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  1. danth

    Does anyone make repro canopies?

    Thanks all. I guess I was hoping someone had already recast the 2 seater canopy for customs. Anyway I've already damaged my canopy beyond repair. Also I was never able to get the damn D piece off.
  2. danth

    MΔ - VF-9

    Put me down as interested (if I can afford it -- just bought a house).
  3. danth


    I think the Sentinel Legioss is going to be "The One." It already looks better than any existing Legioss and it has the legs figured out in Fighter mode. Exciting!
  4. My Yammy VT-1 (version 2) came with a warped canopy and when I tried to fix it I just made it worse. I was wondering if anyone makes reproduction canopies that I could purchase.
  5. danth

    Retro Gaming

    Anyone else have problems with the NES Classic controller and Ghosts n' Goblins? Mine has an issue where the guy just gets stuck while running. If I swap to an SNES controller the problem goes away.
  6. danth

    Retro Gaming

    Just beat Earthbound again on my SNES classic! First time beating it in 20+ years. That game gets kinda dark after Threed. Anybody know of any preorders coming up for the NES classic re-release? Or is just F5 mashing on June 29?
  7. ...about whether women and minorities should be in movies. If you disagree with him about whether women and minorities should be in movies. You guys getting this yet?
  8. Wow. So that's it then? Black people/women exist and therefor you guys are super pissed? That's really all there is to it? So "taking a stand" just means doubling down on white supremacism and misogyny? Please let me know if there's something else to it because I'm not seeing it.
  9. danth

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Awesome! This day just keeps getting better! Thanks for the heads up. I forgot I was waiting for new episodes of that show.
  10. My main problem with Space Police 3 was that the police had aviator helmets and no air tanks! They fixed that in the second wave thankfully.
  11. That Metal Siren in your profile pic is rad! The colors are perfect. Is that a model you built?

  12. There were rumors that this movie would be a "space musical" but that could have been a mistranslation of "space opera". I did just buy a house, so this would be perfect timing for a resurgence of Classic Space style sets that I won't be able to afford.
  13. I see stars and space in that title! I hope that means what I think it means!