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  1. Thanks. I used to think the same that RWD and AWD were a must for performance (my dream car in college was the Evo 9) but traction control plus limited-slip differentials have become so good in recent years that things like torque steer in FF cars is not nearly as much of an issue as it was 10 years ago. I remember the Mazdaspeed 3 was quite infamous for torgue steer.
  2. Living in the rustbelt, salt exposure is just per the norm. It's unfortunate because the 1st gen Mazda 3 engines are rock solid in my opinion and I've kept mine running pretty well. (Replaced the spark plugs at 80k, Ensured the air filter was always fairly clean. Gave it only Synth oil). I like the new Miata's and if I was buying a second car, it would be at the top of my list. The WRX was on my radar at one point but the current body is getting long in the tooth. The current performance market as far as compacts is weird since the Lancer Evo is long gone along with the Focus RS. Now rumors are that the next gen VW GTI is going to be pushing 300hp. Not sure what that means for the Golf R if true.
  3. One of the perks Tomcat pilots spoke of during their last years in service was the advantage they had over Super Hornet and especially the Legacy Hornets to loiter since they could practically glide over a target area with their wings fully extended plus the amount of lift that airframe generated . They're also getting the upgraded F414s which will no doubt help. On a sad note. The Rhino pilot from the recent crash around the Star Wars canyon didn't survive. Was part of VFA 151. https://news.usni.org/2019/08/02/navy-identifies-pilot-killed-in-death-valley-super-hornet-crash
  4. My Mazda 3 is 11 years old (121k miles on it) but all the horror stories I read years back about the BK chassis and rust came true, even with care given over the years. Had the opportunity to check out a Civic Type R in-person the other day. Was iffy on the front-end looks but all modern Honda's look fugly to me. Sitting in the car though was nice and I liked where everything was placed from the shifter to peddle feel. No mechanical handbrake which is something of a minus.
  5. Some nasty corrosion on the F-22. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29218/these-images-of-an-f-22-raptors-crumbling-radar-absorbent-skin-are-fascinating
  6. The F-32 concept definitely reminds me of the F-8 if blended with an F-22 and comes off as the sturdier design compared to the F-35. If the Navy had decided to focus on a "true" successor to the Tomcat and build a medium to heavy class fighter, I wonder if they'd have focused also on a successor to the AIM-54 Phoenix with more of a focus on anti-ballistic missile capability. I believe the AIM-152 AAAM was one attempt.
  7. Yes, true. But unlike the VF-22, a production F-23 never got to see the light of day once Lockheed was chosen as the winner.
  8. The F-16 as a design always came off like a well crafted samurai sword. Although it got "bulgier" as new tech was added. Still, not bad for an airframe that's been around since 1976. While I'd like to pick it up, I'll wait for more of its features to be completed (A-G radar, Litening II pod, etc). I learned my lesson with the Hornet in DCS.
  9. Understood. I can understand parts for the older F-14A/B would be tough to maintain. Was it just as difficult to maintain the D models even with their digital upgrades?
  10. ^ Slightly off-topic on the F-14. I still wish the Navy would have retained a small handful of F-14s to use as aggressor aircraft for simulating longer-range engagements. I can't imagine keeping 5-7 Tomcats operational would have been that costly.
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