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  1. Those psychiatric medications for bipolar disorder can and do have side effects that directly effect the circulatory system. So, it's likely she had a massive stroke or heart attack from the long-term use of those types of medications. From her last messages to her friends and family, she had lots to look forward to for new projects. So sad. https://www.google.ca/search?q=bipolar+medication+and+heart+attack&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=36tjWuDHLYPt8wfMiIGwDw ********** I was wrong about her medications causing her death. She was drinking alcohol in the bathtub, fell asleep and drowned. https://globalnews.ca/news/4430851/dolores-oriordan-cause-of-death-cranberries-singer/
  2. hey guy long time no chat got a few new pic's posted of Megaroad  posted


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    2. ARK 3

      ARK 3

      right now it's scratch built Megaroad 7,, the city part im using 4-D Puzzle's Building's... then latter I plan on 3-d Printer thing's when I get rich & can find others who can teach me how to make what I want or start a Business  in 3-D modeling & Megaroad will be one of many things I'll make , so far it's trying to find money & I had it my way the model  would be big as My living room so every one could see the Macross Fantasy City using all land mark Building's from all over the world, so all Couture's would be Resented . ill be posting new pic's soon & the new design 's ,, the cardboard version didn't work right, so im looking at large sheet's & styrene Plastic's

      so keep looking at SDF  3 Megaroad file 4 ill be posting soon.



    3. ARK 3

      ARK 3

      Shawn's change's took me 1 month to learn & still drive me lil nuts, lol,



      Go ahead & stat grabbing my pic's do you can share with other's who like a Challenge,


    4. ARK 3

      ARK 3

      Hey  just to let ya, know I've already have the images the Macross Mecha Manual have Posted ,

      the top view of the Mega road was what gave me the 7 different Concept's..

      & the Cover of Flash Back 2012,, im Looking for kit's with Building's to try & keep  the Concept

      close as Possible  so every one can relate to the Design,


  3. I guess this monster was not meant to be.
  4. I'm all out of date with what dinosaurs actually looked like. Gigantic vicious chickens!
  5. Hi Mechtech: SME is Sony Music Entertainment. Sony does not have a licence for Macross music; Flying Dog does. Youtube has an automatic copyright software that has taken down dozens of legitimate youtube videos in the last 6 months. The youtube video system is also difficult in trying to get your video unblocked because of the guilty before innocent stance that youtube makes for video uploaders. You can contest Youtube for this copyright block, but you may run into some problems. Vimeo might be better. ******************** These multinational companies are getting me mixed up. Victor Entertainment (not Flying Dog) produces / distributes Macross music and Sony appears to own Victor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Entertainment So, SME might have a legitimate claim, but you also have the DMCA fair use clause for education purposes.
  6. I watched it today! It was the most Star Wars movie that has Star Wars'ed in the last 20 years! Totally worth watching more than once! My minor dislike was that I could not go as a group of Star Wars fans to see this movie! I only saw two other people dressed up as jedi. Other than that, I am very pleased with JJ and the gang's efforts!
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing more MST3K shows! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k
  8. I just watched that Redlettermedia video,too, My mistake. Those guys have a really good track record at analyzing movies especially the star wars movies. They put together a very plausible plot line and character development for episode 7 to 9 that hits all the Star Wars buttons to me. But I'm almost wishing that they are mostly right in their speculation because their version still sounds like a really good star wars movie to me. At this point, I don't want to listen to anymore current Star Wars podcasts or even watch that new international trailer. It's been fun to listen to all the hype and photo-reveals and read the latest SW forum and facebook posts. I look forward to the Force Awakens movie next month with many more just as good or better to follow.
  9. I am still not convinced that the DYRL BD was censored for the video game. The Frontier BD / playstation games also had graphic violence, but no scenes were censored. Perhaps, the two minor gory scenes were blurred just enough to reassert copyright control of DYRL for Big West? Has anybody done a scene by scene comparison of the DYRL BD with the DRYL remastered DVD to see which scenes looked better? I wouldn't mind seeing a better DYRL BD because there is room for a little improvement. At the very least, I am hoping for the new DYRL BD to have the censored scenes included as a bonus extra. The new DYRL BD subtitled in English along with the director's commentary would be my wish. ****** I posted before I saw what Tochiro wrote.
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