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  1. It's 1/43. there's a review on Youtube: Also the Alfa Romeo Carabo 1/43 does exist: https://www.carmodel.com/solido/1816/1-43/alfa-romeo/carabo-bertone-1968/99896
  2. Speaking of the 1/43 Police Spinner. I was lucky to find this one in Japan:
  3. Want to make your own 1/48 Kshatriya? No problem, just print it yourself: Builder's page: https://www.instagram.com/pia_sylphid/
  4. News from Gundam channel on the latest life-size 40th anv construction:
  5. Wow Shawn that is awesome. It looks like a store display stand. Congrats dude.
  6. There is a video from wonder fest 2020 here at 28:02 for Sentinel
  7. My prayers & condolences to his wife and family as well as everyone who lost their family members. For everyone that was on that helicopter ride, may you rest in peace. This is truly a tragedy on many levels.
  8. Freaking Scalper ... How did they get so many? https://twitter.com/hashtag/dx超合金
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