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  1. Hi-Metal VF-19S & 19 Fire Valkyrie. Only took them out once and then returned to box. Box stored away from sunlight etc. $200 for both plus PayPal fees & need to calculate shipping.
  2. Grats to everyone who got their orders! The whole preorder fiasco seems to be in the distant rear view now folks are getting their units in hand
  3. I stopped buying from NY for more than 2 years. The TWEs I order locally, and the rest of the business I gave to other stores.
  4. There was line art of the Justice during a show a few months back, and also a Freedom 2.0. Providence maybe further down the line once they rinse all the big suits.
  5. Thanks to you guys I got another one in as I was finally able to check out at HLJ
  6. If we do end up getting one from HLJ, I’m sure a load of cancellations will sweep through our ranks.
  7. Managed to snag one from amazon! Thanks for the update! I wanted to try for a second but it’s all gone now. Looks like I’ll need to find a second one locally. These guys deserve to be in threes. I’m just glad I got one!
  8. Aww shucks thanks though. I’m out so internet is patchy thanks for all the updates guys
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