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  1. NIce!!! Love the 1/48 Valks!!!!
  2. I don't know what Hasegawa's marketing strategy is, because if we see it in military model launches there haven't been many in recent years either, for example, in 1/48 the last new molds that I know of are the F-22 in 2009 and the Growler in 2011, after those I think the last military mold is in 1/72, the F-35 in 2018, that's it. Hasegawa from what I see his new casts are mostly dedicated to Science Fiction, the Creator Works Series came to mind now.
  3. well... another "new" release and no a single 1/48 new mold since 2014 :(
  4. I found that picture of an old Imai kit and some other toys
  5. Thanks!!! I just won on ebay a new Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1J Super Valk, the Max/Miria version, I already have one and already build de Miria type a few years ago but from the VF-1J/A box, so it's not a Super type. I will build the Max's aircraft in Super configuration but with the new kit I want to build the cannnon fodder, the colors are nice, but it is hard to find references for one with super packs.
  6. Any good references pictures of Cannon Fodder Super Valkyrie, can't find any, I'm looking for tv series "style". Thanks
  7. Well it is very frustrating that Hasegawa does not have a display stand available for the VF-1 Valkyries in 1/48. I know that the 1/72 are not the best also look, but at least they give the possibility of mounting the model in flight mode. The way SUPER / STRIKE looks with the landing gear is weird IMHO. Still can't find anything usable, https://www.yetistand.com doesn't work anymore, and Flightpose is barely good (in my opinion). Any other suggestions?
  8. Almost finish!, still need to paint the pilot, decals and a mate clear coat.
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