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  1. Grats to everyone who got their orders! The whole preorder fiasco seems to be in the distant rear view now folks are getting their units in hand
  2. I stopped buying from NY for more than 2 years. The TWEs I order locally, and the rest of the business I gave to other stores.
  3. There was line art of the Justice during a show a few months back, and also a Freedom 2.0. Providence maybe further down the line once they rinse all the big suits.
  4. Thanks to you guys I got another one in as I was finally able to check out at HLJ
  5. If we do end up getting one from HLJ, I’m sure a load of cancellations will sweep through our ranks.
  6. Managed to snag one from amazon! Thanks for the update! I wanted to try for a second but it’s all gone now. Looks like I’ll need to find a second one locally. These guys deserve to be in threes. I’m just glad I got one!
  7. Aww shucks thanks though. I’m out so internet is patchy thanks for all the updates guys
  8. Definitely nicer than the 01. The overall size of the head does the trick for me, as well as the colour. The red is a tad more crimson under the light, but it doesn’t take away from the beautiful finish. Glad I skipped on both the Crossbones to get these.
  9. My MB Eva 02 is on the way from Japan! Picking up my first copy later today. Can’t wait! Edit: Unit is very nice, joints are tight and the paint apps are perfect. Seems to be a lot of stock but I paid about a third more than the Japanese release.
  10. On the subject of paint defects, the products don’t have to be limited for the sellers not to exchange or refund you. Asia was a culture shock compared to the UK. Never thought exchanging something I wasn’t fully satisfied with, let alone defective, would be like jumping through fire. Given time, I’ve gotten used to it, and I’ve had my fair share of repeat purchases to cover horrible QC, but then again, even in Japan, they don’t do exchanges for these kinds of things. You walk out and it’s on you.
  11. @Kuma Style Unfortunately most shops don’t take units back with bad paint apps. I learned the hard way the first time I got a metal build. The Exia had a glue smudge on the shoulder and the shop wouldn’t take it back so I ended up buying another and selling it.
  12. Tried getting a second on amazon but the shopping cart wouldn’t add anything. By the time I tried again it’s now double in price. Thank the heavens scalpers have us covered!
  13. Thanks a bunch buddy! Let’s hope I get the confirmation email now.
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