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  1. Hi everyone, just so you all know, everyone including myself has contributed to this Macross collection list in the hopes that this would be a list that would be freely offered to all here at Macrossworld and the rest of the Macross community. However I received this message from ChristopherB intending to recoup his time and effort. While this is fine I think he should have been up front about his intentions in the first place prior to soliciting pictures and input from our community here, then they could choose to participate knowing the ultimate end goal. This is his response when I asked him when he was going to post the list here on Macrossworld. “Now you know if I post the list to the MW Model Section, (5) people if I'm lucky will even say thank you. Now I'm not doing this for accolades, but I want it to be seen by as many people as possible and appreciated. When someone like John Moscato spends let's say 50 hours making a resin kit, he can sell each one for $200+. This MCML is (15) years of saving website links, pictures of kits, research and more than 1,500 hand typed entries full of details, with links and we're working on adding pictures for each. Plus hundreds of emails sent to people like you, Shawn, Carl, John and twenty five other people. Creating threads/posts for people to submit pictures and lists, etc. That means every kit in my collection as well as others has to be carefully photographed in high resolution to include box art, contents, decals, etc. Then edited and saved to a folder for organization. I've invested (10) times 50 hours at the least, plus I've paid out of pocket for assistance with research and typing. Now I didn't start this for monetary gain, but time is money and knowledge has value. The MCML also something that will need regular updates as we continue to see releases from Bandai, Hasegawa, etc. With that said there are several ways to go forward. I could offer permanent access to the spreadsheet for a one time fee/donation. I could sell the list to a Macross website where it could be included hosted thereby enhancing their resources and attracting Macross model kit collectors. Finally another option would be to approach a publishing company and have something made up with it organized in alphabetical order and accompanying pictures of the kits and them completed versions. Imagine something like the Hobby Japan MOOK Model Mechanics Collection.“
  2. The cell shade painting is really amazing but for me it's hard to look at because my brain can't resolve what the heck I'm looking at. Is it real or cartoon? I have to go lie down now...
  3. That is so cool! Thank you for sharing, it is very impressive.
  4. I can print in white with my laser printer now if anyone needs decals.
  5. It’s not wrong, but you are going to hell lol
  6. Sweet! I want a 1/32 kit of this baby!
  7. Don’t be ridiculous, it’s right here (holds out empty hand) wait... where’d it go?
  8. OMG! I feel so much better about the size of my stash now! Thank you!!!
  9. Oh man I wish I had a shelf lined with built Macross models like that
  10. Hey those came out great, they look like they were printed with a resin printer which really is the preferred method for models. One of these days I'll have to break down and get one for myself.
  11. Just for reference the floor tiles are 18 inches.
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