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  1. I disagree concerning Qui-Gon Jinn. One of the few Jedi mindful of the living force. He was one of the most prominent Jedi to be bucking the dogma L7 of the Jedi order at the time. And remember, this is the guy who trained Obi Wan Kenobi. Personally, I believe it was intentionally suggested that Anakin's entire arc was forever turned when Qui-Qon died. Anakin's first father figure (that we know of) whom bet everything on him and believed in him and freed him from slavery with the promise of a much, much better life. Yes the council rejected Anakin. But why? Why would they reject a very obvious powerful force capable boy so young (don't give me that "he was too old crap" friggin Jedi dogma..) and try to send him out into the galaxy untrained and alone. You telling me none of the "masters " figured such a powerful boy might end up in the wrong hands?? And where was the masters compassion and foresight? Blinded that much by "the dark side" ? More like blinded by their own arrogance and dogma. The masters immediately soured their relationship with Anakin. No doubt. And if Qui-Gon Jinn had survived to train Anakin himself, and the Jedi counsel had not immediately blown it, I'm sure Anakin would have been a massive asset . Hell , he was anyway. But Anakin was meant to be Vader, so we got what we got.
  2. They did show the VF-4 PF and non PF and the Nora recently. Both without a price or release date.. Info curtesy of the speaker pod cast crew
  3. That was awesome. Very creative
  4. Is that with shipping? If not, how much more?
  5. Looking forward to seeing more of that @505thAirborne Looks awesome @derex3592 nicely done.
  6. I rail on the stuff I can't abide by (Luke becoming a failure and a wuss after everything he went thru some emo scares him..)and i praise the stuff i love (duel of fates and Jaina Solo!) there's a lot in between..
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/mar/27/star-trek-picard-is-the-dark-reboot-that-boldly-goes-where-nobody-wanted-it-to
  8. Just saw this beauty on evilbay. Box is beat to hell and they want $299.99 plus $21-shipped. Ouch!!
  9. Good man! Is @Scream Man aware of these? He must be!
  10. Lol. Thought you were quitting VF's @spanner..?
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