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  1. Still waiting on mine. I ordered from Show.Z with the slow boat shipping. A few people who also bought from Show.Z and had theirs ship at the same time have started to report their tracking status updated, so I think the boat arrived and hopefully it won't be too much longer until I have my review up.
  2. My guess is that it's actually a flat panel with a mushroom peg on it that's pinned, and the hands have matching slots. You can see the background through the slots in the last pic I posted. Then you probably swap hands by sliding them off and on the mushroom pegs. That'd mean he should have wrist swivels. Well, I pre-ordered, so it looks like you guys will find out in October...
  3. I told you guys I'd post when I had something to share. The variable geometry wings work. Reports are saying that it comes with four removable missiles, but it's not clear if they mean four separate parts or (as you can see in the picture) two parts with two molded missiles each. At a glance it looks like a pretty good F-14 ,but I'l leave it to David to tell us what's wrong with it. The robot is reported to be 7" tall, so Voyager-sized. Basically the same height as Ectotron. He looks to have a pair of shotgun weapons and 5mm peg hands, but he'll also come with swappable flatter hands to be used with the included volleyball. Because of course he has a volleyball. At this moment, the mold does look to be all-new, although I'm not ruling out the possibility of it being a heavy retool of something like Studio Series Blitzwing until I've had my hands on both. If it is a totally new mold I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't seem to have ankle pivots. A closeup of the face, and another picture showing a little motorcycle accessory. The product description says that it has a pilot figure on the motorcycle, which is clearly not the case here. I suspect that the F-14 canopy can open, and there's a little pilot figure that can fly the plane or sit on the motorcycle, but time will tell. Estimated release date is October 7th, and preorders are available now at Hasbro Pulse for $49.99. EDIT: looks like @sh9000 beat me too it by a minute.
  4. Not exactly electronics, but anyone knowledgeable about binoculars? I know just a little; what the numbers mean when they say something like 8x25, the difference between roof and Porro prisms, etc, but not enough to feel like I'm making an informed decision. I'm looking for something I can use in variety of situations (camping, birdwatching, and a little stargazing), but something I'll use so infrequently that I can't justify going over $100. I'm thinking 10x42 should be good enough. I've got three recommendations, but they each have their pros and cons that's making choosing between them (or finding another comparable alternative) a bit of bear. The three I've been looking at are Nikon Aculon A211 Bushnell H₂0 Celestron Outland X but like I said, I'm not married to any of these three and I'm open to good alternatives. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. To each their own. I've played every (PC) game in the franchise except the original, and FC4 was by far my favorite (meanwhile, the only one I liked less than 5 was 2). But to be fair I've found myself getting bored with more linear shooters; can't remember the last time I finished a Call of Duty campaign (not that they make decent single player CoD games anymore), I never finished Doom (and haven't bothered picking up Eternal yet), I never finished Wolfenstein II. But even FC5 got two playthroughs out of me. There's something about open world games that have main objectives for me to do, but a boatload of stuff for me to waste time on instead and RPG elements that encourage me to to do everything, which AC and FC both give me in spades (other games I've enjoyed for similar reasons include Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Sleeping Dogs). I have more fun doing goofy sidequests, hunting, and stealth capturing outposts than playing the main story in most Far Cry games. And I think 5 felt like a step back for me because there was less incentive to do some of that stuff. Like, if you wanted more than two weapons in previous FC games you'd hunt for skins then craft them into holsters. In 5 you just spent perk points (that you usually picked up in bunkers) on the perk that let you carry more guns. I'm hoping that 6 plays more like 3 and 4 than 5, but even if not I'll probably still be into it. As for Assassin's Creed, I've liked most of the entries in the series except Unity. But when the changed up the formula a bit, downplaying the sort of missions where you'd have to follow people without getting to far but without getting spotted, beefing up the RPG elements, improving the combat, and making combat a viable alternative to stealth (even if I still prefer to go stealthy) the series went from "hey, I like this," to two of my favorite games of all time. So I can't wait to get my hands on Valhalla, hoping that it's as good as Origins and Odyssey (while secretly fearing another awful gameplay reboot like Unity).
  6. Anyone into birdwatching, or hunting, or anything that involves binoculars? Looking for some advice.
  7. Anyone watch the Uplay Forward thing? No real surprises, but I'm looking forward to Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6 nevertheless.
  8. One is enough (it'll be my 5th version of the mold, after all). I do have a preorder on him, still. I guess technically I'm still looking for the Target clones, too. In the meantime, lemme know if you found yourself a copy of the Seekers, and until then I'll keep an eye out for you. This! I can live with store-exclusive repaints, like most of the Netflix stuff. But making Thundercracker and Skywarp exclusives is terrible especially since Siege Skywarp was an Amazon-exclusive, and back in the day Classics Skywarp was part of a Target-exclusive two-pack with Ultra Magnus. The poor guy just can't seem to get a regular release! While I don't think they'll be as big as, say, Studio Series Age of Extinction Grimlock, I do think they'll be bigger than your typical Voyager, since the line is about scale. While I expressed some concern earlier that the Studio Series '86 figures could be repaints of Prime Wars figures, even with the addition of a Daniel figure I don't see PotP Deluxe Slag passing for Leader-class. If we assume new molds, screen-accuracy isn't always perfect on the Studio Series figures (like when they slipped the Bumblebee toy line into Studio Series, or when they reused some TLK molds, or reused parts of RotF Megatron to make Shockwave), but it's generally good enough that you can bank on them being G1 cartoon-accurate. But, as I noted, articulation hasn't been the feature in Studio Series that it's been in the War for Cybertron Trilogy. Still, MP-08 wasn't the most articulated of the MP figures, and I'd like to think they could manage at least that much articulation in a Leader-class figure. Time will tell, though. All I can say is that you can probably bank on me being in for all of them. I mean, if I could talk myself into picking up DotM Roadbuster...
  9. Another Walmart leak. TRA GEN SS SLAG DANI The assumption is that it's Slag and Daniel. And this one is $49, so presumably Leader-Class. And I'll remind you that these '86 Studio Series figures started with a Leader-class Grimlock, so... Leader-Class Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop please. Or at least Leader Sludge and Snarl and Voyager Swoop.
  10. Sideswipe, Chromia, and Hound have been warming shelves at my local Walmart. I found Mirage at a different Walmart, and I bought the only Hotlink I ever saw. In three different Walmarts within 20 miles of my house I've yet to see Megatron or Ultra Magnus (not that I actually wanted them) or Scrapface (who I actually do kind of want). But that's just what's in stores. I actually preordered Hotlink and Mirage back in February, when they were first revealed. Walmart never filled my preorder; the ship date was moved from April to June 17th, then after the 17th the status just changed to "delayed." I canceled both of my preorders after finding the figures in stores. Now experience has shown me that Walmart wants exclusives, collectors want to preorder them to lock the exclusives in, but Walmart can't actually be trusted to fill those preorders before giving the product to stores while their piss-poor distribution makes finding the figures in stores a crapshoot. So yeah, in principle I agree that store-exclusives aren't great*, but if we're going to have them give them to anyone but Walmart, please. *Actually, from working in retail, I can tell you that stores pay for exclusives. For more popular stuff that's likely to be in high demand (like Earthrise Skywarp and Thundercracker) it's a crappy move on both the store and the manufacturer. But sometimes it's also a way for a store to shoulder risk that the manufacturer might find unacceptable. It's quite likely that the Siege Rainmakers would never have seen a release if no stores were willing to take it as an exclusive.
  11. Given how badly Walmart's managed their Netflix-exclusives I really hope they only reveal more repaints of figures I don't really need. Or if they can't do that, either give me Sunstorm and Nacelle repaints of the Siege Seeker mold, or give me Sunstorm, Nacelle, Hotlink, Redwing, Acid Storm, Bitstream, and Novastorm repaints of the Earthrise Seeker mold. But, for the love of Primus, please please please don't let the '86 movie be a Walmart-exclusive subline of Studio Series...
  12. I mean, It was a fairly common complaint, in fact, that going as far back as whenever Generations Trailcutter came out, that Generations figures were getting smaller. Presumably, when you say that CHUG scale has been consistently 1:35, you're only talking about cars? Because the only thing I'd say has been consistent about Transformers and scale is that alt mode scale is never going to happen, especially if you're going for G1 or G1-adjacent. Hasbro's stated goal (and one they've not always met) for both Studio Series and War for Cybertron is robot mode scaling. And they're the mainstream lines to even try to have a consistent scale. With that in mind, since none of the '86 crew belong on the same scale chart as the Bayverse Jazz or Kup's alt mode scale against Camaro Bumblebee is basically moot. Studio Series Bumblebee's Camaro alt mode might be approximately in scale with Sideswipe's Corvette mode, but it's a coincidence. They're not in scale with Prime's truck mode. They're not in scale with Starscream's jet mode. Their alt modes are whatever size they need to be for the robots to be in scale. By the same token, even with Earthrise only approximating the G1 alt modes to avoid licensing, Cliffjumper's alt mode isn't in scale with Wheeljack's, who isn't in scale with Prime's, who isn't in scale with Starscream's, and so on. But they're all in robot mode scale according the the Sunbow scale chart. With that in mind, while you could theoretically figure out how big G1 Jazz was in most scenes he shared with Spike and Sparkplug and compare that with how big Bayverse Jazz was next to Sam and Mikaela to estimate how big '86 movie Jazz and '07 movie Jazz would be next to each other I think even Hasbro's smart enough to know that people are going to care a lot more about how the '86 movie SS figures scale with the War for Cybertron Trilogy figures. So, not to dismiss your concern entirely, but it's the least of my worries regarding '86 movie characters in the Studio Series line.
  13. So when I reviewed Roadbuster I kind of complained that other more memorable characters still haven't got Studio Series toys yet, and one of the examples I cited was Dino/Mirage. Well, some new listings popped up in Walmart's inventory system, including- TRA GEN SS Jolt TRA GEN SS Dino So, I guess I'll get my wish for Dino after all. The prices in Walmart's system are $18.84, so Deluxes. Which, y'know, every other guy that turns into a car has been. (Interesting side note; apparently the reason he was called Dino and not Mirage in the movie, that the toys were called Mirage and not Dino, and the reason why the toys were repaints of the very much not-a-Ferrari Sideways was because Mattel had an exclusive deal with Ferrari. But the deal expired at the end of 2014.) That's not all that's in Walmart's system. There's also- TRA GEN SS Bumblebee Another Bumblebee, just was the Studio Series line needed! Well, Bee is the face of the Bayverse. And by my reckoning the Studio Series could yet do Dark of the Moon Bee (which would really only be a minor retool of RotF Bee), two Bumblebees from Age of Extinction ('67 Camaro Bee and 2014 Camaro Bee, and I'd kill for a good figure of '67 Camaro Bee), or The Last Knight Bumblebee (although the '76 Camaro movie 1 SS Bee was based on TLK Premiere Edition Bumblebee, so that last one feels redundant). But I'd guess the safe bet is a retool of SS Cliffjumper as Cybertronian Bee from the Knight film. That said, there is one other Transformers movie that had Bee in it. And I see that Walmart's system is also showing- TRA GEN SS Gnaw Maybe there's something to those earlier rumors that the Studio Series was going to start including characters from the '86 movie. Come to think of it, we pretty much know what the rest of the Studio Series figures are for this year, and these leaked figures would have be planned for 2021. And 2021 just happens to be the 35th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie. Oh, and isn't that Haslab Unicron supposed to start shipping in 2021? Something tells me that Hasbro is very aware of this anniversary and has plans in the works to celebrate it. Because Walmart's system is also showing- TRA GEN SS Jazz TRA GEN SS DLX Kup TRA GEN SS Blurr Gnaw, Kup, and Blurr don't have counterparts in any other movie that I can recall. And Jazz's sole Bayverse appearance was already covered (I don't recall him turning up in the Knight film). That being said, while I'm excited for new toys based on the '86 movie I do definitely have my concerns. For one, if you read my reviews, something I've been commenting on in a lot of Studio Series reviews lately is that Hasbro isn't putting in the same commitment to articulation that they have to the War for Cybertron figures. While geewunny, movie-accurate releases of the '86 movie characters seems like they'd be a good fit with Siege/Earthrise* there's a chance that they might not be up to that level of quality. Which brings me to two, for a new line ostensibly created to give fans new, more screen-accurate figures the Studio Series was not above repainting and re-releasing existing figures. I previously mentioned that the first Studio Series Bumblebee was a retool of TLK Premiere Bumblebee. Crowbar was a retool of TLK Berserker, and both Thundercracker and the KSI Boss were retools of TLK Nitro (Zeus). Three, Hasbro's shown a willingness to sell smaller figures as Deluxes, either by taking a Legends-sized figure and giving him a lot of accessories (Cliffjumper) or by selling more than one in a pack (the Arcee sisters). And four, how movie-accurate can Jazz actually be if Hasbro can't license the alt mode from Porsche? I can't help but note that Gnaw, Jazz, Kup, Blurr, and Grimlock (who was also rumored to be part of this '86 Studio Series) all had releases fairly recently in the Prime Wars Trilogy. There's a part of me that's a bit worried that SS versions could turn out to be repaints of the Prime Wars toys (on the plus side, maybe we'll get Titans Return Kup and Blurr with the Takara decos). *Speaking of Siege and Earthrise, while the line has so far given us some great updates of classic G1 characters mixed with a few "we didn't get to these guys in the Prime Wars, so we're doing them now" releases like Skytread and the Horrorcons, it's curious that we're going to get characters like Arcee, the Alicon, and the Quintesson Judge this year. Galvatron appeared on Earthrise box art, although no figure's been announced. Prime's corpse from the movie is getting an Amazon-exclusive release, and there was that leaked Cyclonus that we all figured was for the War for Cybertron line (although, if the '86 SS turns out to be real, and not just repaints, maybe it's a SS Cyclonus?). Seems like Hasbro's steering the entire Transformers franchise toward the '86 movie just in time for that 35th anniversary, eh?
  14. That's not necessarily true. You'll need a brush, traditional or air, for finer details (or if you want to do things like drybrushing or weathering, which I confess are outside my wheelhouse), but for larger areas, especially if you can remove and paint a whole part, a good old fashioned spray can will do you. In fact, almost everything I've ever painted silver has come from a can of Rustoleum I picked up at my local Walmart. For my trailer I unscrewed where the wheels connect to the trailer, popped the wheels off, and painted parts (which might not be necessary with the fenders). I did the same thing for the drone, removing it, popping the arms off the ball joints, and spraying the drone itself. You can probably find a blue that matches Prime better, but I went with a can of Tamiya Metallic Blue I had laying around. Then the Reprolabels gave the drone the orange cockpit. Something else to consider is that the Nonnef trailer door and bumper don't quite match Hasbro's plastic, as I said in the review. I'd already got and applied the Reprolabels before Nonnef's preorders went up, but if I were in your shoes I'd strongly consider spraying both the trailer and the Nonnef parts silver then putting the Reprolabels on (since that'd put the stripe you just painted over back on). I know it pushes the cost of ER Prime up, but I do recommend the Reprolabels. It replaces the weak paint for the stripes on the trailer, adds some colorful details to the inside, provides the orange for the drone cockpit, replaces the weak paint on Prime's hips, puts yellow detail on the unpainted detail on his crotch, and adds the triangles to Prime's forearms. Like most kits from Toyhax these days there's going to be some labels you just won't use because it adds unnecessary and busy detail where you don't want it, but it honestly goes almost as far as Nonnef's kit it getting Prime and his trailer to look like they should.
  15. You could wait until your Prime and your kit arrive. Or you could pop into the 3P thread and check out my review of Nonnef's kit.
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