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  1. Armor

    SV-51 Gerwalk WIP

    Wow! Dude. Thats nice.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm looking at these Gundam figures and they look pretty cool. I thought they would be kinda cool play with. Do they handle well? Are they posable. Which one should I get?
  3. Armor

    1/100 MG MS-18E Kampfer

    Well... first it is not stock. But I can see how any one would think it. I painted the whole thing. The armor is in a "True Treal" from Plaid craft paints. It's a little hard to see the wheathering because it's all washes and the wash sunk into the paint. In person it looks cool. As for the big 01. I just like it. I don't normally stick to stock Gundams. I like to add alittle. But always thank you for your input. I like to show my work and I like to see other peoples work. When I finish the weapons I'll take some more pics or my wife will take them . And after that comes the MG FA-010-A FAZZ. Can't wait for that.
  4. Armor

    1/100 MG MS-18E Kampfer

    If the pics look any better to ya, it's because my wife took them. Next... she'll be painting my models .
  5. Armor

    1/100 MG MS-18E Kampfer

    Still got a little bit more to do.
  6. Wow. I really like this mecha. Being new in Gundams I didn't know that is one even existed.I'm just doing washes for wheathering on this one.
  7. Armor

    My Take on the Yammie Launch Arm

    Looks very cool. If I get one I'll do that for sure. After I repaint and wheather it.
  8. Armor

    New Robotech Series

    Lame, thats what it is. Agent, your to much. lol
  9. Armor

    Godzilla's collection of 1/48s

    WOW! Yeah...I love you.
  10. Armor

    Collection you have on display

    Yeah! I change my stuff around too. I really spend a lot of time looking at them as well.