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  1. Love Buzz and the Macross Factory, all great works!!!!!
  2. mmm... maybe, they look very similar
  3. Well, the left the VF-25 aside for a little time, there is a competition in June in my local hobby IMPS, so I started a few week ago the Wave 1/72 VF-4 Lightning III. Good kit, good fit, no Hasegawa details, but it is a fine looking model. Still some work to do, panel lines, some weathering (wheel wells), wings, the pilot, clear paints (lights) and a few decals.
  4. Nice!!!! I know your pain But the results will be great!!
  5. I have the Wave first boxing of the VF-4. It's a nice kit, I think the panel lines are too deep and wide, but the kit looks fine. I really love that Hasegawa release a new VF-4 but I think that will never happen, same with the VF-17. the panel lines of the Hasegawa models have a greater fineness than those of Wave.
  6. LOVE that build!!! looks like 1/48
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