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    I understand the costs that small toy companies incur for these collectors' items. I think some of the comments above reflect disappointment that, given the asking price, Evo couldn't come up with a sturdier toy (at least according to what we've seen). Asking price is one thing. A quality toy, though...while, yes, Third-Party TF makers don't have to pay licensing costs (because they're essentially making illegal product), they're also consistently (these days, anyways) putting out toys that are of quality that rival and/or surpass that of the official toy companies. For example, Weijiang upscaled/knocked off/redesigned the MP-10 figure and released a product that, quality-wise, is essentially perfect (and much, much better than the official version)--you can pick it up for $75 shipped now. And there are two companies who've made/are making 2-foot-tall Omega Supremes (original designs) that are of high quality, and about the same price as or cheaper than the Legioss (again, unofficial toys, I know, but these are also tiny companies--just groups of fans--who are making these things). In any case, I don't think 'collectors' items' and 'quality/sturdiness' need to be mutually exclusive. I'd like to see more reviews to get a fuller picture, but man, those kinds of stress marks right out of the box is pretty bad. That said, I get the different points of view--the "this is the best we got, so I'm going for it" opinion and the "if this is the best we got, I ain't buying." In any case, thanks to Tekering for filling this thread with all the beautiful pics.
  2. Wonder Woman and Flash were easily the two highlights of the film for me. Batman--something about middle-aged Affleck--just looked really bloated and stiff in this movie, and that involved everything from how he physically looked to how he acted. Also... Flash was always the comic relief in the Justice League cartoons (though not in the comic books, I know), but I'm fine with the film using the cartoon character as a reference. The difference was that movie Flash was more effete in his mannerisms, but I didn't mind that.

    Thanks for all the additional pics and info. Very much appreciated. First-world dilemmas, first-world dilemmas...told myself I'd buy into this line if the toy has good quality and is at least as big as the old Gakken. Well, the second criterion has been met. And it looks great to boot. The stress marks, especially on the ankles...ouch. Consider my OCD triggered. Last thing I want is a $300 toy that's going to tear an Achilles upon transformation. And the stress mark on the fin is no fun either. Uh. Same issue with MP Hot Rod...need that character, but don't need the QC problems like flaking chrome. I know, right? A super-sized, super-QC'ed Legioss. That's the dream. In fact, my MPP-10 is currently the dream on my shelf.
  4. This is an interesting video on the state of music in Marvel movies: I tend to agree with the primary claim that so many of these modern superhero/action movie scores are essentially white noise. Maybe it's because I grew up on stuff like the '89 Batman film (and watched all the Christopher Reeves Superman movies), but I didn't mind hearing the familiar music of my youth, and it's not like I would have remembered afterwards what the tracks by Junkie, etc. sounded like anyway (not that it's entirely their fault). Was the music jarring? Sure, but what about JL wasn't jarring or a mishmash of incongruent parts, everything from the plotting to the characterization to the dialogue. I mean, there were entire scenes that I swear were lifted, frame by frame, from the LOTR trilogy. That said, I liked the movie more than I thought I would. But that's because I was expecting the movie to be utter shite. I genuinely laughed at one moment in the movie, which is more than I can say about any of the previous Batman/Superman Snyder films--

    Thanks for taking the time to take the pics and write the review. Just wondering--any points of fragility with the toy itself, or during transformation (I'm thinking of various issues with the Yamato valks over the years)? The shoulder hinges in particular look a bit thin, but maybe they're solid? Thanks again.
  6. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Indeed. Given the amount of force needed to snap on the ARMDs, I'm hoping that my fingers won't accidentally rub off some of this $200 paint.
  7. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Just binged the rest of the show yesterday with my wife (eps. 3-9). Amazing. As much as we loved the first season, the second was even better.
  8. He say you Blade Runnah TWO!

    As much as I often appreciate the source material, the novel wasn't the best version of the story, IMO. It's been some years since I read it, but I remember the characterization being more black-and-white and simpler than that of the film, and the narrative just being a bit more didactic. A lot of what we appreciate about the film--the complexity of the characters, the ambiguous line between human/replicant that fuels the driving theme of the movie--weren't really there in the written story. But yeah, I also saw that BR wasn't doing well at the box office. If the story ends with 2049, I'm fine with it. I thought they tied up the story well.
  9. Hi-Metal R

    The code seems to be working now (and thanks to F360 for posting it). Just used it along with my eBay bucks to finally pick up an HMR Regult for a pretty reasonable secondary-market price (around $95 shipped).
  10. He say you Blade Runnah TWO!

    Just saw the movie with my wife (she took one for the team--not a Blade Runner fan, and tends to sleep around 10:00PM). Our showing started at 10:00PM, so that means we got out of the theater somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:00AM. Seriously, though, a good film, if a bit overlong, though the contemplative pacing is part and parcel of this universe and falls in line with the tone/mood established by Ridley Scott back in '82. Could it have been shorter? At the risk of sounding glib (and for the sake of not spoiling anything), sure. That said, a really beautiful story, beautifully shot with a really engrossing soundscape, and the cumulative impact of the characters' decisions really does pack a punch by the end. Gosling was fantastic in this film, and despite the fact that no matter how good this film is, it would never have overtaken the first movie in my nostalgia-drenched dreams, it definitely stands on its own merits.

    BBTS is $200. HLJ is about $175 (+ 3% conversion rate, at least for my credit card). BBTS charges $4 shipping. HLJ will be about $25-30 (I'm guesstimating). The big difference for me is customer service. Not that HLJ's is bad, but BBTS's is the best out there. Plus, they're in the U.S., so if I get a defect/QC issue, getting it fixed is a breeze. I often choose BBTS even when the competitor is cheaper. In this case, BBTS might actually be cheaper.

    No, I get that. I should have said that I'm not sure about soft goods being handled well on smaller-scale figs. I always imagined--based on a childhood's worth of Robotech cartoons and Gakken toys--that the under-armor suit was tight and stretchy. I always found Beagle's suit to be too baggy, like an oversized sweater. Sentinel's looks a bit better because the biceps armor at least pins the cloth down a bit. For 6-inch figs, Mezco's One: 12 line is definitely an improvement over the old Mego stylings, which I always found a corny (and not in an appealing way). That said, it's hard at that scale, and even in that line, to create figs that look completely 'right' in cloth suits (IMO, of course).

    Still not sure about soft goods/cloth, but Sentinel's handling it a bit better than Beagle (namely, the plastic pieces that cover the biceps). In contrast, the Beagle figure looks like it's wearing a Christmas sweater underneath the bike parts. Not that there's anything wrong with Christmas sweaters...
  14. Hi-Metal R

    Man why does this even need to be stated at this point...come on, Bandai. Easily the most beautiful Zentradi mech design from SDFM, and could be a cheap repaint for a quick cash grab.