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  1. I think JT Graphics is still in business. I've had pretty good experience using his decals in the past. http://jt-graphics.com/
  2. Very Cool! Looks like you're off to a great start! That must be a pretty good-sized diorama. What are the full dimensions?
  3. Awesome job on ROM! He is one of my favorite characters. I think the original Marvel comics are very underrated. I wasn't too impressed by the artwork in the new IDW books though. Anyway, love to see ROM getting some attention! Can't wait to watch him come together!
  4. Can't wait to see how this turns out. I've got one of these waiting in the stash. I do like these old vintage kits. They had some great detailing for their time. Keep up the good work, and let us know if the kit presents any snags or tricky bits!
  5. Super cool! Did you design those yourself, or are they available to purchase/download from somewhere? Great work on them by the way. Seems like paper would be a great medium for building in that large scale.
  6. Fantastic craftsmanship on those! It is too awesome how the Gallant can be assembled/disassembled into it's components. Love the Inbit too! I like to see the Mospeada modeling love!
  7. Amazing job on that old kit. You really brought Millia to life out of the original plain figure! Thanks for sharing all of your process. It's very inspiring!
  8. Very cool stuff there! I love the launch bay interior artwork! Did you do that yourself? Anyway, great work. It seems like you took a bit of a minimalist approach to the scratchbuilding and customizing. It gives a good effect and adds a bit of an organic feel to the valk. Like a previous poster said, it adds to the nolstalgic anime look of original Macross. It's awesome to see that you were able to stick with it and get this project finished even after some setbacks!
  9. Hi all, I haven't sold in a while, but I've done several deals with members here and I'm on the SSL from way back. I've got some Robotech Defenders Dougram model kits listed on that old auction site. Thought some of you might be interested. Please see them at this link: SuperAwesomeModelKits! I know prices are high, but a lot of these kits have been going for more. I can combine shipping, and may be able to work out a deal if you PM me. Thanks for looking! oh yeah, and I have a nice laptop for sale there too!
  10. The Valk is looking good! And that's a great tutorial!
  11. Awesome job on that JM! You really did it the right way and it paid off. Did you sculpt the figure from scratch, or did you just modify the face/head on one?
  12. Dang! Nice price on that. Congrats 'nickel, you should be pleased!
  13. That sucks and Ebay is definitely not the fun place it used to be. Corporate Ebay has taken a lot of abilities away from sellers. They place 100% of blame for any problems on sellers and give shady buyers a free ride to screw over as many sellers as possible with no repurcussions. But I digress... Your transaction does sound unfortunate, but If the seller listed as payment required within a certain time frame and you couldn't meet that timeframe then, he does have the right to cancel the transaction. Now, I'm not saying that is right. He probably did look at it as a way to get out of selling
  14. Looking great! Kind of looks like he got stuck out in the rain. This has been a great thread to watch. Thanks for all the pics!
  15. OH NO! This announcement may just signal the end of the "golden age" of Macross modelling! John, your skill and passion have been great blessings to many model builders and fans of Macross. I have always been so inspired by your kits and have been very thankful that I have had the opportunity to purchase them and interact with you during the creative process. It has also always been a pleasure to deal with you for any transaction. Your skill, creativity and professionalism should stand as a shining example to all small operation model kit makers. While we in the modelling community will defi
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