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  1. Why is every SDF-1 kit the DYRL version? Where is my Dadedalus and Prometheus?!!
  2. jontom

    1/72 VF-1 Launch Arms Back In Stock At SSM

    Mine arrived yesterday, the kit looks great!
  3. Maybe this was already answered somewhere, but why is every SDF-1 kit the DYRL version? where is my Daedalus?
  4. jontom

    Launcher Vehicle Finished!

    Hopefully we can get the main hull hollowed out! :-)
  5. jontom

    1/2500 SDF-1 Macross

    For me, the "real" SDF-1 has the Prometheus and Daedalus attached. I've been wanting a version of that classic look for ages!
  6. jontom

    1/72 VF-11 Thunderbolt Fighter Casting Project

    Are there are pics/reviews of this kit around? -John
  7. jontom

    Hasegawa 1/72 VF-0C VMFAT-203 Hawks

    The box arrived today, pics coming soon. But here's a quick sprue breakdown: Based on the sprue codes, its the wings of the VF-0D with a single seater nose. The munitions are from the VF-0A/B w/Ghost. So from a "limited edition" standpoint, the decals are the premium item. The squadron markings are from the "SLV-III Daedalus" More later.
  8. jontom

    Hasegawa 1/72 VF-0C VMFAT-203 Hawks

    Mine is shipping from HLJ as we speak. As soon as it arrives I'll post the box art some pics of the contents -John
  9. jontom

    Advice on air compressor

    I don't use a compressor, I have a 20 lb Co2 tank, and its the bomb. They usually work on tank-exchange plan (like propane), and last for ages. Whisper silent, don't need a moisture trap. Scuba tanks are another option. -John
  10. jontom

    VF-11B model kit

    I have the old 1/72 resin kit by Club-M, its pretty nice. It comes with FAST packs, rocket boosters, and a bunch of white metal parts to show open maintenance panels. But a Hasegawa level of detail kit would be sweet! -John
  11. jontom

    Ready-made tarmac for display?

    http://www.justplanestuff.net/index.jsp I have their 1/48 modern carrier deck. It even comes with photoetched tiedowns!
  12. jontom

    John Moscato's Legioss project.

    bump no really, let's at least move it.
  13. jontom

    I got my Booster today!

    Got mine today, the kit is beautiful. I'm already planning color schemes. BTW, thanks for the recycled packing material. I would rather have used newspaper than a bunch of evil styrofoam peanuts. Besides, now I know how celebrity moms adjust to their brand new lives! Thanks again guys! John
  14. jontom

    VF-1 Valkyrie Booster Project 1/72

    Awesome! Do you think you can post the instructions as a PDF?
  15. jontom

    VF-1 Valkyrie Booster Project 1/72

    Weird, I actually had a dream last night that involved the booster. It was a diorama with a missle-silo styled launch rail, with the valk w/booster sitting below ground level, pointed straight up. As a cutaway display that could pretty neat. Can you tell I'm looking forward to this? John