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  1. Good question. Is it possible that Funko licensed it from both Hasbro and HG?
  2. Between Generations Selects, Target-exclusives, Walmart Netflix, the first wave of Kingdom, and even a few Studio Series 86 figures I've gotten my hands on it seems like I've been writing a lot about official stuff lately while 3P has kind of slowed down. But finally, after losing my package for nearly three weeks, I've got my hands on the last of DX9's Stunticons, their take on an MP Dragstrip that they've cunningly called... Dragstrip. Sorry, if you want a comparison with XTB's you'll have to wait a little bit until I get my hands of Fans Toys', because I'm not transforming those
  3. Deep Cover is definitely real, but definitely NOT an Earth-mode. It's pretty clearly the Siege mold again. Honestly, I'm not complaining despite owning four of them already, I'm down for Deep Cover. As much as I like my custom I wouldn't even mind if they do a real Clampdown.
  4. ZAM! POWIE! That just leaves Kingdom Deluxe-class Warpath. As much as I like the old Generations Warpath it was always a more stylized take on what's traditionally been a pretty goofy character. The new Kingdom Deluxe is smaller, as you'd expect from a minibot, but not as small as Bee or Cliffjumper, which is also what the cartoon suggests. He's almost entirely a burgundy red, with bits of white around his abs, eyes, and on the treads on his arms and feet. While I'd have preferred light gray or silver, as it's what's on the G1 toy and what color the cartoon was trying to portray
  5. With Megatron out of the way, we might as well cover his rival, Kingdom Voyager-class Optimus Primal. Unlike Megatron, who was a head taller than his G1 counterpart, Primal is a head shorter than Optimus Prime. And aesthetically, I'd suggest he's somewhere between the cartoon and the original toy. Much of his body is black plastic with textured to seem furry in a way that strongly reminds me of the original toy; no slick digital painting here. His pelvis is silver, which is closer to the light gray on the old Ultra-class toy than the darker color used on the CGI or MP-32. Likewi
  6. So yesterday when I went to Target I was there for pants, like I said, but my local Target has a CVS in it and that's where I get my prescriptions filled. I had one for pickup, but the pharmacy was closed by the time I got there. Well, today I took my parents to lunch and decided to grab my script on the way home. I didn't expect anything, because who gets restock on Saturday, but on a whim I checked the toy section. Lo and behold, between the main aisle and the endcap were both Studio Series 86 Voyagers (curse my impatience!) and the entire first wave of Kingdom. It's too bad they didn't
  7. So, like Siege then. I'm a bit curious myself. I thought maybe more of a wedge-shaped nose, possibly remolded side panels and legs that are a bit more lambo-ish, and an actual roof. But Deep Cover is supposed to be the earth mode, and Sunstreaker already showed that Hasbro thinks they can ditch the spoiler and be close enough. They clearly didn't change the chest/car nose. I wonder if they painted a roof on (like I did with a Reprolabel on Sideswipe and Red Alert) then called it a day?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I got the Oculus app and SteamVR setup just need to get some games (and get over the fact that Superhot VR and Beat Saber aren't cross buy [although apparently the song packs for Beat Saber are). @JB0 I think Synth Riders (which I will check out) is on the Quest Store now, with Cross Buy support. Redout sounds up my alley. I love WipEout.
  9. Are you sure he had all blue legs? Everything I've seen online says that Kingdom OP is identical to ER Op save for the box. The Netflix one has all-blue legs, but it's a darker purplish blue so I decided to stick with ER Prime as my main CHUG Optimus. Also, man I wish I lived where you do. I'd have bought everything. Yes, I have preorders, but I'm impatient, and I'll happily cancel my Amazon orders (that said, maybe I should wait on Primal, because my preorder price dropped to $24...). How bad can it be? It looks like it's Siege Ultra Magnus (who, while not great, I honestly
  10. So... is anyone else doing VR? I decided to try the Oculus Quest 2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the mandatory Facebook thing and I totally get why that'd be a dealbreaker for some (many?), but honestly I didn't have a Facebook account so creating one for the sole purpose of using the Quest 2 isn't a world of difference from creating an Oculus account. Plus it's one of the more affordable options, and I love that I can use it as a standalone device (which is all I've done so far, since it just came today) or as a PC VR headset. Any recommendations? I think my first purchases are going to be
  11. Nice! I stopped at Target today, too. The Transformers section in the usual aisle was totally empty. Sure, they had spaces for everything, just no product. No Earthrise, no Kingdom, no Studio Series, not even any Cyberverse. I later spotted MPM Ratchet in the clearance aisle, along with some Cyberverse stuff. Didn't check prices, but if you're looking for any of that you might want to see if your Target has a clearance aisle. I was about to leave empty-handed (well, not totally, I was actually there to get more pants for my 6yo, who's growing so fast I swear I have to buy her a new ward
  12. If you missed ER Skywarp and Thunder cracker BBTS is taking pre-orders for another batch.
  13. Studio Series. But believe me, I get the confusion. You ever wonder how Hasbro decided which figures to put in Kingdom, and which to put in Studio Series 86? Well, it's my understanding that stuff like Warpath, Huffer, Inferno, and perhaps Jazz were actually meant for Earthrise, and Kingdom was going to be Beast Wars and the '86 movie. However, COVID affected Hasbro's production and distribution, causing some of Earthrise to be shoved into Siege (Astrotrain, for example, wasn't supposed to be in Siege), and some of it to be moved into Kingdom. And to make room in Kingdom Hasbro got the br
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