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  1. Just couple boxes from Enterbay.
  2. Arcadia Premium Finish Max and Miria 1/60 Super VF-1J

    What is the difference between regular and premium?
  3. Haven't really gotten much this year, but got these in the mail today.
  4. Mine is on the way. How you like it?
  5. Where are you guys buying your MP-36 from?
  6. All things Voltron

    This figure just moved all the way to the top shelf for my display collection.
  7. My first ever Vader arrived! That is it for Star Wars for me.
  8. Got the mini version of the Synthetic Human.
  9. All things Voltron

    This GX-71 guy is amazing. Just putting him in the voltron static stand like in the cartoon for now on my detolf.
  10. All things Voltron

    The EX is not the look for me. I prefer the classic look. It costs so much because of the size I guess.
  11. All things Voltron

    What does the tracking information shows? Hopefully BBTS sends you a replacement.
  12. All things Voltron

    Couple of pictures of this masterpiece. Height comparison.
  13. All things Voltron

    My first SOC! I haven't have time to open it yet.