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  1. This is the most recent reissue which was just released in Japan. Brand new and sealed, and box in excellent condition. From non-smoking, pet-free home. Will be packed carefully. Asking $230 + shipping/PayPal fee. I use an online PayPal calculator, so the fee will be exact down to the penny so that you don't get overcharged. Same for shipping--it'll be exact postage. I've been slowly getting rid of all my modern diecast, and what I have left are some preorders I couldn't cancel. Will likely be getting in an SOC Black Wing and the Dynaction Evangelion as well. I'm on the Straig
  2. Thanks to weiser21 for a really easy/smooth transaction. Much appreciated, man!
  3. Haven't heard back from my buyer, so I'm making this available again. If anyone's interested, just lmk. Thanks!
  4. [SOLD] I'm on the Straight Shooters list Preordered this months ago before I got rid of my Macross collection. Brand new and sealed DX TV Super Parts set. I'm on the Straight Shooters list. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  5. gingaio


    Everything sold. Thanks!
  6. Thanks to dafunguy for a quick, easy transaction. He sent payment quickly and the deal went smoothly. Thanks!
  7. Two brand new/sealed DX Chogokin missile sets. Boxes are in nice condition. Asking $88 + shipping/PayPal fees. I'm on the Straight Shooter's list. Please feel free to PM with questions. Thanks! [EDIT: Both sets are sold.]
  8. They jacked it up to about $170-180 about half an hour before the listing went live, IIRC. I think I saw the price go back and forth for a while, like they couldn't make up their minds how much to mark up.
  9. Thanks for the info. So it seems HLJ started actually accepting orders a short time after the listing popped up. Interesting...
  10. Just curious...what happened with HLJ? It looked frozen once the listing came up. Did it just start working normally 20 minutes later or something like that?
  11. If it didn't carry the risk of infecting you, I would totally give you a hug and a kiss right now, man. Thank you! I was watching another site so intently--and given that AJ usually lists things hours after the official start, and given that they didn't even offer Hikaru 1S--I didn't even think to watch AJ until later. And I didn't even realize I had been logged out...barely made it. Thank god I remembered my password.
  12. To commemorate the last horror show (VF-1S Hikaru), I watched the newest Friday the 13th while waiting. Not sure what I'll put on tonight.
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