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  1. Hi! I dont know if this is real. But in mi facebook there are a few sharing this. It could be the new arcadia valk?
  2. 1/60 Fast Pack included!!!!! Nice!
  3. I'll join in!! In the night going to see the first episode again ^^
  4. From the first scan that Kresphy posted. FIRE BOMBOR ??
  5. Seikan Hikou by my friend Chechu http://mx.youtube.com/watch?v=uFCizNOoh14 Its really very cute!!! And i think she do it perfectly
  6. Macross Frontier cosplay in Argentina!!!!
  7. Watch this only if you are strong O_O ó_ò I told you!
  8. weird (but funny!! ) Lmao!!
  9. Watching the trailer on youtube (for the 6 time almost) I found something interesting.
  10. i already finish to watch it. I miss the first part, I manage to see after the eyecath. A lot of questions. Even without sub was great! there are repiting it rigth now???
  11. It works!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot!!!!!!!
  12. Indeed Valkyrie is the "Nickname" of the VF-1, but according to the compendium, "Valkyrie" can be used as a "generic" term for every VF. I used to think like you but... the compendium has answers for everything From compendium http://macross.anime.net/wiki/Variable_fighter
  13. You are wellcome!!!! I had problems to watch it from the page too! That is why I uploaded on youtube. And back on topic related to the video: The background at 0:20~0:23 reminds me, to the Mayan Island (Macross Zero)
  14. I already uploaded the video on youtube Greetings
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