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  1. I think you mean Tanmen and they are no longer available and haven't been for many years.
  2. I've been painting Imperial Assault figures like crazy lately
  3. You could always call it the Rankor
  4. Omg that was the kit I was gonna recommend he get in case the wood doesn't pan out. That is totally cool of you Thom! Welcome to a true modelers forum, KARMA BOMB!
  5. Did you happen to put it over a laquer finish? That happened to me once.
  6. Nice man! those look absolutely flawless, thanks for sharing!
  7. Lol, hey I got it the first time! Look at me!!! Hahahahaha
  8. Veriwhat?
  9. Where did you get that?
  10. Hey kajnrig, so you don't mention how much experience you have with 3D modeling but I've done quite a bit of research in this area and played with a lot of tools. Unfortunately none of the tools I have found work in a logical easy user interface manner (it's like these software developers have never used PowerPoint to draw anything). The absolutey easiest one to use by far for starting out is Tinkercad. I would suggest starting with this if you have zero experince in 3D modeling. Then move on to 123D design, both programs are free and are created by Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD. 123D design has a slicker interface than Blender but a lot of the more advanced functionality in 123D design is buried whereas blender provides it all upfront which can be overwhelming. In addition Blender has a lot of functionality that is way above and beyond what you need for 3D modeling (such as creating 3D animation for games and film). Shapways has a great review of a lot of these tools here: Hope this helps
  11. This is really cool but we need pictures of your in progress work please!!!
  12. Wow that is absolutely brilliant! The scratch built components look like the came with the kit. I'm soooo copying this if I ever get around to building that launch arm. Thanks for sharing!!!
  13. What is your source for modern buildings please?
  14. Which 3D printer is this being done on?
  15. Event starts on February 7th, anyone know what Macross goodness will be offered? I'm assuming Experten's 1/72 5000 Valkyrie will be there.