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  1. Agreed, integrated boom is possible. It's not very long in the line art. I don't know how long it needs to be to connect to the Legioss in a line art accurate way though.
  2. Dude, a Lancia Stratos prototype! What scale is that? I wonder if Tomica ever made a Alfa Romeo Carabo. Also the Countach is awesome and the box looks like it says 1/43 which is nice. I kinda want it too! Red will work for me. Yellow does looks great on the Countach. Or any Lambo it seems. Even though I don't really like yellow on cars generally.
  3. I saw that post and decided to google for Tomica Countach. There is 1/43 one that is semi reasonably priced. I wish it was easier to get a decent sized Countach toy. Rite Aid had the Miura recently so I was hoping we'd get a Countach too. Jada has some classic cars like Kitt and Karr from Nightrider for just $10 each at Wal Mart. But no Countach anywhere.
  4. I had the orange and brown ones as a kid! Must have been around '85. I also had a Lamborghini Countach and thought it was from the same set! Because it looks like a space ship. Still my favorite call ever.
  5. The official Legioss dimensions make for a pretty darn small fighter jet. 34 feet long according to mahq.net. That's only 2/3rds the length of an F-16. It's wingspan is 21 feet which is the same as the XF-85 goblin!
  6. Well I may have found a design flaw. On my second transformation from fighter to soldier, the right trigger finger is almost broken off! The piece of plastic that holds the trigger finger on is tiny, and you have to fold it up inside the arm where you can't really see it. Then telescope the middle arm into the forearm. Not to mention you have the tail fin which slides in and out while the hand is inside the arm. Either of these could slice into the trigger finger and cut it off. I think we'll see lots of cases of this after people transform these a few times. Too bad there are no extra hands. I don't think I'll be transforming mine again. Or, I might just pop the hands off first, if possible.
  7. I finally transformed mine back into fighter and it wasn't super fun. Mainly the hips. I wasn't able to manually get them where they needed to be. Instead I got them like halfway there and then just pushed the legs really hard until they went into place. I'm not sure if they're really all the way "in". Also the shoulders and forearms don't really connect nicely. Just barely. I might not have the hands totally folded up properly but it was PITA to get them in as much as I did. Maybe next time will be easier. To be honest the transformation was way easier than I expected, aside from the above.
  8. Anyway my phone is a potato but we need a buddy cop movie with these guys.
  9. I got mine and it's beautiful. A bit fiddly and definitely has all the issues people have mentioned. But damn does it look good. Can't believe I finally have a Legioss toy that doesn't have giant clown feet sticking out in fighter mode! For me, this is The One. Well, this and the OG Gakken. Same here for both. For the hip tabs, I guess it just means I won't be posing this thing with its toes straight out forward, but splayed slightly. Probably how I would pose it anyway. And yeah, for the loose ankles, in Armo-Diver mode I need to pose it such that the lower leg rests on the foot. Otherwise it falls over forwards. Howabout VTOL mode when the legs are out but not the arms? Now I need six of these. Awesome! I might try that. Good to know I won't have to go prying parts off! Thanks!
  10. I don't like the sculpts, the wonky proportions, or the over-detailing in some cases (ridiculous amounts of wrinkles, giant pockets everywhere, random textures). Many of the figures are super lanky with small joints (knees, elbows, waist) so they end up looking like sausage links. But the line is super inconsistent so it varies from figure to figure. If they all looked as good as 2011 Airtight I would feel very differently: But for every one of those there are a bunch of stinkers. Like their attempt to recreate 85 Snake Eyes. Maybe most people like it but I think it looks pretty goofy:
  11. GI Joe is the single toy line I loved as a kid that has never been improved upon. The newest Yamato and Bandai Valkyries are amazing. The Beagle Mospeada is perfection. Masterpiece Transformers are truly masterpieces. But these new GI Joes do nothing for me. The originals are still the best. Except maybe in articulation.
  12. Scott Bernard is going to be so happy!
  13. That grid needs more neon, and the wall needs more sunset & palm trees.
  14. My gawd! That is awesome!
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