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  1. still doesn't help us much does it? b'sides, i can't really justify paying so much for an 'action figure' with details and limited articulation as compared to revoltechs. imagine paying 4-5times a revoltech's price for the tomahawk just because it's in scale w the other 1/60 valks. kinda irrational pricing to me. holding off till the price comes down. i kinda believe it's also the middlemen/retailers marking up the price a fair bit.
  2. the arrangement of the white makes it look a lil like a kite but i still like. hehehe. i'd be more tempted to spend on 21's colour variants than the 19's because of the sleek design on the YF-21.
  3. liking the colour scheme of Alto's much better than Ozma's dull gray. but with that kind of pricing (esp if they DO throw in FPs =P), it's not a big deal anymore. muahahahaha!!! is anyone shaking in their boots now?
  4. roflmao. and scolscud's is perfectly fine with both sides having the same pilot name?
  5. definitely looking forward to the Cheyenne as well due to its design being used for both Mac0 and Mac F. but not too sure on getting the Tomahawk because the price pt seems to have been set rather high by the retailers. what features are we exactly talking about that justifies the price?
  6. as much as i like the soldier look of the 19 in the anime, the Yamato simply doesn't carry that feel over properly. as such, i feel the 21 is the more anime-accurate version and loving it more.
  7. the sheryl in mike's latest post is practically spot-on (in terms of absolute beauty =P)
  8. hey Dog, tks for putting up that pic. gonna have to try it out later. i'm so sorry Yamato, i so misunderstood you! (apology retraction subject to successful application of instructions for storing legs in fuselage) =P =P PS. peolesdru, you've a great wife. love her escape plan.
  9. don't completely agree with that comment. the problem seems to lie with the fit of the legs alongside the the shoulder cowls. the legs won't be fully straightened once you have properly fitted them back in. so far, i've only managed to push the hip connectors all the way up, albeit a lil forcefully. even then, it's not a perfect fit for the fuselage covers. some minor issues on mine (could be attributed to my inadequate transforming capabilities): 1. wing joints not as stiff as expected, certainly not squeaky tight but as long as it's not accidentally nudged, oughta be fine. 2. tolerances for the hand pegs to gunpod handles is a lil low as mine slips off at the slightest bumps on both hands 3. as above, the leg fitting issue alongside the shoulder cowls in fighter mode prove to be a major headache. will be anxiously awaiting Graham's TF'ing video 4. lastly, fast pack for the fuselage is un-attachable on one side. may need to file down the clip at the top of the FP in order to make it fit. all in all, some minor issues that prevent it from being a totally QC-free valk but i chalk these up to possible manufacturing QC issues, excluding the leg fit issue. despite all those, this is definitely my favorite valk from Yamato so far. they've definitely done a great deal of justice to this product. i'm already contemplating getting a second once i have spare cash. PS. attached a couple of shots, including the parts-blown-off delimiter mode. pardon my lousy photography.
  10. good to hear from the man himself but since there haven't been much testimonials from others, guess i'll have to wait. but i think some fellow singaporeans have already gotten them and the retailers i visited haven't had any complaints so i may be breaking my wallet soon.
  11. In other words, it's generally QC-free (relative to the 1st batch run)?
  12. Onimusha-shin

    Graham's Sig

    I'd say SV-51 and back to YF-21, though it's quite a toss-up between the two for me, even though i know some dislike the SV-51.
  13. great touch-up on the 0A BF, especially the ejector area on the gunpod.
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