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  1. Have absolutely no desire to deal with NNG ever again after a bad experience. I'll wait for the next round of hiked up pre order pricing at NY if that even happens..
  2. I like that.. others already have theirs and they are even popping up on Mandarake yet my order at NY has been in "order preparation" for over a week now. This hobby and the outlets one has to deal with are really starting to get under my skin.
  3. Wasn't even aware of this FFS. Can't find any available anywhere..
  4. That's pharking unbelievable!!!
  5. Hehe! I know right! I definitely have regret letting certain stuff go. I would like to get more 1:60 back again but I think I would rather focus my efforts and funds towards the newer 1:48's. I was happy to get the VF-1J again as it was one of if not the first v2 1:60 Valkyrie I got way back in the day. Definitely miss having one of these little gems!
  6. I purchased a Yamato v2 VF-1J from Mandarake reasonably cheap! Has the later hip joint version, no cracked shoulder joints and no obvious signs of yellowing. It's definitely good to have one of these little beauties again! Feels sooo much smaller than the 1:48 DX toys.
  7. Although just got an email from NY saying the new release date is end of April.. so that's just another month. If that's just a random date that NY has put just to keep their customers quiet for a bit can't be certain but I hope it's a somewhat accurate. After paying what I did for the bloody thing is certainly want it to be.
  8. This one is due for release today but do we know if that's still happening?
  9. Im sure he is but I think he wasn't going to collect the new 1:48 line.. but not completely certain.
  10. Kinda yes but no.. sticking with the DX 1:48's now.
  11. Absolutely wasn't aware of this pre order until 5 mins ago.. Just PO'd one at NY..
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