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  1. I don't know. I really don't like those oversaturated artwork in a fighter plane/robot. Give more new molds (vf-17S), more 1/48 kits (vf-21, vf-11) to complete M+ for example. No more Delta stuff please!!!!
  2. I started a 1/72 Hasegawa VF-25F Mesiah
  3. Please Hasegawa!!! Vf-11B and YF-21 in 1/48!!!!!!
  4. I had the same "problem" a few years ago. I use a light green over black base trying the look of the first picture tekering post
  5. I don't the super/ strike Valkyries with the landing gear down. I like them how they look in flight. But I can't find any good stand. Any idea? Thanks
  6. Same here. Testor 1/72 Tomcat (top gun version) 1988!!!
  7. Macross II, one of the best opening songs. The rest can be forgotten. Macross 7 is worse BTW ...
  8. Wow!! really nice! Beautiful VF-0B! Love the box art of that kit. Of of the best of all in IMHO
  9. Miria's VF-1J last update, I swear!! All clear parts are in place, no big difference but I called done!!! All 3 done, next one MAX (Super) and the last one will be Kakizaki
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