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  1. Uhg, I need help. I am trying to convert my VF-19 from bot mode to gerwalk/fighter and I absolutely can not get the hip swing mechanism to unlock/budge and swing back down. Can anyone offer some tips?
  2. Hello everyone! I have bitten off one hobby too many and have to do the responsible adult thing and try to cut back on some cool transforming robot toys so that I can afford other cool transforming robot toys... and also some day pay for my kid to go to college or something. Prices are listed in USD and are for a single item (Quantity 1x) and do not include shipping. My preferred payment method is PayPal. I will happily combine shipping for multiple items. I'm open to all offers and I'm willing to trade for any interesting transformers stuff, particularly convention exclusives, for
  3. Depthcharge

    Hi-Metal R

    Well shoot....... here's hoping they do the VF-2JA too.
  4. Depthcharge

    Hi-Metal R

    That is not unattractive except for the black intakes abruptly changing to white at the gerwalk joint. Also, where are the FP's?!
  5. Looking to purchase a VF-27 Brera Custom with Super Parts Renewel Ver. Please PM me with your asking price if you are looking to sell. Thanks, -DC
  6. BOOM, target acquired.
  7. And I just ordered one from AE yesterday for $240........
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