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  1. Admittedly, this is my main complaint too. Not a showstopper for me, just an imperfection. Lol!
  2. Wow. A lot I don't like about the new MP Starscream. The giant cover hanging down from the fuselage that exists only to hide the faux cockpit for one. I mean, that's what that is, right? Please tell me I'm wrong. And the fact that they need a faux fuselage, when not even the non-MP seekers have stooped to that. The underside in alt mode just seems bad generally. The attachment arms for the null rays are an eyesore. And the ugly transition from the leg to the thrust nozzles with weird robot bits sticking out. Also don't like how busy it looks between the wings from the top view. Looks
  3. There's rumor of a Space Mining Mech coming next year in the Creator line. I'm hoping it references a classic sub-theme like M-Tron, if not just generic Classic Space. At the very least it needs to have colored windscreens and the Classic Space logo somewhere.
  4. Thanks for that info! I am not familiar at all the the Studio Series but I hope the ones you listed end up being good. And I hope Jazz and Thrust have their Earth alt-modes
  5. Are those supposed to be from the 80's animated movie? If so, that would be a first for the Studio Series right?
  6. Sad that he just does porn now. I loved all of his early sci-fi stuff.
  7. The gun is definitely not centered in the line art. Compare the center of the gun with the center of the little wind screen/console thing.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Timothée Chalamet has an extremely punchable face? I don't think I could look at the guy for an entire movie. Also, Oscar Isaac is in this too? Talk about overexposed. He's totally mediocre and yet he's in everything.
  9. Ok so not to defend anything Robotech in any way, but...that cute alien pet is totally a thing in Southern Cross and Bowie Emerson was a musician. So those two things are straight from the source material. Those glasses are definitely a Basara ripoff though! Or homage if you're being charitable.
  10. I'd buy that collection on a cartridge in a nano second. But I'm not signing up for any online service that can take away games on a whim.
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