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  1. Not so much a fan of Star Wars so I don't have any of the ships.. I do like them though. Can't remember what brand the Enterprise is but it is the 1701A. Maybe the Undiscovered Country movie version..
  2. Can't really remember actually.. I've had her for a while now. Possible ebay? She's not actually tall.. the camera angle skewed the image a bit and that she's right up against the glass. She's about 20cm tall. Yeah they are my all time favorite plane and not just because of the name! LOL! Especially the second prototype with its cantered wings. A shame it was lost in a crash. I would absolutely love to see this thing in the flesh! Such an amazing machine!
  3. My one anime, sci-fi and aircraft display cabinet! Might have to pack some of the planes and girls away as it's already getting a little cramped..
  4. Thanks! Hehe! Too late! Kinda already has! Especially when paying so late for pre orders and excessively hiked up post release prices.. Thanks NY.. Thanks mate! Would certainly be nice to grow my Macross collection again to something reasonable but not to the extreme of what I once had..
  5. My DX YF-19 arrived this afternoon! I really missed having one of these! So so good to have another again! Gorgeous bird! From once having over 140 Valkyries and then to zero (pardon the pun) im now back up to three! And hopefully many more after that! There's a long long road ahead!
  6. Thanks! Haha! Nahhh they were expensive as I got em from NY.. thanks! The shelves are starting to look much better with more Macross goodies on them again!
  7. yeah I kept her as she was my favorite of all the Macross girly figures I had. She's photo bombing the photo too! Which wasn't even intentional! It is! And tomorrow I should have the DX YF-19! the two parcels were sent together but this one got help up in customs for a couple days for what ever reason..
  8. My VF-1J arrived today! Its so good to have one again! Also checked the shoulder joints on Max, they are fine!
  9. Yes! It was a huge amount to swallow, probably one of the most expensive single Valkyrie purchases I've ever made but it does look absolutely gorgeous! Annoys me that the original release was so far off the mark.
  10. Looks pretty good! I had considered getting one of these but wasn't sure of the finish quality. What's it's like compared to the Minichamps cars?
  11. All of your poses are fantastic!
  12. Yeah and thats about the money I spent on my SS (Aussie dollars anyways but the same deal) When I was in the market for a new car I drove a lot of things and nothing at that price range in an automatic or dct felt good enough to buy. Yes what ever it was had to be a manual but my curiosity had to be satisfied. The only thing I would have seriously considered was a 3 series BMW (330 or 340). But the model I wanted was over 100k. People do bag the Holden's but for the money they are outstanding value. Yes they aren't perfect but nothing else is either. Even driving my cousins HSV VF GTS (auto) with 130kw more power, yeah it goes hard but just doesn't have the same appeal and I couldn't justify the extra 40k price premium. If it was a manual then yes any day of the week!
  13. Yeah an older model Commodore slush box probably isn't the best thing to use as an example but it ain't all bad. It still has firmer shifts than my misses 6 speed auto in the Cruze yet it has more than double the mileage on it and it hasn't been rebuilt yet. I have driven many new cars and many with Autos and yes they have made huge progress with them but they still don't impress me much at all. I get the feeling that its missing something or im getting short changed. When Im driving I want to be in control over as much as I can, gearbox included.
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