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  1. I just got around to digging out my copy. I totally forgot about that! Very cool! I haven’t looked at these books in a long time , glad our conversation led to this. I’m gonna have to try this on one of mine!
  2. The truth is out there...lol. Ya, I absolutely believe some instances are really just classified operations or aircraft that military and civilian alike aren’t privy to. But as mentioned above, when UFO’s are moving at speeds and pulling maneuvers that would turn humans into jelly bags, you have to wonder. Now we can go down the “unmanned “ aircraft route. And even the “we have secret aircraft that can do things you wouldn’t believe “ route. But , again, as mentioned above, these sightings have been going on for decades , back to a time when I’m pretty sure we didn’t have any such technology, even in secret.
  3. That sounds about right honestly. It’s not even the cost so much as the rarity that gets me..
  4. ... several. Twenty or so of the bloody things have been relocated to the Sol system, there's one orbiting Eden, one orbiting Uroboros, and one or two others I'm sure I've forgotten. Ok , so the Zentradi Earth Unified war machine is still going strong..I wonder how many battle pods have Minmay or Sheryl Naom bobble heads dangling in their cockpit. Not that there’s any room..
  5. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    Love the custom armored parts! HmR with FEXT looks great! You’ve captured some icon images here, great job! In particular I really like Hikaru’s VF-1A pose from DYRL, I can hear the sound of breaking glass and Missa yelling at him, lol..
  6. Check out the Bob Lazar Area 51 documentary on Netflix. UFO’s are quite common and Congress is finally forced to ask...what’s up?? when the military doesn’t know what they’re looking at, it makes one wonder..
  7. The last human outpost looks to be near the furthest out planet Neptune, Grand Savoie Residential Area, where Kim Saintlaurent was born in 2023( I don’t recall who that is) ,Probably there are routine patrols out near Savoie Residential Area. Perhaps all residential outpost in the system have some kind of local defense force..? The furthest out “base “ looks to be Europa Base 7, where Isamu Dyson is stationed in 2038..So he gets kicked out of the Solar system and ends up in deep space after this (thus begins M+) ? I know there is Reds wood Satellite City a bit further out, near Saturn which, again , may have its own defense force but this is just an assumption.. About Serra base..the information given indicates that it was manned by personnel from 2003 until 2005..? Doesn’t Space War 1 begin in 2009? Am I getting my dates wrong? And the ruins of South Ataria Island are still floating out there, near Pluto all alone..
  8. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    Haha. Awesomeness Keep it coming!
  9. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks like all of them to me.. I really want the anniversary Messer!
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