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  1. mikeszekely

    The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Dunno how people here feel about KOs... generally speaking, I think people should try to buy the originals. On the other hand, though, KOs are good fodder for customs. And some KOs offer different sizes or other improvements over the originals, and for those reasons if I'm being honest I've picked up a few. I've mostly avoided talking about them here at MW, but I did recently pick up Toy House Factory's The Hyper Magnum, and improved KO of MP-22 Ultra Magnus. Since it's a KO I'm not going to post my usual review here, but I did write one that you can read over at TFW2005. Although one of these days I should probably start a blog or some other site for these...
  2. Oh, him. Yeah, that definitely looks like Adam Driver. Villain? I'm looking forward to finding out. And to beating stuff up with a motorcycle.
  3. mikeszekely

    The Transformers Thread Next

    My time with the Studio Series didn't end with Ironhide (nor is it on hiatus while I wait impatiently for that Barricade). I happened to run into this little guy at Target. That is, of course, Studio Series Bumblebee. Technically so is the guy on the right, whom we've already talked about. Our new friend in the middle represents Bumblebee as he's supposed to be in the upcoming Bumblebee movie. And with that in mind... well, I'm not super familiar with the that version of Bumblebee so it's harder for me to say how screen-accurate or not this SS version is. But after a quick glance at the trailer I'd say this guy definitely has some issues. His limbs are too long and thin. Most of the silvery plastic and paint looks like it should be darker, gunmetal in some spots and maybe even black in others. And some of the molded detail on his shoulders and thighs are left yellow when they should have been painted. But the big issue is that, like the other SS Bee, he's got big door wings with the wheels lying on the front and the rear passenger windows folded down below... but Bee doesn't seem to have door wings in the new movie. Interestingly, the upcoming MPM-07 looks more like an OS Studio Series Bee with better paint than what I've seen of Bee's on-screen character model. Could be that, like the movie 1 toys, they're based on older designs that were refined before ending up in the movie. Or it could be that Bee does have door wings in the movie, but they fold up and the trailers only show him with folded up wings. Who knows? For now, I think he looks ok. Aesthetically he fits with the other SS figures, and he's recognizably Bumblebee. I'm just not sure how screen accurate he ultimately is. Compared to other SS figures, he does come with a lot of accessories, though. Like the previous SS release he does have his arm gun. But, unlike that release, this one also comes with a battle mask and an arm blade. Bee's head is on a ball joint that can look up and down a little as well as rotate, but you have to be mindful of the kibble behind his head. His shoulders have ball joints for rotation and a little over 90 degrees of lateral movement. There's a transformation hinge that you can use for more lateral movement, though. Mushroom pegs above the elbow give him bicep swivels, and his elbows can bend slightly over 90 degrees. His wrists can swivel, but they're hinged so they can bend inward about 90 degrees. His waist can swivel. His hips are ball joints and can swing a little under 90 degrees laterally or backward, and well over 90 degrees forward. He has thigh swivels, but not 360 degrees worth. His hip armor prevents him from turning his thigh inward at all, and to about 90 degrees outward. To be fair, that's a pretty natural range. Knees bend 90 degrees. Happily, hinges on his feet give him 90 degrees of ankle pivot, plus he's got some up/down tilt too. For a Deluxe-class figure I really don't have much to complain about articulation-wise. Like the previous SS Bee, you can pull his right forearm off and replace it with his arm cannon. Both arms have the tabs for the arm blade, though. Technically so does the arm cannon, and you can if you like stick the arm blade on the arm cannon. As for his battle mask, you pull half of Bee's regular head off and tab the mask in its place. It's not pretty, but Bee's even got storage for all his accessories. The blade and the gun can stick to tabs on his backpack, and his mask can tab upside down on the lower part of his door wings. It's no secret by now that in the new movie Bee's going to be a VW Bug instead of a Camaro (or in addition to Camaro, I'm not clear on that). The silver and yellow plastic definitely doesn't have the premium look a painted toy might have, but all the molded detail down to the VW logo is right, and he's got painted lights and windshield wipers. Interestingly the tires seem to be molded silver plastic with black paint. Honestly, I'd say it's a pretty good alt mode, but getting everything tabbed in proper is a huge pain on the rear. I do think it's kind of interesting that this new SS Bee has very similar alt mode dimensions to MP-21. Seems like MPM-07 will be bigger. As with robot mode, Bee's got alt mode storage for his accessories. His arm gun tabs onto his butt and sits between his legs. His arm blade just sits on either of his arms. And his battle mask tabs just behind his front bumper. His head is visible on the underside, which some people might not like, but at least this time it's movie accurate. I think it's hard for me to recommend this SS Bee. The frustration of getting his alt mode tabbed together doesn't really endear him to me, and while I do think he's a better toy than the previous SS Bee the previous SS Bee fits better with Prime, Ironhide, Jazz, and Ratchet and helps make a complete set of movie 1 Autobots. I just don't have any attachment to this version of Bee yet. That said, he's got pretty good articulation for a Deluxe-class figure, and maybe this version of Bee will grow on me.
  4. Adam Driver? I'm seeing Aaron Eckhart or Viggo Mortensen. Well, actually what I'm seeing is the proper Dante, and not Ninja Theory's imposter, and for that I'm grateful. ...I might have to get the Deluxe Edition. That Mega Buster...
  5. mikeszekely

    The Transformers Thread Next

    I wound up paying scalper prices, but I managed to snag me a Studio Series Ironhide. Like most of the Studio Series figures thus far Ironhide's quite a bit smaller than his original movie 1 Voyager release. With previous releases I go the impression that the higher price and smaller size would often lead to better paint, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I think Ironhide's got a pretty good-looking sculpt, but he's missing a lot of the silver and gold accents that his character model has. in his legs and arms. Even more frustrating is the fact that what paint is applied isn't applied particularly well. The silver around his headlights is chipped, the yellow light on his left pec has some serious overspray, and it looks like they painted his left eye neatly then glommed way too much on his right eye. As long as I'm criticizing, I might as well point out that he's got some thin proportions and a big bumper across his belly that the CGI model doesn't. For all his flaws, though, he's probably still the best Voyager-or-smaller Ironhide toy to date. Ironhide comes with his two arm cannons. Both cannons have some nice paint on them, and they do appear to be much more screen-accurate than previous attempts, right down to the faux truck kibble on them. I'm honestly not sure what kind of joint Ironhide's head is on, but due to the kibble around his collar he can look about 45 degrees to the left or right and that's about it. His shoulders are also a bit funky. Due to his transformation he's got a swivel in his chest and two hinges. If you rotate the swivel one way then it's his shoulder rotation, limited to a little under 90 degrees forward and less backward due to his truck kibble. The first hinge is a butterfly joint and the second hinge gives him a little over 90 degrees of lateral movement. Turned another way his whole arm is a little lower and a little farther forward. The first swivel is purely a transformation joint, and the butterfly hinge becomes his lateral shoulder joint (a little under 90 degrees). The lateral hinge switches to providing the shoulder rotation (about 90 degrees either way). Both positions seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, he doesn't actually have a bicep swivel, but his arm does swivel above his elbow. That elbow bends about 90 degrees. He has wrist swivels, which is a little odd because they don't seem to necessary for transformation and Hasbro hasn't been big on including them. No waist swivel, though. Hips can move about 90 degrees forward and laterally, and about 60 degrees backward. His thighs can swivel, and his knees can bend 90 degrees. Sadly no ankle pivots, but due to his transformation he's got some upward toe tilt. His arm cannons peg onto the outside of his elbows, which is nice because it makes the peg hole look like it's part of the sculpt and not a random hole. His fists are molded into 5mm pegs if you want to dig up something else for him to hold. Real quick shot of the movie 1 Autobots all together. I still wish we had a new Camaro SS Bee, and SS Prime's deco is a bit off, but I think they look pretty good together overall. I'm not sure about official listed sizes, but based on scenes where they're together this looks mostly right scale-wise, too. Prime could possibly stand to be a little taller, but it's interesting how similar Ironhide and Ratchet are in height despite one being a Deluxe and one being a Voyager. Onward to truck mode... and it's kind of nothing to write home about. The black rims are screen-accurate. The silver paint around the headlights and grill, the yellow lights on the fenders, the red GMC logo, and the 4x4 tampo are proper, but nothing the movie 1 toy didn't have. The only thing that's really new is the silver on the vent and exhaust pipes, which I do appreciate, and yellow on the roof lights instead of blue, and a silver plastic bumper instead of black. And those last two things are actually supposed to be blue and black, so movie 1 toy wins there. He's also got some shards of robot kibble hanging out on his underside, but at least his arms aren't visible so you don't have to stick his weapons under his running boards to hide them. Aside from that, yellow light instead of blue, and the silver plastic bumper instead of black, think he came out pretty well. He's got the molded Autobot symbol on the tailgate, and even a molded GMC logo on the tailgate and a molded Road Armor logo on the front bumper. Not sure how well it's showing up in my photos, but I also dig how Ironhide's kind of peaking out of his own windshield. I don't know if it's intentional or coincidence, but it's a cool homage to the original G1 Ironhide toy, I think. Ironhide's a tall truck shot from fairly low angles in the movie, so I couldn't honestly tell you if he's supposed to have a covered bed or not. I do know that if he did have a bed cover it didn't stop abruptly, revealing mechanical robot junk inside. Not ideal, I but I can live with that. especially if you want him to carry his arm cannons in truck mode, as they tab into little slots on the bed and help cover or at least distract from that gap. One final shot, in case there was any doubt, no, the alt modes aren't in scale. The GMC Topkick was a pretty mammoth vehicle, for a pickup, Yes, even bigger than Ratchet's Hummer alt mode... but honestly not that much bigger. He's bigger than Prime, for crying out loud. Anyway, as Studio Series figures go, I think Ironhide's somewhere in the middle of the pack. He's not the best, he's not the worst. I have a few issues with him. I think he's fine for what he is, though, and worth picking up if you're into the Studio Series line and you see him in a store.. Just maybe don't buy him from a 3P seller on Amazon at scalper prices like I did.
  6. mikeszekely

    Retro Gaming

    I put a ton of hours into Gran Turismo 2 back in the day. But even if we overlook the analog stick issue GT is a perfect example of a game where I'd rather play a sequel. Better car variety, more tracks, better physics, better graphics if I just play GT6 on the PS3 that's still hooked up in my entertainment center.
  7. That's fair, but it doesn't really change the fact that that I'm a lot more likely to play Mega Man 3 than Mega Man Legends.
  8. I was saying this elsewhere, but I might as well say it here, too. To me the PlayStation was the beginning of the modern era of gaming. While I played mine a ton I just don't have the same nostalgia for the original PlayStation that I do for Nintendo's older consoles. As much as I loved playing games like Super Mario Bros 3 and A Link to the Past with (mostly) the original controllers on tiny replicas of the original hardware I don't really feel a huge difference between the original PlayStation hardware vs buying a PSone game from the PS3 PlayStation store. Then there's the fact that those early 3D games didn't look so hot even at the time. I don't think time has been as kind to the PlayStation's polygons as it has the NES's sprites. Not a huge deal for some games, but for some games I'd rather play one of the more modern sequels or an HD remake. Also, no Dual Shock? I don't know if Sony thinks that's somehow more 1995 nostalgic, but the lack of analog sticks makes playing a game like R4 so much less appealing. Finally, that price might be a deal breaker. At $60 the NES Classic was practically an impulse buy. At $80 the SNES Classic was pushing it, but nostalgia and the strength of the included library won out. $100 might be asking too much for revisiting late '90s gaming without a Dual Shock, especially if games can't be added as easily as on Nintendo's Classics.
  9. mikeszekely

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Given the difference in price and the level of engineering a premium price point gets you that's pretty much a given, just like MP-10 is better than Combiner Wars Optimus. But, we're only seven into the MPM line and MPM-02, MPM-03, and MPM-07 are all Bumblebee. I get that Bee is the kid-friendly casual face of the movieverse, but the Bay films are old enough now that there's a generation of fans that associate the brand with the movieverse more than G1, and depending on how old they were when they started watching the Bay films they may be old enough to want to collect a more premium line. I think with Barricade and Ironhide Takara was offering some hope that those fans might be able to get MPM versions of the main cast of at least the first film. But, after the first three releases after the soft reboot of the MPM line things went pretty quiet (we're still waiting for Ironhide), then have yet another Bumblebee thrown at us. I mean, Studio Series has a couple of Bumblebees now, too, but they're lower-priced figures on Target shelves where kids are as likely to go for them as adult collectors. And even then they're a lot closer to completing the cast of the first movie, since we're just missing the confirmed Barricade on the way and a rumored Bonecrusher in the works (although I do wish they'd do a modern Camaro Bumblebee). That's ultimately why I'm not bothering with MPM-06 but I paid a pretty ridiculous markup on Amazon for SS Ironhide. Studio Series is giving me a good-looking (for the price) in-scale movie 1 cast. I don't feel like I can count on MPM to do that, at least not any time soon.
  10. Alright, so I decided I couldn't wait to start another playthrough. I managed to silver all the drone challenges and melee challenges on my first attempt at each, plus I silvered three of the bomb challenges and got the gold on one. That just left the stealth challenges. I had no trouble getting gold on two of them using your advice, but I was still silvering the other two. But it seemed at that point like I had a lot of challenge tokens, so I decided to check it. I called up a guide on what you need to unlock each suit and counted all the challenge tokens, and I figured you actually only need a minimum of 39 challenge tokens as long as you don't buy any gadgets or gadget upgrades that require them. That actually works out to silvering 12 challenges and bronzing the other four. (I'm sure Tking22 and some of the other people reading this know this already, but for those that don't there are four types of challenges, four challenges of each type. A bronze gets you 1 token, silver gets you 2, and gold gets you 3, but you'd also retroactively get any lower-level tokens you missed when you get a better medal, so if you get a silver you actually get 3 total tokens, and a gold is actually worth 6). So for all my complaining buying all the suits is actually pretty manageable, and you don't have to get any golds. I just have to keep playing to get the XP and other tokens to unlock and buy the rest of the suits (just hit 31).
  11. Good tips! I think I've got every suit but Fear Itself and Spirit Spider, so I think I should just need 12. I might have one or two. The stealth challenges would help a lot, because I bronzed all but one. but that'd only get me seven tokens. Unfortunately, when I got near the end of the game and didn't have enough tokens to buy all the suits I spent what I did have on upgrades. Instead of torturing myself to eke out a few more golds it might honestly be easier to start a new playthrough... which, honestly, I don't think I'd mind because the game was so fun anyway. I could always play something else for a bit (I actually started God of War III Remastered; I played GoW III on the PS3, but it was a PS+ freebie), then start a new playthrough when the DLC starts coming.
  12. Ugh. It's not too hard to get enough Challenge Tokens to buy the costumes you really want, but it's pretty hard to get enough to buy all of the costumes. And that's the only trophy between me and platinum for Spider-Man...
  13. I wouldn't mind any of those four costumes, either. But- I also don't mind saying that I think some of the suits on my list should have had higher priority than suits that actually made it into the game.
  14. That's a bit disappointing, considering what popular suits didn't make the cut and what obscure ones did... not to mention how many of the suits are originals for the game. The first DLC suit is apparently another Insomniac original (although it does kind of remind me of Spider-Man UK).