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  1. Macross VR

    Just give me a game like Macross Ultimate Frontier, with a higher atmospheric ceiling, PS3 graphics like from Macross 30 would be fine, VR support for every mech/vehicle in the game, bring back the custom soundtrack option, and give us ONLINE PLAY! That would be my definitive Macross experience!
  2. 1:1 SDF-1 MACROSS in Minecraft PS4 (kind of...)

    Okay, well I really dropped the ball there... Soon? Not quite...lol. Anyways, many apologies, but the holidays seemed to get in the way, along with work, and life, and everything. Truth be told, I really hadn't messed with it much for awhile, but have started to get back into it as of late. In fact, these aren't even up-to-date, but they're close enough. The only major differences are that the road inside the leg has moved, I've made the cut-outs for the observation windows on the leg, along with a ladder system inside to help me determine how many levels I can have inside the leg. Pretty depressing really, as from the level of the observation window to the same level as the "highway," there will only be room for 9 stories. This thing is way too small! And still, it is way too big! lol Anyways, I'm working on some kind of video footage. I look at some of the random stills, and I can see where if you don't have a bit of imagination, they just appear as random blocks. I'm afraid that's what much of the city will look like to someone who has no idea what they're looking at. As in the interior of the ARMD-1. I'm using some lineart, and some pics from the movie, but still, just kinda placing it where I think it would be convenient. For instance, I'm trying to have a mechanical/engineering deck below, with missiles, armor, and other such ordinance. From there, you'll have elevators which will bring equipment to the main deck where all the Valkyries will be stored. One of these elevators will also go straight to the top by the command tower for, perhaps Armored Valkyrie launch or something. I dunno, its still a work-in-progress. Well, let me know what you think?
  3. Yet another view

  4. Interior of the ARMD-1

  5. Front of ARMD-1 at night

  6. Top of the ARMD-1 at night