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  1. I still have the VHS tapes of this I picked up at Suncoast way back in the early 2000s.
  2. Pretty sure the Kitty is CG. It would take alot of effort to get an F-14 airworthy again from what I can tell. Here is CW Lemoine's take.
  3. I could swear I've seen footage of Super Hornets and even the standard Hornet pulling higher alpha turns than that. They're not Cobra maneuvers but still very tight.
  4. We also still don't get any whiff of an opposition fighter in this one. Only sign of a fight seems to be one of the Rhino's dumping flares to avoid a surface-to-air missile it would appear.
  5. So Maverick's exploits were so great, the Navy mounted his F-14A. I'm definitely checking this film out now. Looking at the cockpit footage of the Super Hornet, I'm curious if they filmed in an older Block I.
  6. Overall, I liked this episode. I just hope they shift the formula up here before the series ends.
  7. Closest thing to legit carrier ops in a simulator.
  8. So Hollywood has covered Formula 1 and now Le Mans with a decent result. Now I just want to see them take a crack at the WRC in the mid-80s.
  9. Honestly felt this has been the weakest of all the episode so far. Still interesting but yeah.... Couldn't help but notice the red lighting inside the AT-ST cockpit. Nice touch for night combat.
  10. I recall in Jane's USNF the Su-34 getting the unflattering but appropriate callsign "Platypus" in the manual. I'm assuming this was before NATO designated as Fullback and the game designers needed to call it something.
  11. "Havoc" doesn't quite fit that mold then. I always thought NATO gave Soviet bombers the best callsigns. Backfire, Blinder, Bear, Blackjack, etc.
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