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  1. Wrong Agent. I am the one with the 4C. I have not taken many pictures. Here is a new one though: Made a license plate with photoshop and it passes! Also took one at muscle beach recently... The picture of me is even more interesting. I am as veiny as my erection. A few years some chick on the board said I should be the next conan... I may actually be ready for that.
  2. Lotus makes AWESOME cars if you are into street legal cars that are borderline race cars/go karts... I loved my Lotus for the 3 years I had it. Was my daily driver and every drive was like playing Mario Kart. I don't think there should be any touch screens in cars. I also don't think there should be cup holders in cars. When you drive, the car should be an extension of your being.
  3. After having tracked my Lotus, I had a few close calls that will kept me from tracking my 911 and I won't track my Alfa. Unless you buy throwaway cars, its not worth the risks. Track days now consist of this kind of thing: http://www.andrettiracing.com/worldchamp-driving-experience/ many tracks do something like this. Way more fun driving someone else's car hard.
  4. Nice job on digging up this thread. Was reminded of 5 years of thinking of sh!tty shows to contribute... Still maintain my earlier answers. Love that this thread is still here.
  5. The only reviews I am interested in reading are those from older movie reviewers who are familiar with the entire franchise. Some of these reviews that I have been reading are written by people who have only seen three or four 007 movies, and obviously have no awareness of the MI6 role in the world historically, or are aware of Ian Fleming's writing.
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