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  1. Shukenzero

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks man. Still kinda steep. Just seeing if it has gotten cheaper.
  2. Shukenzero

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Saw a DX Kairos locally for $550 brand new. How’s that compare to current prices?
  3. I am seeing the MB Astraea Proto GN not as popular as the Type F too. Usually there’s a local store that sells out within an hour or so of MBs and the Astraea sat around for a few days. Surprised as it’s my most wanted for many years. Ironically Bandai took so long after the Exia to release it even I’m a little underwhelmed after having it in hand. The wait does kill interest, especially when you know they had the mould six years ago. Still, it’s sweet to finally have.
  4. I heard that the official Hong Kong distributor got a lot of flak for releasing small quantities of the Metal Build Eva Unit 01 to jack up the market price. If even the official people don’t get into trouble for it, what can we do?
  5. I get why Bandai would want things to sell out. Shelf warmers have a knock-on effect as people think it's less desirable; even if they had wanted to purchase it, seeing it available makes it less so ironically. But obviously they should make a bit more regardless as there's clearly a market for them. Sigh.
  6. Unless we know how to search HLJ's newest preorders, we're in for more pain every single preorder.
  7. Thanks for everyone posting links up. Hope most of you managed to snag one.
  8. I tried to give link to amazon as soon as possible. Literally 20 seconds after I saw it. Who managed to get one?
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