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  1. Interesting. They should skip the old style picatinny and go straight to M-lock style hand guards and rails. That's the future of military accessory mounts.
  2. Yes. But my point is Walkure isn't even a drop in the bucket as popular in America as it is in Japan. And Walkure is simply not enough of a money maker in America for BW to suddenly be wetting themselves to bring us Macross.
  3. BW probably isn't in any hurry this century to touch hg with a ten foot pole. And, honestly, why should they be? To sell Walkure to America? Macross fans are getting their fix without hg being the slimy middle man. English dub Macross on Netflix? Might be nice, but English subs on blu ray are good enough . I think hg is delusional to think they are going to be the gatekeepers of Macross to the west. The underground Macross railroad has been going strong for decades. It's not even underground anymore. And all hg can do about it is posture and pretend they're gonna bring us Macross. Hahaha.
  4. RIP and many thanks to a classic character and unforgettable voice.
  5. It's pretty founded that the RT movie is a pipe dream. I'm not saying it's impossible, just improbable It's true RT will always be around. In someones attic All joking aside , RT HAS failed to produce enough new content to really be relevant. Except for the new toys being licensed based on really old designs. Even though many models and toys from the original Macross are also being produced, there continues to be a steady and continuous flow of new stories , mechs and characters. As well as Toys, models, pachinco ,music, concerts light novels, manga, etc.,etc. Even RT fans must admit HG has been flailing on all these fronts. For decades..
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