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    Huh. I guess you're right. Maybe the camera lens exaggerates the foreshortening effect.

    Am I crazy or is there some serious photoshopping to make the rear look smaller in fighter mode? Compare these two images:
  3. The visuals in that trailer are so stark. Characters or vehicles in crisp contrast to a bright background. Feels like they are in front of the world rather than in it. Nothing seems shrouded or mysterious.
  4. AJAC ?

    Is that GBP shoulder armor on the AJAC? Robotech fans and their crazy mashups...
  5. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Ertl Force One? I loved those as a kid! Removable missiles, retracting landing gear, and awesome decals. I had a Tomcat and a Phantom. I bought a box of different Ertl Force One planes from eBay years ago, and the SR-71 in a separate auction, all new in the package. Still have them in the closet, waiting for I don't know what. I sometimes think about selling them but...they're really cool.
  6. Legos, anyone?

    Wow, I'm digging that auto garage-slash-air traffic control tower!
  7. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    This is awesome. I'd like to print one of these out as well.
  8. Force Friday 2017

    I really like the new A-Wing from The Last Jedi. Much more sleek like McQuarrie's original design. http://imgur.com/QVRvo

    I can't believe how good that looks in each mode.

    I had to transform my Beagle this weekend to get it back into the box. It took a while...
  11. Legos, anyone?

    That thing is awesome! Among the very best of MOCs I've seen.
  12. 1/24 Freeing E=X Garland

    It's Obari af.

    I'd love it if some toy maker essentially started with this Armo-Fighter kit and worked backwards to a transformable toy without changing the fighter mode proportions at all.
  14. The Nintendo Switch

    Sweet! Another Nintendo product that will be impossible to get!
  15. Real talent and money are required to make good movies and until it's safe studios won't invest those things into "nerdy" franchises. There were no big money Sci Fi movies until Star Wars blazed a trail. Right afterward you had the first Star Trek movie, Alien, etc. Then you had Superman and Batman movies that did okay but X-Men blew that wide open and now studios will throw money and talent at any comic book superhero. Lord of the Rings showed that you can make superb fantasy movies but I'm not sure if there are any hot non-Tolkien fantasy franchises out there other than GoT. Anyway my point is they can make a good D&D movie if they put the money and talent into it. But D&D would probably have to be way more popular for that to happen.