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  1. Managed to get a preorder after an endless amount of Add To Carts. Hopefully HLJ will come through for you all. And I hope I can get the confirmation email.
  2. Hahaha. But no hero can save you from amiami preorder window madness! This is the bit where you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain once people can’t check out their carts!
  3. @Saburo Your pictures always make me drool even though I have the same toys haha
  4. For everyone who wanted to know how I got the link, I gave up searching after a minute. Then I just loaded up the front page and it was there, along with the other preorders. That was it. No skill, no anything. Edit: Confirmation emailed received.
  5. Yeah no probs man@Alex GS. I think the Soul Red will be harder to get, but will still try to preorder one once it become available. All of these recent Metal Builds have been TWEs, so in some ways they’ve been easier.
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