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  1. I was debating the Flame Tpys Tarn but compared to MMC version I can't justify the cost. I will be picking up Drift soon though and Star Saber is really tempting since they announced Victory Leo. GaoGaiSaber mode looks awesome.
  2. Huh. I didn't realise VF-11Bs were fetching such high prices. I'll have to dig mine out and list it.
  3. I managed to grab one at AmiAmi as the preorder went live. I was standing in line at the mountain bike shop with my iPad in hand trying to talk to the employee while checking out. Not my grandest moment but I got one!
  4. Badcube's Warpath isn't that bad. There's a lot going on and some pins are way tighter than they should be but it's actually not that hard if you just take a minute to think about where stuff needs to get to. I mean, I haven't looked at the instructions since the first time I transformed it when it was released and have a play with it once, maybe twice a year and can figure it out. I'd say it's I smidge easier than Sunsurge. i also have no desire to replace it with the FT version. I recently bought FT Springer and have yet to even transform it. Took a look, went "meh", put it back and went straight for Crack Up.
  5. I do like the black watch. I'm all for subtlety but even I agree they could have emphasised the Macross connection more.
  6. It's brilliant isn't it? I originally had the FT Omega and while initially impressed, I ended up selling it as all the little nitpicks and QC issues I had with it added up. I managed to get Gabriel last weekend as a regret sale and for what I paid, $230USD, I am happy. The elbows on mine are a little tight but apart from that, I have no QC issues. And I enjoy the aesthetic of Gabriel far more than TG. While I think that TG has by a considerable margin the more cohesive alt mode, this is by far the better overall Omega Supreme.
  7. The thing that killed my interest in Meteor was the face. If I'm going to replace 6 TFs in my MP collection, the figure I'm replacing them with better be damn near perfect. And I really like Meteor, except for the face sculpt. It just looks horrible. It ruins the figure for me. Conversely, I can find many faults with the official MP seekers, I could rant all day about them in fact. But they did an awesome job on the faces.
  8. Just a ploy to make more people sign up to their newsletter
  9. Forgive the ignorance but why is the BD so expensive? Is that just foreign markup?
  10. Huh. I've never heard of that site before. Are they reliable? But man are they overpriced!
  11. I have never really followed this but it's pretty amazing that Palladium couldn't do with $1.4M what they originally promised they could do with $70K. It makes HG seem almost competent in comparison.
  12. The design style is evocative of Animated. And Everything about Animated absolutely rocked so I'm optimistic about this. Also other people have commented that it looks like Ben 10, and Derrick J Wyatt did character designs for both so I wonder if he's involved?
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