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  1. Lol. I hear ya @arbit I felt very much the same. But M7 has really grown on me. Initially, it didn't compare to M+. (M+ is still one of my favorites). But M7 covered a lot of intellectual real estate and creativity, IMO. Even now, when a new Macross idea comes up, we all get to say "Macross 7 did it first!"
  2. Ya. That was on an SMS cargo ship Isamu was running , I believe.
  3. Well, from what i hear, The Floating Head has many a Macross story in his vaults for sometime . Including more M7. This is via the podcast crew. Now, if THEY will let him loose on any of it, is another thing. He's probably cooped up in the Walkure closet for a while , which has a sign on the door that says, "do not open until 2025.."
  4. I'm all good with my older version. I'm lucky enough not to have any flaws, including the backwards SMS.
  5. The FireBomb Bar is definitely a Macross fans destination
  6. From what i hear, Basara is still extremely popular in Japan. There is a solid following for the lad
  7. A Flux-Capacitor in Isamu's SMS VF-19 would fix that.
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