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  1. Just for reference the floor tiles are 18 inches.
  2. The hull is done! Now I have to add all the details. Added a shot with a side by side of the Captains 5k sculpts.
  3. +1 Yeah man that looks really badass, especially coming right at ya like that. Run for your life!!!!
  4. At 5k scale it'll be about 23.6 inches or 60cm long. I used the length of 3000 meters from the macross2.net site. It is indeed his files, these are the same files that the South American guy who's been printing and selling these used. I bought a bunch of files from him so he gave me a group deal.
  5. Printing starts today on this badboy! Will scale this up to 5k, I was able to strip all the detail parts off in order to print them separately.
  6. Awesome! Did you make the 3D design for that or did you get the files somewhere?
  7. Haven’t heard of those actually, I have Prusa MK3S, been pretty happy with the prints so far. I was surprised how fine a finish I can get with it. You’re right about how much tweaking can be required, but it’s been so much fun designing and printing various things.
  8. That was the LSP-ASS1 version Lumpy Space Princess lol
  9. Have you tried gap filling primer? Several coats of that should eliminate most of the lines to minimize sanding.
  10. I built this model years ago, fun simple kit!
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