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  1. For everyone who wanted to know how I got the link, I gave up searching after a minute. Then I just loaded up the front page and it was there, along with the other preorders. That was it. No skill, no anything. Edit: Confirmation emailed received.
  2. Yeah no probs man@Alex GS. I think the Soul Red will be harder to get, but will still try to preorder one once it become available. All of these recent Metal Builds have been TWEs, so in some ways they’ve been easier.
  3. Nope, not a Tamashii store. Instead the store always gets stock of the exclusives. Plus they always allocate stock before Japanese preorders are even open. Craziest thing is, they also happen to always deliver, even when other places reimburse your deposit. I’ve shopped with them for over 6 years and not once have they not come through. Only thing with the Full Cloth is they haven’t pinpointed the exact release, which is either March or April. Having said that, I’m still waiting on their Soul Red preorders to open. They always do Tamashii event items a few weeks or up to a few days b
  4. Managed to preorder the Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth at a local retailer. Worked out to around $345US. Pricey but glad I held off the previous two.
  5. Just hoping come launch I can nab one to replace my old version. I hope they aren’t lowering production numbers, but with the economies as they are, I’m sure @jenius is right that there will be a reduction, no matter how small.
  6. Hopefully they will have more in stock on release day! It’s stressful enough trying to get these preorders, and since things are a little heated I just wanna say that I’ve always felt the crowd here has been great and we should try and keep things amicable. On that note, if anyone has trouble getting one on release, hit me up as my regular shop will probably be able to nab a few units.
  7. I was refreshing the damn site as I was out. Then I get in the door, sit down a few minutes and I miss the thing! Sod’s law!
  8. Haha. I actually count on them and they always deliver, well once members post the link!
  9. Kinda on the fence about this. Got two of the original ones and wasn’t my favourite design, but with the preorders being so difficult, it seems to make sense to grab it first ask questions later.
  10. I think we are on the same page. The Freedom is elegant because it’s simple; I also love the Strike Gundam, due to the same reason, and I’ve been pondering getting the solo MB Strike as it doesn’t have the red decal on its skirt armour. The Freedom is also supposed to be sleek and fast, so this is definitely called for. It’s also a compromise calling it the Concept 2, as it doesn’t offend the original designers by bluntly adding a 2.0. Sidestepping means fans of the original can still be happy with that one, but I’m sure for most of us this will be replacing the old one.
  11. I’m glad most who wanted it nabbed one. Was always my favourite between the Freedom and Strike Freedom, but the Metal Build never did it justice. The Strike Freedom was so garish with the gold but the MB design made me like it for the first time and that’s when I realised how out of sync the Freedom was in the line. Now it’ll look on par with the Destiny vis a vis.
  12. Kuma you must give up your preorder! It’s blasphemy! We had your word you wouldn’t fight us over this plastic perfection!
  13. Hi-Metal VF-19S & 19 Fire Valkyrie. Only took them out once and then returned to box. Box stored away from sunlight etc. $200 for both plus PayPal fees & need to calculate shipping.
  14. Grats to everyone who got their orders! The whole preorder fiasco seems to be in the distant rear view now folks are getting their units in hand
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