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  1. I'll sell ya one of mine but it's gonna cost ya some big bikkies!!
  2. Not that I'm aware of.. had briefly looked around for a third a little while back but found nothing. Someone might know where though.
  3. Thats very cool! I would have preferred a TV 1A style head but either way it's looks great.
  4. Oh I see . I didn't look that closely at them. Just figured it was the same as the other Movie version pilots.
  5. Yes the pilots for the movie versions are a bit chunkier and look and fit way better in the cockpit. I'm hoping they fix the tiny pilot issue for the TV versions.. they look like they took them from the 1/60 toys..
  6. Pain aside of dealing with NY and UPS woeful shipping I'm absolutely loving the Kakizaki variant! Shame about the "210" tampo stuff up but it doesn't bother me too much as everything else seems ok.
  7. My Kakizaki finally arrived this afternoon. buying these things is exhausting..
  8. After being stuck in China for several days my Kakizaki is finally on the move again as of this morning. Estimated delivery is this coming Monday. Would have been nice to have had it for this weekend considering we have a completely free weekend first time in ages.. oh well
  9. My correction it's now been 5 days in China.. if that's the case then it's been bumped multiple times. Not sure why UPS uses this route if this is the result..
  10. I've used the FP stands for years now and really haven't had any issues. Have had the odd rubber end cap stick to the surface of the Valkyrie but no paint ever got damaged or discoloured. I know other people have had issues but I have always made an effort to keep my Valks displayed in a cooler or more controlled climate. Maybe high heat would cause them to react with what ever surface they are supporting but as I said I haven't had the problem. I still have Valks on them now and they aren't new stands either.
  11. NY finally did ship out my Kakizaki but it has since been stuck in Shenzhen China for 3 days now. UPS shipment has been delayed.. the very same situation as my Zero-D.
  12. Ah cool! Looks legit !
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