nice! What brand is that? I'd get one but I sold off all my Lambo's so it wouldn't really fit in anywhere..
  7. Oh sorry mate. Wasn't trying to prove anyone wrong at all.. Lovethe Ford's fyi
  8. I had looked at a few other brands which could accommodate both racing and flying but they were either too expensive or not very suitable for one discipline or the other. The place I Purchased this one from says they'll have an add on part that will allow me to use the flight stick and throttle quadrant which is coming in the next few months so I'll definitely pick that up. Not super fussed at not being able to fly at the moment but my ratio between driving and flying is 90-10..
  9. Well yes there was a Holden Interceptor, a black HQ Monaro which was was seen in the film. It was stolen by The Nightrider and then deliberately crashed in the ensuing chase. The XB Falcon Interceptor was the last Interceptor to be built which is what Max drove.
  10. Decided to massively revamp my gaming pc set up with a Samsung 49inch curved gaming monitor and a proper racing simulator seat and frame. Can't wait to get it all setup! Just waiting on the simulator rig to arrive.. hopefully today. Also purchased the monitor stand so I can get rid of the desk entirely! I guess I won't be buying a Valkyrie anytime soon then..
  11. Hey, I think Norev make a decent one.. not sure about 7.5 but it's definitely a 7
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