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  1. When is Rey gonna build her own lightsaber? Clone or whatever she is (or isn't) she's just a poser until she builds her own..
  2. When's the last time anyone saw Petit-Cola? I'm telling you it's gonna be a V 'ger thing one day. A petit-Cola autonomy will come back from beyond the galactic core and be the harbinger of Proto-Cola..
  3. Looks awesome, Indeed. Where did that come from? That's a horrible name!
  4. Admittedly, i've only transformed my V1 Alto Tornado Once and played/posed it a few times. But I've never had any issues with breakage on ANY of my V1's. Improved sculpt, holding together better in battroid, better, extended neck.. All true on the V2's. And more i'm not remembering right now. I don't recall the V'1's having a strong breakage trend, like the 171's. Do they really deserve to be generalized like that?
  5. Bolt

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    It's no DX , but i would rate the VF-4G as another great design , and engineered toy..
  6. DC is listed to play Bond. Perhaps Bond will hand over the baton to a new 007.. or another Bond.. Umm, not sure the pendulum is gonna swing way over to gay or trans bond. I'm also not sure how a non white womanizing Bond is comparable to animal fetish Bond (or any of those other labels). There are black and brown men in England too, that can get the job done..
  7. Very awesome ! Nicely done! I'll take mine in kit form
  8. Wow. No idea. Very interesting though. The top two are instantly recognizable DYRL and SDF Macross art. I'm not so familiar with the bottom two. Who did the artwork on those bottom two? Which years , in the 80's were these games published? I was just doing Palladium's RT rpg back then..
  9. Bolt

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    I actually agree, yes .But the 262 is not without it's issues . In fact ,Is there a perfect DX ?? I feel a new thread coming on..
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