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  1. Hmmm I'd say my favorite's not necessarily in this order: VF-1S Fokker & Hikaru with and without Strike Armor - DYRL VF-2SS SAP Special - Macross II Lovers Again YF-19 - Macross Plus VF-0S - Macross Zero VF-25S Ozma Lee All - Macross Frontier VA-1SS Metal Siren - Macross II Lovers Again VF-19S Excalibur - Macross 7 I think that's it lol.
  2. Funniest for me was from DYRL when Focker said to Hikaru after learning nothing happened between him and Minmay "and you call yourself a man YOU'RE A FOOL! That was priceless
  3. Thanks tried to modify the Topic but couldn't change it so changed the standards vs starting a new one lol
  4. Ok the question applies to ALL of VF's in the Macross and Robotech Universe. Robotech- The Macross Saga Robotech- The Southern Cross Robotech- The Invid Invasion Macross Zero Macross Do You Remember Love Macross Flashback Macross II Lovers Again Macross Plus Macross 7/ Dynamite Macross Frontier and any others that I may have missed. So Which is your favorite and why? feel free to post a pic and specs "if you choose" Mine is the VF-2SS SAP Special from Macross II Lovers Again. I know a lot of people didn't care for it but REALLY which Bandai/Yamato would have made them.
  5. Detroit, MI here been in love with Macross since Robotech in the 80's
  6. Just wondering if there's any Macross fans from here in MI? I'm from Detroit, MI myself been a huge fan of Macross when it was first introduced to me as a kid in the 80's as Robotech loved it ever since
  7. Anyone have a link to NY I keep seeing it but dunno anything about that site???
  8. Can someone post a link to this site? I'm new so not sure what and where the NY site is and where to get these Macross items from???
  9. Hey all I have a question I'm new here so please bare with me, I just purchased Ozma VF-25S DX Renewal and wanted to know can the VF-25 Tornado armor/weapons?
  10. The VF-0S with the ghost is next on my agenda can't find the combo anywhere uder $400 bucks.
  11. I saw it "the VF-4G" on ebay for $800.00 and only from one seller WOW!!!!
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