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  1. You don't get any cooler than a transforming Walkman! So awesome!
  2. Same! The old school box art is so sick! Loving these posts!
  3. There's something too tacticool/mall ninja about these guys IMO. Especially Snake Eyes. The serrated back edge on his scimitar irks me. And the Arashikage symbols everywhere. Then again every iteration of Snakes after 1985 was pretty mall-ninja so I might lose this argument...
  4. You fixed the two things I don't like about the Sentinel Blowsperior! Nice!
  5. Pre-ordered. Over half a year to wait.
  6. Sounds like a strong case of "the truth hurts." I really don't want to see this movie in the theater, but I probably will because it's Star Wars. I'm just afraid I'll burst out laughing at something unintentionally funny and get pelted with popcorn by superfans. I really wanted to laugh at the end of Revenge of the Sith but I squelched it.
  7. This. It's the only 1/60 VF I'm going to shell out for.
  8. Ouch. This one hurts. I loved Crying Freeman & Mad Bull. His stories were always insane in the best way.
  9. That Legioss is amazing. They knocked it out of the park. It's got perfect proportions and the legs are nice and compact in fighter mode! Day 1 pre-order for me barring some financial crisis. I was going to skip the Bikes (I like my Beagle just fine) but I almost want to buy one now to go with the Legioss.
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