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  1. Wm cheng. Those photos are a thing of beauty. Brought a tear to my eye
  2. Photogirl, This is what I did with her a few years ago. Horrible model, but one of my favorite results. I would redo it if someone can find a better sculpt with a hollow interior. Then I gave her a new base. Still needs some oils and weathering and scratch details on the base. Maybe your builds will inspire me to get on that. (The Prometheus is down because it is magnetized and I am a very un-careful photographer.)
  3. Cooool! Someone should build that and magnetize the little Enterprises to dock in it.
  4. Now that would be a sight to see! And I'm not even a Trekkie.
  5. Derex, Coming along nicely. As you said, I've also dusted the base coat after panel lining, to bring things together. Looking at your pictures, the top half of the Star Destroyer looks perfect. But on the bottom half of the hull, I can see your white paint streaks. I think you went a bit heavy there, you need to dust more lightly in the final coat, as per whatever method you used for the top. (But doesn't really matter in this case because no one will ever see the bottom.)
  6. Derex, I see your paint lines as well. Keep going. You need to dilute the white a lot and continue with the airbrush till you work it all in (as long as you are patient you wont lose the benefit of your preshade).
  7. Looks great mechtech. Nice to see your reference photo finally.
  8. Nice. I'm not a fan of Transformers models, but I like your oil work. I assume that the ones with more weathering were done later, as you learned your skills? The weathering on the first white one and Optimus is wonderful.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. I knew the close ups would be great. You have a very soft touch with the weathering, but it really brings out the overall feel. (Even more pics would be welcome )
  10. Photogirl. Welcome to MW. Your SDF-1 looks AWESOME. We need more photos and closeups from all sides. I love your weathering with different shades. What is your painting method and art background?
  11. Looking forward to the video of that! Looks like fun. Well, it would help if we don't repost pictures unless it is required. I have a Hase Storm mode staring at me from my own pile. But lighting it up with fiber looks like it will be such a pain that I am putting it off. Mad respect for jumping back in with FIVE Yamato builds!???!?? derex, at least now you have some lighting experience. Yamato needs the love. That sucks. What was the problem?
  12. And those might be the best builds of all. Don't ever throw them away.
  13. Ha ha . There is nothing wrong with that. I've heard a lot of skilled modelers don't prime, even with airbrush. You can airbrush a thin layer of paint first as the primer, and build up slowly to thicker coats. Someone correct me if there are other ways. Whether you prime or not has more to do with knowing your paint and knowing your surface. Some surfaces just don't take paint well without primer. And some paints start to crack or have other strange effects without primer. Your temperature and humidity can also have an effect on priming or not. You also need a really clean surface. If you are not sure, test on a few pieces. For example, in high humidty hot conditions, Krylon/Rustoleum rattle can did not adhere well to Bandai plastic without primer. With primer, it was perfect.
  14. Great work peter! I wonder how the old Bandai 1/72 compares to the Hase? I've never built a Bandai valk, excpet for the transforming type.
  15. Great work peter. And some really nice camera work. Your close ups look fantastice. Very nice finish. I like the tone of your US Navy Blue on the fast packs. Were they over a gray primer?
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