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  1. Season 1 was a mess, and Burnham sucks as a character. But I liked most of the other characters and I enjoyed Season 2.
  2. Prepare for disappointment. Now, this is technically just a rumor, but the word is that this poster was actually concept art they came up with to pitch the Kingdom line in the first place, and not every character should be taken as a confirmed eventual Kingdom release. As a matter of fact, the word is that Polar Claw and Gears are definitely not coming, as they were planned but cut. The same sources for the above are telling me that we are indeed getting an Earth-mode Ultra Magnus. It'll have a new, more traditional cab but will largely be a retool of the Siege figure. And whil
  3. To be fair, though, the "television broadcast debut" is still essentially a re-run. I'd assume that a lot of the people who wanted to watch it already did in one form or another. Myself, I wasn't going to add another monthly subscription over it but I did wind up buying the Blu-rays.
  4. Well, not to take away from the excitement of all the new stuff today, but we still gotta wrap up Earthrise. And with that I give you Deluxe-class Airwave, the second (and apparently last) of the Modulators. Airwave, like his Autobot counterpart Ironworks, is not a modern version of a G1 character. They're both G1 Micromaster bases who were assigned the names of those bases pack-in Micromasters. So this time, instead of being a burgundy Micromaster F-14, Airwave is is the airport that burgundy F-14 came with. Of course that means that I don't have a lot to talk about concern
  5. Got my orders in for Breakdown/Vehicon and the Clones. Here's the link for the Clones. Here's the link for Breakdown and the Jet Vehicon. Here's the link for Prime Megatron. EDIT: The Kingdom stuff is live on Amazon and Pulse, didn't look anywhere else but I ordered all but Vertebreak and Core Prime.
  6. Yes. The TF Prime reissues are Pulse-exclusive, and the Autobot Clones are Amazon-exclusive. The Kingdom stuff is all mainline stuff and should be available everywhere. EDIT: Pulse is down, with a message saying they'll be back at 5:00.
  7. Maybe the difference was that New Voyagers and STC had an occasional Star Trek alumnus as a guest while Axanar wanted to hire professionals for every role? Or that, as @technoblue mentioned, STC was working as a non-profit while at least some of the Axanar team was looking for work in Hollywood and putting Axanar on their resume? I'm not an expert, nor do I claim to have all the details. I was just pointing out that CBS/Paramount has been pretty friendly toward fan works. Axanar did something to piss them off, and whatever it really was the project getting shut down wasn't just the usual c
  8. Promo artwork for Kingdom. Titan-class Ark confirmed, I'd say. I also see more Fossilizers, more Beast Wars characters (Rhinox and Waspinator, plus a bird and another guy I'm not familiar with). On the G1 side we've got Huffer, Gears, Galvatron, Inferno, and Tracks who I don't think I have been formally announced. And while it could just be a stylistic choice, dare I hope for a new Earth-mode Ultra Magnus?
  9. The second (actually the third, but the second is getting skipped for now) Galactic Encounters pack will be a re-issue of the Legends-class Autobot clones. Amazon-exclusive, preorders start at 5:00pm EDT. The Prime 10th anniversary reissues are also going up at 5:00, but they'll be on Pulse. The Kingdom reveal officially happened. Expect preorders to start around 5:00 as Hasbro and partners get them up. Core-class Optimus Prime Vertebreak Rattrap Deluxe-class Cheetor Black Arachnia Warpath Paleotrex
  10. CBS/Paramount have actually been fairly tolerant of fan creations. Take Star Trek: New Voyages for example. Roddenberry Jr. consulted on their first episode, some of the TOS and TNG writers have contributed material, and Walter Koenig (Checkov), George Takei (Sulu), Grace Lee Whintey (Rand), and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) have made guest appearances. And Star Trek Continues had guest appearances by John de Lancie (Q), Michael Dorn (Worf), Jason Isaacs (Lorca), and Marina Sirtis (Troi) and continued to make full-length episodes even after Paramount published their fan works guidelines. I don
  11. Speaking of Starscreams, apparently MPM Starscream is already half-off on clearance at some Targets. Looks like they're clearing the space to make room for MPM Ratchet.
  12. I hate the partsforming, too, but if you're going for mostly robot mode I'd still suggest picking him up. The new head sculpt and torso look better and have improved proportions, the joints on mine were better, and the flap his head is on stops without sinking into his chest the way Siege's does. Yeah, it's not my favorite Earthrise figure, and for a character like Megatron I wish it had the impact that Earthrise Optimus did, but I like it better than the Siege version. Anyway... my Centurion Drone came today, somewhat unexpectedly as Pulse never sent me an email shipping notice. Kind
  13. Neat. I'm guessing he comes with Twinkle, though, not Vidrinath. Is Hasbro planning more figures like this? Not sure I want Drizzt and Guen as a standalone, but if they do more characters and maybe some monsters (mind flayer, please!) I might bite.
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