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  1. Fair enough. I still don't know what "identity politics" means other than minorities/women existing. These movies have always involved space aliens and robots, so being pissed about a black dude or an Asian chick being a main character seems pretty hilarious. But specifically regarding Rose, she was introduced because the story planning was disastrous. Rey and Finn are the two main characters, so when Rey went off to do Jedi stuff, there was literally nobody for Finn to interact with other than side characters like Poe. But seriously, what sequel doesn't introduce new characters? Being angry that one happens to be an Asian women is just pure racism to be honest.
  2. Wait a minute. You've, like, watched Mospeada right? Yellow Belmont? Cross dresser who dates an alien? I guess the Inbits did nothing wrong. Just trying to eradicate that SJW menace!
  3. Cobra Kai

    Pretty funny seeing the torment early on in this thread about how bad this would be. Now it's a hit with great reviews! I binged watched the whole thing this weekend. It was legitimately good!

    Just to make sure, this is buildable in either mode, but isn't meant to be transformable, right?
  5. Macross in the weirdest places

  6. Maxfactory's Figma Line

    I would kill for some GI Joe figmas.

    Looks better than new to me. I like the texture of the cloth better than the original shiny coating.
  8. This might be the most ridiculous example of projection I've ever seen. "They put women and ethnic people in movies, whaa! They must be extreme leftists who hate white men!"
  9. There is a lot of alt-right butt hurt about the new Star Wars movies daring to have a female Jedi (as if Anakin and Luke weren't Mary Sues), or strong women with blue hair, or whatever they're mad about. News Flash: the Star Wars movies were never for people like you. The original Star Wars movies were about: Killing fascists (who were modeled after Nazis) A badass woman who took no crap and lead the Rebellion A black guy blowing up the final Death Star Face it: the George Lucas was a big ol' "SJW".
  10. The Transformers Thread Next

    This pic is awesome, Tekering! Are those all Hasbro or are some third party? EDIT: That Mirage looks like the third party MMC Sphinx. So I guess some or all of these are third party.
  11. The obvious counter-argument to this is that the Star Wars universe is full of spies and traitors. Case in point: Poe thinks Holdo is a traitor. So why the f*ck would you tell a low ranking soldier the master plan? Poe is an idiot. He got people killed. He needs to shut up and follow orders.
  12. Battle Angel Alita

    Why on earth would they do that? Rosa Salazar's face is already perfect as Alita. The CG is just weird.
  13. Legos, anyone?

    I love Mobile Rocket Transport! I wanted it for so long, and like you, finally got a set in amazing condition. I actually have two now. The great thing about that set is it desperately wants to be reconfigured into a space ship. It has all the wings and rocket pieces. Here's my alt build: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/107606-classic-space-alternate-builds/&do=findComment&comment=2179030 6980 is another great set. I was lucky enough to find a couple of these sealed for good prices. I have a used one as well. The white & blue colors give the set a wintery look. With all the different colored "lights" it feels almost like a Christmas space ship! Or maybe a predecessor to Deep Freeze Defender which has a similar double-cockpit thing going on.