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  1. Macross Collection Display Thread

    Yeah it filthy and I hate it.. and yes dust comes from people but also as old carpet breaks down from age and wear it also creates dust particles. I did get some quotes for wood flooring both real and the fake stuff but it was pretty expensive. I don't want to commit to that expense for where I'm living now as I do eventually want to move from here. I have seen a few dust proofing products but most aren't very suitable to the Klingsbo cabinets.. I'll check out that link you posted though. Thanks! Hehe! Yeah as Noel mentioned, I just sold off all of my 21 & 22.. and I don't want them back. And ditto to what easnoddy said below. If I farted too loudly near the cabinet they were in the landing gear would collapse! LOL! Right! Any spare shelf space I might have is for incoming Delta and DX YF-19 Valkyries!
  2. Macross Collection Display Thread

    They are a tight fit for some of the larger Valkyries when in Battroid but they work quite well. If each shelf was a half inch taller it would have been perfect! I have seen a few idea on how to make them more dust proof but haven't tried many. Probably the easiest way to reduce the problem is to not have any carpet in your home! I'd love to rip up all the old carpet in exchange for floor boards! But that's an expense I can't manage atm.. maybe one day. Thanks! The gun straps I bought from a member here DarrinG who made them. Though he stopped making them a while back now.. The artwork on the bases are just stickers i bought from ebay and had made up. The 30th anniversary are from eBay and the gerwalk since 82 I got a mate of mine to do. They definitely help glam up the cabinets! I'll have a look if I have any left over stickers and send you one if I do ok.
  3. Macross Collection Display Thread

    Why thank you! And thank you! Yeah other than the two lots that really count! These are the best ones! I think all of my VF-1's have gun straps except for the VF-1D.. though I can easily fit one on to it also. Yeah got rid of a lot of others I felt I just didn't need. I'm happy with what's on display. Nahh I have always preferred the TV versions so it was easy to let all the DYRL stuff go. The only thing I kinda regret not having now is a 25A with supers but I do still have the Prophecy with supers which is just as nice!
  4. Macross Collection Display Thread

    My downsized Macross collection! From a once 130 strong down to a mere 34.. I do very much get a sense of quality rather than quantity. But most of all I am quite content.