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  1. ¡ Sí se puede! But acetone may be too strong, no?
  2. Absolutely correct. I watched the extra features and commentary one night out of boredom. They literally said and showed how they tried to make it more like SW.. I was surprised. As far as the herkey jerkey SW news, theories and postulating.. just gives us more SW so we can move on. At some point it (hopefully) won't be a turd falling into my drink..
  3. They're all chillin in the Osaka island ship at the new Fire Bomb bar. Sorry for the spoiler..
  4. Right.. it's a huge effort. And quite a contribution to the MW community. And i also very much appreciate everyone whose contributed. Many of you know who you are. You've all been an inspiration and a great resource. What ever the true agenda or motives, this has been an awesome thread. I agree, if there was an intention for some level of compensation, it could have been put on the table at any point. So all members can freely choose to get involved. Or not. I've certainly added my bit to this thread. And i will always be looking for more Macross deculture. Here at MW and abroad. Cheers Bolt
  5. Great job with the EX- gear! Looks awesome
  6. Good idea. Let's all buy more!
  7. Nice. My first AR was an M&P. Loved it. Luckily got 46 acres here so we've been going through a lot of rounds lately.
  8. I've been Hikaru for a long time. But as I've gotten older ...I'm definitely more Roy Focker.
  9. You're doing a great job!
  10. Excellent job! Way to truck on thru! I need one of those shirts!
  11. I'm sure it does just fine all day against supervison army and Zentradi . And if he needs more performance, there's always the YF-29. It even comes in his colors
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