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  1. Bluedeath

    Happy Birthday MW! 10th Anniversary!

    happy birthday (after almost 5 years I was able to login again )
  2. Bluedeath

    Stickers for 1/3000 SDF-1 preview

    Want one!
  3. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

    I've used the episode when they are captive in the zentraedi cruiser, i did so to show that Max VF1A has U.N. spacy symbols on both wings. In fact I'm wondering why all other planes have only one wing marked and Kakizaki/Ben just white wings.
  4. Bluedeath

    Where are the customs?

  5. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

    I'm thinking about a VF-1R color scheme. My next project will be an Elint seeker conversion from a jetfire and bootleg boosters and..... Full scratch built gbp1
  6. Bluedeath

    auctions of great absurdity

    even if It seems to be the FX test for "the fist of the north star" live action movie, unfortunately it isn't, you can survive with an injury like that and they have to rebuilt your facial bones with some biocompatible polymer and harvest your skin and some how rebuilt at least part of the facial muscles, and even after that You will need a Cobra commander like mask when you go out. People with cancer to the facial bone live trough similar things. But i'm wondering why someone have to post a pic like that one?
  7. Bluedeath

    Knock Off Valk

    Not exactly, yours is a bit better, since it has elbows joints that can be turned. I have them both, the fake armada can't transform well but it has better landing gears
  8. Bluedeath

    Where are the customs?

    look here http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=11823
  9. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

    I'm italian. carrefour is a french based wal mart like superstore network. But wasn't able to find them at our stores.
  10. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

    I've bought it from atopunch for around 20€ (about 25 $) is the same bootleg that you can see converted to Ivanov VF1A (sorry but i can't remember the name of the member who made it). Originally was a Hikaru VF1A lucky me, red and black stripes were card stickers so after I removed them i had a full white VF1 with no distinctive sign. the only thing that i had to do was fill the hole of the button that turns on cockpit leds (they never worked) and repaint the nosecone and the blue part. I don't think they have more of this bootlegs but the site isHERE Beware that the plastic is almost the same quality of the 5$ carded VF1S even if look better (it is not translucent) pay extreme attention to the screws when you will reassemble it. he good part is that the gun fires and is a fairly good "recast" (better than Joon's a can say) an it fires too! Really bad news are that you can't swap parts between thiss bootleg and a real bandai/taka.
  11. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

    I've used stickers cos I wanted the thing looking like a toy, plus it can be printed as hi res glossy paper (the writings can be read even if they're smaller than bandai). My next custom will be an elint seeker from a jetfire.
  12. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

  13. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

  14. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55

  15. Bluedeath

    My first custom 1/55