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  1. M+ Drone Fighter 3D Printing Project Request

    Got mine today. Everything looks great. Easy build. Good job JasonC. Your work is fantastic and you are a gentleman. CHEERS!
  2. Very interesting. It worked. I guess the very big difference also , I think, is in most Macross series' it always feels like a watered down, bubble gum portrayal of war. Which, again, is probably apropriate(?) considering the Japanese fan base/age . I will be waiting patiently, as always, to see what this Delta movie is going to do for the overall story thus far.
  3. Is this true? i too wonder about the drive to please the mainstream Japanese audience . part of my misconception is not fully realizing how mainstream Macross is! duh! but so is Gundam, (of course!) so why do I like thunderbolt so much?? another rhetorical...
  4. I wonder what the majority of Japanese fans want? Or if that Matters even. Culturally speaking, most here are looking for the same thing. Some would argue it isn't cultural. That its basic storytelling that needs to be executed. Why wasn't any of this an issue in 1984? haha , rehtorical.
  5. A movie sequel would be an opportunity to bring it all around. But probably wouldn't stand alone without viewers having seen the tv series.. im afraid of a recycled attempt with a cameo shot of the new variant..again .
  6. M "The Ride" : VF-1X++ custom

    That is really sweet! Another nice job mate!
  7. M+ Drone Fighter 3D Printing Project Request

    Very excited! you've worked so hard at this Amigo. CHEERS!
  8. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Well. It's always good when we get more Macross, of course. I imagine this is going to be Delta related. I can't imagine them taking any chances and going in a different direction with the new series. Oh well. Speculate..speculate .. Those of us that have been at this for decades often fantasize about all the overturned stones left along the way . Oh, the thinks you can think ! But the series deals with the current fan base usually. Which perpetually hovers in the tween/teen market.. That's why I love Plus and Zero. And so, every series and OVA can be picked apart all day, but it just comes down to opinions . Let the party begin!
  9. What Macross Mecha do you own the most of?

    Daaaaaanng dude!!
  10. Haha Boba Fett is the best! Any how, I own TFA and I'll definitely be owning R1. As much as we debate and split hairs, we're all slurping it up. I saw TFA 3 times in the theater and R1 twice already..
  11. I did enjoy TFA for its quality action and sci-fi. Great visuals. But yes I was disappointed by the obvious rehashing that it was. I do think that it could become a better movie with the showing of episodes 8&9 filling in the obvious holes. And I do expect episodes 8&9 to be better. One other reason I'll mention TFA was a disappointing chapter is because it completely killed and voided the expanded universe without any doubts. For anyone who's been reeding the tales of Star Wars for the last 20 years, say good by.. I think R1 comes across as made by someone who wanted to tell a good Star Wars story focused on the ones that didn't get away and didn't get to watch the rebel fleet ride off into the pink nebula... i think they did a pretty good job.
  12. It was definitely better than TFA. But truthfully JJ ,or anyone for that matter , would've had a hard time picking up after ROTJ. We all had so many expectations and JJ just cobbled a tribute together. Whereas R1 is a stand alone and what ever expectations anyone had , they weren't necessarily linked to 30 years of Star Wars movies. Not like the the 7 episodes..we all enjoyed watching another Star Wars movie with another perspective. Granted , it can be criticized but ..it stand alone and still ties into aNH.the best of both worlds.. Also, I think Vader was hot on PL's tail but it could have been days before he actually caught up with her(or longer?). She was planning on hand delivering to Obi Wan. Until it was obvious that wasn't gonna happen...
  13. M Frontier: Heavy Soldier Vajra

    Awesome man! Keep going!!
  14. Fan Work: Valkyrie in the Steam

    Well done! Looks great👍🏼