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  1. Firage was also made of worse plastic, had a fiddly, PITA transformation, still had a backpack, and started coming untabbed in robot mode if you sneezed at him. I also wouldn't say Firage had better proportions; his shoulder pads were smaller, and his hips were as far apart, but his pelvis was too big, his arms were kind of far from his torso, and his chest kind of sat over his abs, leaving him with a gaping collar and a weird beer belly. His blades were bigger, but maybe too big. I gotta give Firage the alt mode, though.
  2. I'm not sure if Studio Series figures are being released in regular waves now, or if SS86 messed with them, or if they're just slowing because they're running out of movie characters. Either way, after B-127 and Starscream we've got just the one more, Deluxe-class Dino. Sometimes it seems like the movie team makes up a name, and Hasbro doesn't like it. Per the subtitles, Brawl in the first movie was called Devastator, but Hasbro slapped "Brawl" on all the toys because no way was the guy who turns into a tank and died in the first movie getting named after their most popular combin
  3. I mean, you like what you like and I'm not going to tell you you're wrong for it. I just don't agree; recent MPs have been like cartoon-style Action Masters with wrap-around alt modes in my book. Yes, that's given figures like Prime and Bee great articulation and bot modes that are extremely similar to the animation models... too much so, in my opinion, as I'm not a fan of things like Prime's thin arms, large pelvis, and short torso. I also don't see a need to swap the truck mode windows for more squarish ones just because that's how they looked in the animation. To me, the Sunbow animatio
  4. I wonder if the more expensive post MP-44 figures haven't sold as well? Regardless, like you, I tend to think the more articulation the better, but I'd say I'm fine with a certain standard level. What I'm not fine with is how Takara had been achieving their articulation; make an articulated robot out of faux parts, make most of the alt mode a shell, and crumple that shell into a backpack, which I don't feel leads to Frankly, I find figures like MP-44 and MP-45 to be ugly and tedious, and MP Skids looks like a much-needed course correction. Now, are they swinging too far in the other
  5. There's a Hallmark store near where I buy my groceries. If you're cool paying for shipping from the US (and whatever customs/duties your country may add) I could look into buying one here and sending it to you for just whatever it costs.
  6. Heads up, Pulse has the third wave of Retro Headmasters up for preorder. They also have Hardhead, which is good for those of you who still want him with the maskless cartoon face and haven't found him yet, but I'm miffed they don't have Mindwipe up (who's really the only one I still wanted). MP Skids and Reboost are also up for preorder on Pulse. I think I'd definitey buy Skids, if I hadn't already bought X-Transbots Savant. Maybe I'll get Reboost just to check out the mold, but one wonders why they didn't make Crosscut instead. My sources have told me that Swoop is a for sure thin
  7. I'm likewise not particularly into the Bayverse design, but I've picked up a few, notably Unique Toys, because the engineering they use to translate movie-accurate ricotta with minimal kibble into their vehicle modes is really impressive.
  8. The thing with the Studio Series Dinobots is that, at the end of the day, they're still a mass-market Hasbro release. I'm tuning my expectations accordingly; they're not meant to replace my Gigasaurs (or the Dibots, if you prefer) on an MP shelf. But they fit fine with the other WFC and Studio Series 86 releases, and are light years better than Power of the Primes. Oh, btw, I was checking out an interview with a Hasbro employee that I might talk about more later. But for now, one question asked was something like "if you release one member of a team, how likely are the other team members.
  9. I got my second COVID shot yesterday, so naturally I'm up after just three hours of sleep with teeth-chattering chills. I popped two aspirin and within an hour I'm feeling totally fine and normal, but I'm up now. I'll probably fall asleep watching TV later, but for now how about a Repaint Roundup? This one serves as a nice segue between the War for Cybertron stuff I've been reviewing and the stuff that's coming the rest of the week. So first up we have Deep Cover and... Deep Cover, both based on Siege Sideswipe, apparently the Autobot version of the Seeker mold at this point. Th
  10. Ok, see, I noticed that, but I've noticed it a bit on Huff and the Final Victory Huffer, too. I didn't mention it because, frankly, at this point I was starting to think it's a deliberate thing. To my knowledge, Huffer isn't based on an actual, specific truck, but if you look at images of smaller yard trucks some of them do seem to have some tilt to the cab. A lot of weird toy details made it into the cartoon, like Astrotrain having wheels for the train mode flanking his head. I wouldn't mind those pylons if that were the case with Huffer, but they're definitely absent from the anim
  11. You got me curious now, so I guess I better hurry up and give my review of Kingdom Deluxe-class Huffer. Does Huffer qualify as a "short" Deluxe the way Bumblebee and Cliffjumper did? I mean, he's shorter than Sideswipe, sure, but he's definitely taller than Bumblebee. But I have him on my desk right now with a few Studio Series figures (spoilers for later in the week), and he's as tall or taller than the two Deluxes I'm looking at. Well, I'd say I'm still OK with this size. I think Huffer was portrayed a little taller than Bee, and Kingdom Huffer scales with Netflix Bee and Sieg
  12. Yeah, MS-20 is cartoon colors, MS-20B is Japanese toy colors (white shuttle with black nose and trim, black locomotive). MS-18 is supposed to be US toy colors (white shuttle with the entire cockpit and nose purple, purple trim, and a mostly purple loco with some black). However, I think MS-18 still has the cartoon purple head. What finally pushed me over the edge was that it looks like Iron Sky is around the same size as the G1 toy. So if I like MS-20 I may pick up MS-18, too.
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