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  1. Why does a live-action Macross movie have to adapt any existing Macross story? Another easy jumping-in point would be in Unification Wars, and as a conflict between the UN and the Anti-UN they could largely skirt around the issue of aliens.
  2. Well, Gundam is getting a live action Hollywood treatment from Legendary pictures. I'd imagine that anyone thinking about doing Macross would at least wait and see how Gundam does.
  3. I'm wondering the same thing. EDIT: Google says it was a kids variety show that ran from 1968 to 1970, and was in syndication from 1971 to 1982, so I guess it's a little before my time (which, as I'm pushing 40, is becoming increasingly rare to have to say). So the premise of turning it into a horror film is as ludicrous as taking a cartoon character (also from the '60s) and giving him a talk show.
  4. Huh. That's probably going to have a lot more limited appeal. But hey, they're moving forward. Maybe in a few more years they'll hit Car Robots and I'll finally get an MP Fire Convoy...
  5. I guess I'm a bit late to the party, but has anyone else checked out Timespinner? It's been out awhile on PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it came out more recently on Switch and Xbox One. The game is Metroidvania that's a very obvious homage to Symphony of the Night, although it trades the gothic style of that game for a fairly interesting time travelling sci-fi/fantasy story and sprites that look like they belong in a 16 or 32-bit JRPG. I'm told that it's fairly short, but the music's pretty good and the gameplay is tight. Worth a look if you enjoyed SotN or the GBA/3DS Castlevanias.
  6. China's getting better at making movies that are visually on par with Hollywood. But their storytelling... well, I hope this is better than The Wandering Earth. Also, I saw the title and can't help but be disappointed that it's not an action-comedy-western starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.
  7. VI had such a generic evil empire plot, though. And no, Kefka is a Joker ripoff who didn't deliver half the personal stakes that Golbez did. Plus, everyone could learn the same magic, so for as expansive as the cast was I wound up not bothering to use most of them, just the ones with the best abilities (Terra, Celes, Sabin, and Gogo). And for as devastated as the world of ruin was supposed to be no one really dies. IV had evil space wizards, good space wizards, a love triangle, betrayals left and right, a world under the world, party members dropping like flies, party members you thought were dead returning, half the party members experiencing the deaths of loved ones, the twist of finding out that the big bad mind-controlling your best buddy is in fact also being mind-controlled and is actually your brother. Plus you go to the moon!
  8. X-Transbots is apparently re-working their Motormaster and the Menasor skeleton, so I guess this is the last one for awhile. That one being Overheat, their MP Dragstrip. Once again, I really dig the sculpt here. The biggest deviations are the fact that he's a pelvis (with button, because he splits in half like Deathwish) instead of legs sprouting from the bottom of his torso, the shoulder wheels being unable to magically shrink any further, and some of the alt mode's more realistic detail like the engine in his chest not magically becoming more simplified. And I'm cool with all of it, because he's still ultimately got a very cartoony head on a very yellow body. Despite not transforming anything like the G1 toy XTB even made sure he'd have the bump-outs on the sides of his legs that the animation model has, a relic from where the G1 toy's hands hid. However, rather than being the full box found on the toy or animation model it's kind of just an open flap, with just a little curved side and empty from the back. A lot of us, myself included, kind of think he looks better if you just leave it closed, even if it's not as accurate. Overheat comes with his gun, which unlike the other three collapses and folds up, and a guy who's missing everything below the knees, who we'll talk about later. There's a replacement face, the difference of which isn't immediately apparent. When you get them side-by-side, though, the second face tapers toward the chin a little more, and the sculpted mouth is a little sharper. There's also a replacement face for another figure, XTB's Savant (Skids). This one isn't painted like the face that Savant came with, but you can actually see the sculpted detail, so this is a welcome addition for me that I'm installing right away. And if you have Savant but don't plan on getting this guy, maybe try contacting X-Transbots to see if they'll send one to you. Overheat's head is on a ball joint, with a bit better range as he can look down nearly as much as he can look up. His shoulders can rotate and extend a little over 90 degrees. His biceps swivel, he's got double-jointed elbows that get around 130 degrees, he's got wrist swivels, and his carbot-style hands can open and close at pin hinge at the base of the fingers. His waist can swivel, and he's got an ab crunch. His hips can go 90 degrees forward, a little less than that laterally, but not much backward due to kibble on his butt. His thighs swivel, and he's got the same double-jointed knee setup as Deathwish except that the lower hinge is very restricted, the ratchet in the upper hinge is softer, and he can bend 90 degrees on the ratchet alone. The fake spoiler that makes up the front of his foot can move up a little, down a lot, and a dedicated hinge gives him an insane 360 degree ankle pivot. So yeah, he can do poses. Like Deathwish, Overheat's gun has tabs on the handle that fit into slots on his palms. This time, though, he's got the opposite problem and the fit is a little loose. His fingers have enough tension to hold everything in place, though. Transforming Overheat isn't quite as pleasant as Deathwish. I wouldn't say it's hard once you know what you're doing, but what you're supposed to be doing isn't as immediately apparent during the first transformation, when you're spinning the arms around and folding the nose into the backpack. Your efforts are likely to be further hampered by extremely poor tolerances in two areas, areas that are causing a lot of breakage. So I'll tell you, when the instructions tell you to fold the center of the nose up don't force it if it doesn't want to go. Instead, fold it down and use a hobby knife to remove a sliver of plastic from the edges around the hinge. As for the other problem spot, when you try to rotate the wheels down onto his shoulders again do not force them. If you look behind the wheel that ends up in the front the plastic containing the pin that the assembly rotates on is colliding with the indent in the shoulder that the wheels sit in. You'll need to file it or the shoulder down until you have the clearance you need. The car itself does look good, with a lot (but not all) of the details you might find on a real Tyrrell P34. If I have one complaint, it's that the red stripes aren't close enough together. The little guy missing his lower legs can sit in Overheat's cockpit, and his hands even sit on a steering wheel. There is a spot behind the engine that Overheat's gun can plug into; it's actually how he comes packaged in the box. Not sure that's going to be real effective for the fake driver, there... Remember how I said that Overheat's gun is the only one of XTB's Stunticon weapons to collapse, though? If you look on the underside, between his legs, you'll see an empty space with a slot deep inside. Turns out you can fold up the gun and stuff it in there. The scope on it sits a little higher than the stuff around it, but there's still enough clearance that he can roll with the gun stored there. At one point XTB showed off some test shots of Overheat with two rifles; perhaps that was planned at one point and this is a relic of a time when he needed a place to store the second gun. Either way, I'm not complaining. I prefer some weapon storage to none, but I strongly prefer hidden weapons to just jamming a gun onto the roof of a car. Of the four Stunticons that XTB released, Overheat is the only one I'd say is a little over-engineered. Don't get me wrong, he's nowhere near as bad as a lot of Fans Toys' catalog from the last two years or so, but I still can't help thinking that there was probably an easier solution for turning a P34 into a cartoon-accurate robot. Too much of his shoulders are on thin plastic hinges and arms. And the tolerances issues are a big disappointment that, at best, has you cutting/filing/modding your figure, and at worst is leading to breakage. Objectively, he should be the worst of the four. Subjectively, though, I really dig him. He's got the kind of cartoon accuracy I like; the sculpt and colors match the cartoon as closely as they can without compromising real-world alt-mode details and looking like walking animation error. There's a dynamic element to him. So while I'd caution you to know what you're getting into and have some tools ready to fix those shoulders and nose flap, I do still recommend him.
  9. Final Fantasy IV is better than Final Fantasy VI. Just saying. Anyway, not super impressed with Ubisoft, Squeenix, or Microsoft's E3 presentations. The FFVII remake looks like a worse option than just buying the Steam/mobile/whatever version and playing that. And while I was hyped for Avengers going in, hearing that it's going to be a "service" game ala Destiny torpedoed any interest I had in it. As for Microsoft, while I'm kind of curious to see where they're going with their cloud ambitions I can't get excited for Scarlett when Microsoft doesn't have much in the way of exclusives (Halo and Gears aren't doing it for me), and what exclusives they have are bound to end up on Windows (Forza). If Gods and Monsters is half as good as Breath of the Wild it'll be fun, and I'm hoping the story creator gives me more fun stuff to do in AC Odyssey, but pretty much the only other Ubisoft franchise I play is Far Cry, and they didn't announce anything Far Cry. Nintendo is winning E3 for me, for sure. No big surprises, but Ultimate Alliance, Link's Awakening, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Dragon Quest XI S, and Luigi's Mansion are all high on my wants list (Persona 5 Scramble, too, but I don't recall it being mentioned), and of course a Breath of the Wild Sequel will be a day-one buy for me (however far in the future that day turns out to be). Hopefully the best (not-yet-leaked) announcements are being saved for last.
  10. Well, each region is getting their own variant, so in the US we'll get the black and more rectangular Turbo Grafx-16 mini. And yeah, I'll probably pick it up. Didn't have one as a kid and I have zero connection to the games, but at this point I have a NES Classic, a SNES Classic, PlayStation Mini, and I've got a Genesis mini preordered.
  11. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Link's Awakening, we finally get the Mana collection in the West, Ultimate Alliance, Dragon Quest XI S, Luigi's Mansion, and a sequel to BotW. Nintendo's having a mighty good E3.
  12. Finally moving on to something more current, this is X-Transbot's Deathwish, their MP Dead End. The sculpt is very on the money for this guy. I mean, pick a detail from the cartoon... the white protrusion on his tummy stripe, the hexagon-in-a-hexagon on his chest, the octagons on his knees, the stripes on his forearms, the purple goggles and gold mouth plate, it's all here. The torso itself is just a slab, giving him a profile like a refrigerator... and yeah, that checks out too. Of course, the flip side of that is that he's not particularly toy accurate, but I think by now we should know that XTB is going for the cartoon look. One thing I'm not too sure of, though, is the color. Deathwish is red. Perhaps not as red as my pictures make him look, but definitely red and not the shade of maroon that was used both in the animation and on the G1 toy. XTB has been doing G2 editions of these guys, and G2 Dead End is a brighter red... I wonder if they mixed up the paint? Moving right along, Deathwish doesn't come with much in the accessory department. You've got his gun, which is pretty cartoon-accurate if you ignore the protrusion on the handle. He also comes with a pair of rubbery wing mirrors. Apparently earlier prototypes had plastic painted to match the car, and some people aren't happy about the rubber ones. I feel pretty comfortable telling you that if they hadn't switched a lot of people would be breaking them. So Deathwish's head is on a ball joint, and he can look down or tilt his head sideways just a bit but he does have pretty great upward range. His shoulders rotate and extend a tad over 90 degrees laterally. His biceps swivel, and he's got double-jointed elbows that curl just about 180 degrees. His wrists swivel, and his hands are MP carbot-style, with a fixed thumb and fingers molded as one piece pinned at the base knuckle. His waist can swivel, and he's got a soft-ratched ab crunch that can bend over 90 degrees but definitely breaks up the sculpt. His hip skirts hinge out of the way to allow his friction universal hips to go 90 degrees forward and just under that backward and laterally. His thighs swivel. His knees are double-jointed. The lower joint is friction, while the upper joint is a strong ratchet. Bending his knee usually engages the lower joint, at it might seem at first like he can't bend his knees more than 45 degrees. Using both joints, though, he can get the full 90. His feet can tilt up slightly, down a fair bit, and his ankles can pivot 45 degrees. His gun using the MP-standard of pushing tabs on the handle into slots on his palm. On my copy, the fit it a little too tight, and the handle has a tendency to push back out. One more thing, before we go to alt mode... yes, that's a very obvious rectangular button for a belt buckle. In a move that's sure to surprise absolutely no one who's seen XTBs renders and prototypes, you can push the button in and pull Deathwish apart at the waist. It's expected that the combined mode is really going to be a mostly complete robot with spots to plug the Stunticons. In this case, Deathwish presumably splits in half so that the front of the car can plug into his bicep while the bottom of the car will attach to his forearm. My only concern about this gimmick is that the connector is on the end of a fairly thin plastic bar, and even after you push the button in it takes some force to pull it out. XTB probably should have used metal for it. Ok, so on to the alt mode. Getting there is a little more involved than I remember the first two being, but I don't think it's necessarily difficult once you know what you're doing. And no, you don't have to pull the waist apart to transform him. The one thing I do think is an issue is that there's not a ton of clearance for folding or unfolding the legs. You have to pull the hip out to the side and turn the thigh just right and still kind of bend some parts to get his feet to clear his crotch. The alt mode itself is pretty gorgeous. All of that red is paint, the windows are a dark translucent plastic, and there's painted lights, exhaust tips, and rims. I know some people aren't super happy that there's no gold stripe, but that's a toy detail that the cartoon didn't keep. After picking up FT's Road King I was thinking I might pick up the rest of the FT Stunticons, and possibly even check out the DX9 ones as well. I figured that XTB's might be kept in combined mode or alt mode, with FT's in robot mode. And yeah, Deathwish is making a strong case for alt mode. Just be advised that the wing mirrors don't stay on securely. I'm probably going to just toss them back in the box. That big protrusion on the handle of his gun comes into play here in alt mode. Instead of plugging on top of the vehicle, like the first two, Deathwish's gun plugs into the back, between the taillights. And he's got one final feature that none of the other Stunticons had. If you look at the underside you'll see a small switch near the front of the car. Well, if you open up the bumper you'll find room for some button cell batteries (AG0/LG521/LR63/379). If you install the batteries and turn on the switch Deathwish's headlights turn on. Which is cool and all, but not exactly correct since they don't move when they turn on. A real Porsche 928's lights should swivel up and and out so the lens points forward, not up. Despite having a pile of button cells I've accumulated for other figures I don't seem to have any of this type, so I can't light him up for you guys. By rights, this probably should have been XTB's best Stunticon yet. The engineering, as mentioned, is interesting, the paint is gorgeous, and most of the joints are well-toleranced. However, the QC seems a little worse on Deathwish than the first two. I already mentioned the gun not tabbing in so well, but out of the box I have stress marks on one of the hip skirts, stress marks on a gray hinge at the top of his torso, said hinge looks like the pin is slightly misaligned, there's paint overspray in a few spots, and paint chipping on one of hsi diecast thighs. His hip joints were too tight and very creaky, and I couldn't comfortably get the two halves to come undone. I had to open up his crotch, put some silicone lube on his hip joints, and file the port for his waist connection a bit. There's some speculation that the release of FT's Road King and the positive reception it received pushed XTB to rush the production of this guy and Overheat (Dragstrip). Personally, the minor issues I have with Deathwish are irritating, but ultimately so minor that I'm not even going to bother trying to get replacement parts or anything like that. Ultimately, I still like him, and until/unless DX9 or Fans Toys do a better one I'd still recommend him.
  13. TFSource does have tax, depending on where you're at. I know, because I've got hit with it in my last two XTB Stunticon limbs.
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