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  1. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    Seems like a no brainer . But Bandai works in mysterious ways..
  2. It's a shame these issues are happening..
  3. They put on a great show in Berkeley last night.
  4. I'm sure you're right, as this is Delta 2.0
  5. Interesting. This survey seems to mirror the NHK survey that happened a few months ago in Japan.. VF-1 and YF-19 love..
  6. Nope. I think we're gonna have to patiently wait for more info on that.
  7. @Saburo That is a beautiful picture She looks weathered
  8. Never liked that guy.. Ya , there was so much rebuilding to do. Macross city, etc..and so much military hardware to build. Earth forces were already putting the VF-4 into production (seemingly) right after the first space war. And there was the building of Mega Road, as well..so much industry couldn't not generate an economy..even if daily exchanges were based on a barter system, which also makes complete sense.
  9. Very difficult to have one supreme favorite.Kawamori San has designed and engineered some real beauties over the decades.. As of now, it would be the VF-19 Advance. I love it with the modern fast packs. It's a very dynamic design with a rich history and legacy ..Plus(no pun intended ) It's ace jockey is my favorite pilot Close second is the VF-4. What a unique and well engineered design! Tied for third, the YF/VF 21 is completely awesome, as well as the VF-25.. But i must also mention the VF-27 and YF-29's, and the VF-171, and SV-51.. The VF-1 and 0 will always be nostalgic..but you see what i mean? So many awesome VF's to love!
  10. Woa! Haven't seen this breakdown, that i can recall. Now i have a LOT more questions..
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