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  1. I know there's going to be another live "Frontier " concert. That really says a lot about the success of the music. In the end, I wonder if Delta's music will endure so long..
  2. Happy to have more deculture. Even if it's now J-pop..
  3. A collaboration would be interesting. The Draken drives would be cool.
  4. I enjoyed Maleficant. But i have zero interest in this. How can they possibly come up with a compelling story about an evil , crazy woman that wants to skin puppies? Mouse ears should get the rights to do the movie version of Wicked. That's a no brainer..
  5. Very nice @ChristopherB that VE-1 is classic. Love it!
  6. I'm hoping to see how it goes. Best to have an open mind I was speaking about SW , bruv. As that was the example given before my post
  7. Ya. That was a bummer, indeed.. That's a great picture @Saburo !
  8. Wow. Very nice. Is that 1/5000 scale?
  9. I had commissioned a certain SMS cargo pilot to hand deliver my valentines to Mirage. But I haven't heard back...
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