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  1. Tamiya F-14A continue Start decaling the tails!! More to come!!
  2. Thanks for your kind words too!! I have 3 X-WINGs too from Bandai and I Agree with you completely about Bandai not releasing a non electronic version. I want to build all the red squadron from 1 to 6 from A New Hope . I have 4 dream model kits, I am a really happy modeler, Hasegawa 1/48 Valkyrie series, Bandai 1/48 X-WING, Bandai 1/72 Millennium Falcon and Tamiya 1/48 F-14A. Can't think of better kits. Possible a 1/48 VF-21 and VF-11 from M+!!!
  3. I saw the pics of your Hase F-14, I build a few and they are good kits but need lots of work. The Tamiya F-14 plays in another league, amazing kit. Thanks for your kind words, coming from you It is a great honor!!
  4. Thanks Arbit!! Yeah I started with a black base coat and then with several very diluted coats (80-20 thinner-paint) of several tones of grays, for the upper fuselage I use a mixture of the final color with darker grays and others with different amounts of withes . For the lower fuselage I use browns and some yellow, then the final coat with the Light Ghost Gray very very diluted. I user MRP paints and Mr Color.
  5. Continue!! Top final coat applied and ready for decals!! As a side note, the tails are resin, same the chin pod and the gun vent and the beaver tail, this because I need to updated the kit to a later block. Phoenix and and Sparrows already with decals Next proyect!!! Bandai 1/48 X-Wing (Red 4), the other one is Fine Molds 1/48 (Red 3) As always, sorry for my really bad photography
  6. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat Marble Coat!! Final coat
  7. I know is Max Watanabe and all that, but I really don't like the scheme.
  8. Advance un my 1/48 Tamiya F-14A VF-21 Freelancers https://i.imgur.com/vTVfyCO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/bewOFTL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1TfLhUa.jpg
  9. That will be a logical choice and a VF-11 to complete de M+ lineup.
  10. We 1/48 lovers need/want more new model kits, not re-issues
  11. I don't know. I really don't like those oversaturated artwork in a fighter plane/robot. Give more new molds (vf-17S), more 1/48 kits (vf-21, vf-11) to complete M+ for example. No more Delta stuff please!!!!
  12. I started a 1/72 Hasegawa VF-25F Mesiah
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