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  1. Drifand Dal would be rad. Makes sense we'd see the 3rd Orgroid before any other mecha. The Takatoku 1/60 Orguss II Mass Production is one of my favorite toys of all time. Super happy to see a new release, especially since the 1/40 was never made.
  2. replicant2019

    Hi-Metal R

    pre-orders on Max closed. according to my notes here's what's next: miria super valk mass prod super valk elint super o spartan defender tomahawk phalanx VF-IA (TV ver) Regult (small missile type) Regult (Heavy Missile Type) U.N. Spacy (launcher arm) (?/201?) Macross (ACT Trident (clear blue ver. w/ U.N. Space kite) (?/201?) Zentraedi (capital ship hull) (?/201?) Zen mech 1 Zen mech 2 Zen mech 3 breetai ?
  3. I just need Eyevan DT-2 "Bromry" (Takara Dougram 1/144 Collection Series - 08) to complete my Takara 1/144 set. http://toyboxdx.com/datafiles/data/dougram/dougram.html
  4. btw, copies are not hard to find. the demand has not exceeded 50 copies.
  5. printed at home on an inkjet printer. time consuming and I also have to fold and staple each zine. yet another reason why I limit the print run to 50.
  6. wider distribution was not a goal for this zine and neither was profit or digital distribution. it's a fan pub, not a real magazine or book. I wanted a copy that I could save along with other printed books in my collection and to share with other fans. the demand has been right around 40-50 copies for each issue I print (pretty standard for most zines, and even self published comics like Eastman and Laird's pre-TMNT Gobbledygook books).
  7. Issue 1 focus was street art and illustration. The idea is to change the topic with each issue. I have no plans to do another Macross zine. I might post a digital version later. For now it's print only. The original idea behind the zine was to curate and archive some of the cool art I was seeing on Instagram - I don't expect these social networks to last forever but a printed copy can be read decades from now.
  8. I love the idea. In fact, I just published the second issue of my ongoing science fiction "2019 fanzine and it's all about Macross. I published this myself and I can tell you it is a lot of work. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41064
  9. Last week I published the second issue of my 2019 zine. The focus of issue 2 is Macross inspired fan art. I have a about 20 copies left from a total print run of 50. http://roboticsclub.bigcartel.com/product/no-filter-zine-issue-2-clash-of-the-bionoids
  10. 1/60 would be nice. There's a few Orguss mechs that were never made by Takatoku... Kulforn, Logwood, Legua...
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