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  1. YEah the nozzels need work, I think the yellow will be tone down a little with the oleos.
  2. mmm... yes and no. I will use oleos to color some panels and give some color distortion, noting too big, just a little effect, then see if the panel lining is needed.
  3. ok, some updates!! I think i NEED to tone down a little the darker areas in the thrusters, what you think?
  4. Same here. Waiting for that since 2009!!!
  5. Thanks!! I want to build the 6 models made for the first movie, all in 1/48. I all ready have Red 3 build from a 1/48 Fine Molds, and other 2 Bandai 1/48. Red 5 Will be next. It's the same with Macross, I want the main valks from the TV in 1/48!!!!
  6. Some advances wit my Bandai 1/48 X-Wing (Red 4)
  7. Hi there! Well, I started working on my next project: Bandai 1/48 X-Wing. The Tomiya 1/48 Tomcat is almost done, with the whole Covid-19 situation (Costa Rica is also having problems). I have a little more time to work on the X-Wing and other projects that I have not worked on, like my Hasegawa 1/4000 SDF-1 TV version attack mode and the 1/72 VF-25. For now, photos of the X-Wing. I'll build Red-4 from A New Hope Death Star Battle. Cockpit paint Black Basing First Marble Coat That's a replica of the Red 4, something like that is my goal
  8. That would be great !!, find some of those launch arms.
  9. Agree!!! New mold in 1/48 please, or VF-17 in 1/72 or VF-171
  10. Yep, that's the next step when I finish the decaling. Need to be done in a very lightly way! Thanks
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