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  1. lets make this a huge model kit! . let me know if you sre interested
  2. These pods are big in 1/24
  3. Wish I could get ahold of another kit.
  4. Count THOR in for 1
  5. wouldn't mind buying another...
  6. i got to have this one...(thor x 1)
  7. OK, I want one or two. How much?
  8. the "sensor wing" was an epic fail. it basically was too thin and drooped within a few weeks. sending the file this week to our frend yeti to machine out of thick plastic or metal on his cnc router
  9. please sign me up for a purple trooper!
  10. i need purple accessories! and a v2!
  11. I am finally back in business. I'll hope to cast up as much as I can over the holiday. Parts lost et. and re-made...
  12. let me know if i can help, too. i just got back in the saddle with my computer and software so i'm back to doing 3d stuff again.