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  1. When is the pre-order begin?
  2. The front cone section is yellowing along with the back legs portions. Going to try to fix it during spring time when there is more sun light.
  3. I was thinking taping with masking tape over the color plastic portion. Just apply the creme on the white part that is yellowing.
  4. Anyone used this creme to remove the yellowing form their white valk? I am thinking of trying it on my vf-1j Miria.
  5. I need to figure out where to display this bad boy. I don't have space in detolf, maybe put it on top of a detolf or on my computer desk.
  6. I thought it was charged already, why are they waiting. SMH.
  7. My pending credit card charge changed form $356 to $360 from Amiami. Did this happen to anyone else?
  8. I guess I will have to enjoy everyone's pictures while I wait for mine from amiami, and I selected SAL parcel too. The tampo looks nice! Premium finish!
  9. Now I have to decide I should get the missile set... hmmm
  10. I just paid, but they got my phone number wrong on the order (old cell number), which I can't change even though I updated on my account page. Hope they don't have to call me.
  11. Are you use SAL Parcel or upgrade?
  12. How long is SAL Parcel? I am in California. Maybe I migth switch to DHL for 900 yen more which is maybe another $8 usd. Here is my grand total for 2. Subtotal: 32,960 JPY Shipping: 6,610 JPY Grand total: 39,570 JPY
  13. I have three options of shipment. EMS : 7,860 JPY SAL Parcel : 6,610 JPY DHL : 7,510 JPY
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