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  1. This. It's the only 1/60 VF I'm going to shell out for.
  2. Ouch. This one hurts. I loved Crying Freeman & Mad Bull. His stories were always insane in the best way.
  3. That Legioss is amazing. They knocked it out of the park. It's got perfect proportions and the legs are nice and compact in fighter mode! Day 1 pre-order for me barring some financial crisis. I was going to skip the Bikes (I like my Beagle just fine) but I almost want to buy one now to go with the Legioss.
  4. Strongly agree. And strongly agree. Be ready for a forced Rey/Poe romance in the next movie though. As gross as that would be. Yuck.
  5. My prediction is that since JJ Abrams is a total hack, he's going to undo all the good stuff that Rian Johnson did in TLJ.
  6. So what's with the clip on the back of the Legioss's forearm? Is that where the Tread attaches?
  7. Heard this twice now. What does it mean?
  8. Skipping the VE-1 since I have the original. I need a VT though...
  9. danth

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-2JA would be amazing!
  10. danth

    Hi-Metal R

    Got the Silvie Gena. The thing is slightly fiddly but nice looking. Am I doing something wrong or does the backpack not fully close in fighter mode?
  11. Multiple sets were revealed today. They include a CLASSIC SPACE BATTLE PACK with NEW CLASSIC HELMETS. I crap you not. The set is Benny's Space Team. Another set has a classic style space ship with the original transparent yellow windscreen. (Technically a slightly different mold but who cares). https://www.brothers-brick.com/2018/11/20/nineteen-new-sets-revealed-from-the-lego-movie-2-news/
  12. Oh dang, new wedge slopes. Really cool!
  13. Which are those? I'm excited about the transparent light green windscreens on the pink mech. Although regular old dark transparent green would be more useful to me.
  14. Got mine last night but haven't started it. Glad to hear it's enjoyable! I'm always afraid I'll watch one of these old shows and find out it's not great. I'll probably slog through it regardless.
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