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  1. So Hollywood has covered Formula 1 and now Le Mans with a decent result. Now I just want to see them take a crack at the WRC in the mid-80s.
  2. Honestly felt this has been the weakest of all the episode so far. Still interesting but yeah.... Couldn't help but notice the red lighting inside the AT-ST cockpit. Nice touch for night combat.
  3. I recall in Jane's USNF the Su-34 getting the unflattering but appropriate callsign "Platypus" in the manual. I'm assuming this was before NATO designated as Fullback and the game designers needed to call it something.
  4. "Havoc" doesn't quite fit that mold then. I always thought NATO gave Soviet bombers the best callsigns. Backfire, Blinder, Bear, Blackjack, etc.
  5. I'm intrigued but some of the elements I've heard about in DS. From a design perspective, it looks fantastic and has almost a Shadow of the Colossus aesthetic. I've been a fan of Kojima since MGS on the PS1. ZOE2 was another big favorite of mine but around MGS4, his games started getting more out there and indulgent. Jingles' review of Death Stranding more or less affirmed my fears that Hideo Kojima had gone "full George Lucas" with no one there to tell him "no". DS still interests me. I'm just having a harder time seeing it worth dropping $60 on.
  6. I've been debating between Death Stranding and Jedi Fallen Order. I'm starting to lean more towards Jedi after what I'm reading. I want to play Stranding aswell but thinking of waiting to get it a lower price.
  7. Wasn't F***** meant to be the bundle of iron/metal pieces? Thinking more about it now. Felon doesn't seem so bad given the stealth features of the Su-57. It's far less confusing then following each iteration of the Flanker family. (Flanker-B, Flanker-D, Flanker-E, H, etc.)
  8. Watching the trailers, it was nice to see body armor actually doing its job.
  9. Chinese aircraft also get their own NATO callsigns in some cases eg. J-8 Fishcan, J-11 Flanker-L.
  10. Ehh. Fishbed wasn't exactly flattering either. With names like Fulcrum, Foxhound, Flanker and Fullback, "Felon" is just meh.
  11. Something I'm hoping ends up being the case with Final Fantasy 7R is that Square can keep the number of episodes to no more than 3. If the first game covers Midgar, albit expanded, the 2nd game can revolve around chasing Sephiroth and exploring the world up until the Northern Crater section. The 3rd episode will cover Meteor, dealing with the Weapons and the rest of the story.
  12. Nope. Subbed. Can't find any version of the dub. I couldn't help but notice they even had AH-64 Apache's in it but I'm pretty sure the Apache was only in testing when the anime was made in 1981-82. Same with the MiG-29 appearance.
  13. I just watched Future War 198X. Haven't watched a political anime in a long time but this caught my attention after seeing a amv of it. I never knew this existed until just a few days ago. It was an interesting watch although the story goes all over the place at times. I liked the attention to detail on military equipment.
  14. India seems to be the closest thing to an Ace Combat air force in that they have alittle of everything. I've read prior stories calling into question the reliability of the Su-30MKI, particularly the engines. I wonder if these issues carry across to the Su-30SM as well.
  15. There is an "ooof" for the Su-30MKI. https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2019/03/09/deal-36-rafale-masterstroke-iaf.html
  16. I picked up AC7 on sale last week. Finally beat it. Used the Su-30SM in the final fight. All I can say is that this AC title was probably the hardest out of all the ones I've played. I liked the setting and themes going back to AC4 in many ways. The story is still, very Ace Combat but the character dialogue didn't drive me up a wall some others in the series did. Music was excellent and the air combat was great, particularly with the weather elements. I missed being able to give orders to my wingman though as the friendly AI was pretty bad. As for AC3. How awesome would it be if they remade the original JP version and released worldwide.
  17. I also wonder if the decision was partly made because a bunch of old brass thought the YF-23 design was too radical and they wanted to go with a safer, more familiar design. Some Viper fun.
  18. The Rhino has no stealth features either though and the ST21s loitering capability, speed, detection range and ordinance capacity would offset being less maneuverable in my view. I won't argue about the maintenance costs surrounding the plane though. I can't help but like the potential Navy carrier wing being comprised of Super Tomcat 21/2010s, Enhanced Hornets and F-35Cs.
  19. This topic has been beaten to death. Necro'd and beaten to death again but here we go. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29653/this-is-what-grummans-proposed-f-14-super-tomcat-21-would-have-actually-looked-like Obvious typo on the engine as it's obviously the F110-GE-129.
  20. Looking at the YF-23. I had no idea they were planning an additional bay for 4 extra AMRAAMs in the back. I also wonder if more could have been fitted with the clipped-winged AIM-120C along with potentially 4 AIM-9Xs in the front. Another interesting piece on the F-117. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29606/51-f-117-nighthawk-stealth-jets-remain-in-inventory-only-one-destroyed-in-last-two-years
  21. Thanks. I used to think the same that RWD and AWD were a must for performance (my dream car in college was the Evo 9) but traction control plus limited-slip differentials have become so good in recent years that things like torque steer in FF cars is not nearly as much of an issue as it was 10 years ago. I remember the Mazdaspeed 3 was quite infamous for torgue steer.
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