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  1. Tried getting a second on amazon but the shopping cart wouldn’t add anything. By the time I tried again it’s now double in price. Thank the heavens scalpers have us covered!
  2. Bit annoying that they altered the design on the shoulders now, leaving early adopters out in the dirt. I’ll try and get this new one if I can.
  3. Looks good, solid etc, but the fighter nose looks short on profile shots. I guess we can’t have it all. At least it won’t be a floppy mess after transformation!
  4. The store I got mine from sent a message to all the people who purchased it and asked them to return them so they can be replaced. Thumbs up to both the store and Arcadia! Now it’s just seeing the timeframe for the delivery of the correct valks.
  5. I checked mine and I got double left feet too. Pretty bad f—k up. Took it back to my shop and they will send it back to Arcadia. They won’t offer a refund so I hope they can get it to the right people. Arcadia need to own this and ensure their overseas customers get replacements since they are so niche, but I’m glad they’ve acknowledged the problem.
  6. Picked up my copy, but for some reason I can’t upload the pictures.
  7. Shukenzero

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It looks good on Chuck, and I have to say Ozma still is the king of armoured VFs. I think with the OTT weapons, the valk lost some its shape, unlike the 25S, which managed to retain a bit of that triangular look, making it more aggressive to me. This just seems to be a block of parts with an aircraft nose pointing out. That said, it’s still nice but not as fantastic as the 25.
  8. Shukenzero

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Finally put all the pieces together. Missing the tiny ones I mentioned earlier, but otherwise it’s done. Such a fat valk!
  9. Shukenzero

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Picked my copies up today. It’s a lot of parts and I’ll finish armouring up my valk when I get home later. There’s a few pieces that could easily get lost when opening the package so be aware. Those are pieces that tab onto the ends of the wing parts.
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