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  1. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted and I regret that I came back to ask this question, but I am looking at moving overseas and I'm contemplating selling all my Yamato 1/60 Valkyries. I've got the show version of Skull 01, the armor pack VF01 and brown Industrial and the orange one. Are they still valuable and worth trying to sell or should I just box them? They've lived in a glass cabinet away from sunlight most of the time I've had them.
  2. I have watched SDFM, Plus, Zero, Frontier and five episodes of 7 (enough to know it's just a show about a song called planet dance.) and I think if the new series could maybe return to the same sort of serious themes as the original series and Zero with a blend of the light fun episodes they had in Frontier. I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to see a Macross series go the same length as 7 did.
  3. God damnit "You have purchased item: Yamato 1/60 VF1-J Hikaru TV version" Two seconds later: "Seller sends request to cancel transaction, reason: Out of stock"
  4. Wait the Valk's are disappearing? I just started collecting the 1/60 series! Do I need to start panic buying them?.
  5. Ahahahaha...Oh jesus that's funnier then it should be.
  6. I have just started to watch M7 with very low expectations after seeing all the posts around the place about it, I will say its taken me 5 episodes to just begin to grow on me, it's different but it's not too bad. Does it ever get past being a show about close ups of Basara's face...just joking...sort of. Original series and M+ will always be my favourites though.
  7. Another one with the fever!
  8. Well looks like I will probably end up with the DYRL versions haha... The only Valk I forsee myself not getting is Basara's.
  9. This is going to be such a newb question, I watched DYRL and the series...as someone who owns some of the DYRL set what are some of the differences between the valks of DYRL and the valks of the series?.
  10. True, I really want a tv version but I guess I could live with the DYRL version.
  11. Yeah that sure got outta hand fast...! I already have a VF1-S Roy TV Version. Don't encourage me on the DYRL range because I have already been like...yes yes maybe...maybe... Also I saw in the attached thumbnail what appears to be a TV version of the Macross herself...am I incorrect?.
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