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  1. Hey, I am after a sticker or decal set from a VF-1A Angel Birds either Yamato 1:48 or Hasegawa 1:48 kit if anyone has a set laying around they wish to sell me. Thanks!
  2. same as Australia Post..
  3. Pay up front orders..
  4. is AE pay up front?
  5. Next I'd love to see a TV Kakizaki or a TV VF-1A brownie at least. I recently picked up a Yammie 1/48 Angel Birds so I guess I'm happy to wait for that one a bit longer. Besides I think I'd rather a Cavaliers before an Angel BIrds..
  6. and at Toypanic https://www.toypanic.com/toy.aspx?p=74115
  7. found another store with PO open https://ohmyprimus.com/bddxmcvf1d.html
  8. ahhh the beauty of using a VPN! its the first two eps of the series
  9. has any other store made the VF-1D available for PO yet also?
  10. Thanks Noel , yeah I can't say my budget is very toy friendly at the moment either but I have missed out on a few of the previous PO's and got stung afterwards.
  11. I think I'll definitely try with another preferably HLJ or the like as a back up as I still find it strange BIJ have opened up PO's so early..
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