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  1. Yep. Since I had three votes, I used them all on Space. Classic, Blacktron, and Ice Planet.
  2. I just realized one thing I don't like about this figure. That chest and torso look like they could come from a sofubi toy. Soft and squishy, very rounded, and no sharp detail. Almost like those old shampoo bottles they would make in the 80's in the shape of your favorite characters (not sure if they still make them).
  3. Not an exact copy but an obvious ripoff. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTRA-RARE-VINTAGE-80S-FLOMO-ROBOT-ANIME-SCHOOL-BAG-BACKPACK-TAIWAN-NEW-NOS/112575017817?hash=item1a35fe7359:g:VOYAAOSwkehZxo7m
  4. Speaking of third party mods. I stumbled on to some very questionable things when doing a google image search of third party Arcees. There are some seriously wrong mod parts out there. Things I don't want associated with our hobby! Be careful out there guys!
  5. This is a problem with most CGI in anime these days. I think a lot of fundamentals of animation have been lost in the transition to cheap CGI. The main thing I think has been lost is the use of acceleration curves. Basically, the animation/movement of models should be defined by a curve. The curve shouldn't be linear, because linear movement is boring. It should be at least a second order polynomial. That gives you the "snap", I think, either when decelerating to a stop or accelerating off the screen.
  6. How would they improve MP Magnus in your opinion? I almost bought MP Delta Magnus until I realized the cab didn't transform into a separate robot, like the G1. I know they were going for cartoon/movie accuracy and the separate blue Prime clone isn't part of that, but to me it's what made the original toy so cool. Anyway I hope there's an Earthrise Delta Magnus, assuming ER Magnus has the separate robot like the Siege toy has. Anyone know if there's a good 3rd party Delta Magnus with separate blue transforming cab?
  7. I wonder if the pictured toy is misassembled. The wings look like maybe they'd be fine if they were swapped.
  8. I have to wonder how the financials work on a set like this. I mean, it's out of nowhere. It's over $500. It's huge (largest set ever?). It's not Star Wars or part of some beloved brand. Isn't this massively risky? People who buy architecture sets might not have room for this thing. Or want to spend the dough. Maybe they just aren't going to make many of these? Maybe the reuse of the same pieces in the same colors makes it cheap enough to be super profitable regardless? Maybe it's a loss-leader marketing set and they don't really expect to sell a ton of them? Basically...how do
  9. It looks legit amazing without the translucent plastic. A real shame they sabotaged it from the start like they did. Maybe a re-release will fix that plastic and we'll get a Jetfire version or something.
  10. Not trolling. I just have a pretty specific definition of tribalism which doesn't include general rudeness or bickering. To be clear, if I criticize a toy, it's not because I've built an identity around not liking the toy. It's just because I see something I don't really like. And I don't criticize toys to hurt others who like the toy more than me. I just do it because I'm a nerd with nothing better to do.
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