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  1. Bolt

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    THAT would be hilarious..and awesome!
  2. Bolt

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That painful to look at! The VF-31C is my new Grail..!
  3. I know, I know. I just miss that mature style of story telling and intensity in the newer Macross world. And YES, I know why it is what it is. Which makes me wonder. Walkure is obviously good for Walkure, hence the concert craze. But was it good for Macross? Would be very interested to see the spread sheet on that.. Yes , I remember thinking how much it seemed to matter to young Hikaru , asking Roy about that..
  4. That would be quite something to see them take Macross that far back. They Would have to turn what’s supposedly canon upside down to make it interesting.. Man, I miss Zero and Plus! They’re like old friends now.
  5. Bolt

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    You know we can’t resist bashing this all day, right? Lol! This is what I’m talking about! That makes sense.
  6. Bolt

    Star Trek: Section 31

    Hmm. Could be fun.. Very un-Star Trek..
  7. And so, obviously, Nick had a suit for the kid , as Peter intentionally left his in NY..
  8. Well, Nick Fury wasn’t around at the end of infinity war..perhaps takes place after end game..? Or before infinity war..
  9. Bolt

    Macross Books

    Congrats! That is indeed the Holy Grail! Grabbed one as soon as I could back in the late 80’s. Luckily there were a few floating around the LA comic scene back then.
  10. Maybe it’s a reflex people had based on all the killing off that happened in the original X-men movies. Doesn’t matter anyway, Hollywood will always find a way to bring anyone back these days.. Even so, anyone who thought Spider man would be killed off, just doesn’t get it.
  11. Bolt

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    Lol. It’s rapidly becoming that! Oh , thanks Shizuka!
  12. Bolt

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It does seem like Bandai has been dragging on a bit with the release of the full Siegfried squad .. tho, in my mind , there is no doubt it’s happening...
  13. Jammin to the Ramones Spidy! looks good! Nick Fury has his hands in everything! Um , ya.. my 6 year old be definitely asking about that one , after I laughed out loud.. It’s just another “Bad word you don’t say at school “ kinda answer ..