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  1. Just thought I’d mention it as there’s also one listed , from Japan, unbroken and in great shape for a little less.. @jenius have gotten your hands on one of these?
  2. Concerning the Vajra, which got me thinking from another thread, we’re talking about a VERY old species here. And masssively powerful. I remember that coming across so obviously as the 171’s in Frontier were getting decimated and cruisers as well. My noob question , which I’m sure has been covered somewhere,(sorry).. The Vajra are bio mechanical in nature(?) where do they draw their power source from? Are they just going around the Galaxy/Universe collecting fold wave energy ? Are they “pollinating” the Galaxy/Universe? Or what?
  3. Awesome pics @Kuma Style I saw one of those 1/24 Ingram on Evilbay for $799.87 with a broken neck piston. Insane!
  4. Absolutely!
  5. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    I was trying to drop a few scales in my collection and then the HMR’s came out.. now I’m in truble ! I want mre!
  6. Haven’t received a notice yet.. wonderingvthe same
  7. Right. But I should be more specific. How much technology was borrowed from the Vajra, by the protoculture? Granted the protoculture were their own race and culture( I doubt they borrowed the power of song concept from the Vajra, but maybe..). However..
  8. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    You putting together a platoon of trainers?
  9. An interesting topic in that interview... And that networked organism known as the Vajra-there seems to be a theory that it’s like the Bird Human that was in Macross Zero? Kawamori: “To be accurate, they’re different. The Bird Human was actually designed on the basis of the Vajra—probably a result of the Protoculture studying the latter. They may not have been an indigenous people, but they are an indigenous organism. That the Protoculture were able to travel through space in the first place was probably due to the Vajra.” And so, much of the protoculture technology was borrowed from the Vajra..?
  10. Between the series and movies of Macross,there always seems to be some tweaks. Why break from tradition at this point? Considering how Kawamori sticks to his guns on certain points, his explanation isn’t going to change either.
  11. Sale ends on the 19th. Everyone has another day to grind away. Nite nite
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