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  1. What is in the box please? Thanks! Need more pictures all around.
  2. @scand fyi that version of the Yamato VF-1D did not come with the extras that you described. The version with those option parts says 35th anniversary across the top.
  3. I've done it on mine. It's not difficult. It just pops right off. It's certainly implied here when he puts the arm on:
  4. Yet another top notch exchange with @jrhudson311! Thanks!
  5. @Alto-23 I have been extremely easy to deal with. Here we are weeks after. I am removing your info as requested due to the refund which I asked you for of $200 which goes even further to show how reasonable I have been. Thank you for finally refunding after repeatedly having to ask.
  6. @Alto-23 still awaiting refund please. Thank you.
  7. @sqidd I want to be off of your radar FOREVER.
  8. If you're 48 and you got money probs don't buy pricey toy jet jockey.
  9. Seriously. And don't question my loyalty or WHATEVER YOU THINK about me and this community. You don't know me. "Others commented on how they knew where I was coming from." There was NO ONE who stated they knew where you were coming from. The closest thing to that was one person posted "@sqidd Nothing wrong with your logic but, if you're interested you should have a conversation with him in PM. It's not good manners to argue price in a person's sale thread. " AGAIN someone saying to knock it off. Just relax man. It's toys. If you can't afford them be patient. Watch the market. You wil
  10. @sqidd next time move on. Don't come in and repeatedly explain on my sale how you think I should price mine or ANYONE'S items. It's none of your business to tell me how to price items I am selling. It isn't. It is RUDE. I guess someone has to tell you that.
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