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  1. Music Thread 2.0

    Never get tired of fripSide
  2. Yamato 2202

    I only got the 1st 2 Yamato 2199 Blu-rays from Japan. They cost way too much. I just hope the subs on the disc is the same as the Japanese ones.
  3. The computer and electronics super geek thread

    I think I will build it myself, why buy a computer and then have to open it to install the ssd and HDD.
  4. The computer and electronics super geek thread

    I will also being doing photo and some video editing. My problem with dell is there PSus are not great and I would get a hard drive I would never use. I have a Samsung Evo 850 500gb SSD and a HGST 4tb HDD ready to go. I would like to get a 8TB before I build it. I have had problems with AMD cpus in the past so I tend to avoid them.
  5. The computer and electronics super geek thread

    Hey, I am looking to get a new pc my i7-2600 and amd 6700 video card are aging like crazy (and I have no usb 3 which is driving me nuts). I want at least a i7-8700 and gtx 1070 (my monitor is a old as the computer and 32" 4k is getting cheaper). I am a gamer but my computer struggles with new games. Do I need a sound card (I have heard onboard sound is not great), my Klipsch Ultra 5.1 speakers deserve great sound. Dell or build myself which i have done before. $1500-1600 to spend on it. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Crunchyroll has the dub, the 1st box set subbed and dubbed is being released July 31th. I mean the remake 2199 (2012) not Star Blazers.
  7. English dubbed or Japanese on the 2199
  8. Started Yuru Camp and I am hooked it is so good.
  9. This is my ridiculous list of anime I am watching this season Gundam Build Divers Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Amanchu Advance Shokugeki no Soma San No Sara SAO GGO Full Metal Panic IV High School DxD Hero Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
  10. Yamato 2202

    https://www.rightstufanime.com/Star-Blazers-Space-Battleship-Yamato-2199-Part-1-Blu-ray-DVD https://www.rightstufanime.com/Star-Blazers-Space-Battleship-Yamato-2199-Part-1-Limited-Edition-Blu-ray-DVD 2 Versions are going to available.
  11. Yamato 2202

    Then I will definitely get it even though I bought the 1st 2 2199 Blurays from Japan.
  12. Yamato 2202

    But is it just the dub or is this a Japenese Audio release and English subs also.
  13. I watched High School DxD Hero Episode 00 good way to wipe the end of BorN out of existence.
  14. Music Thread 2.0

    What a emotional roller coaster.
  15. I am starting Yuru Camp soon. More Date A Live and more falling for Tohka