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  1. Thanks Bolt. Final daylight photos. We are 99% done.
  2. Finished the exterior walls with some more Macross themes and some generic sci-fi panels. Not going to kill myself on detailing these, as I just didn't want to leave the walls bare.
  3. Oh man, I love dumb mistakes. They're the kinds you can actually fix, and then tell everyone how dumb you are.
  4. Finished onboarding the electronics to fit inside the box. Basically I had to redo all the electronic connections and reduce the footprint as much as possible from the prototype photo. Very stressful and time consuming. The least enjoyable part of the project, cause you're done, but you're far from done at the same time.
  5. Ha ha! Funny stuff. I love your scoring system. For me it's more like a grudge match, and I need to beat it into submission even after 10-0. Even funnier is that of all the things I've ever done, the only thing to really get a sparkle out of my wife's eye was also that quirky garage door roller!!!!!!!! ROFL! My advice to you single guys: give up the sci-fi, and stick to houses and doors to impress the ladies
  6. Hi Bolt. Well that was a surprising scheme. Seems like a heck of a lot to take on as your first resin kit. I've only done simple ones so far. Lots of nice details and looking good so far.
  7. A couple beauties right there. Nice work. Really enjoyed your build. I noticed you have a gravely finish to the paint on the cockpit close up, and believe me, I suffer from the same problem. I think we need to airbrush closer or wetter, so the paint doesn't have time to dry on delivery. But from eye level I know it looks great... No one is going to hold a magnifying glass to it.
  8. I think you were sold some bum circuits. I get one dollar boards from China on Ebay and never got a bad one yet, although I always expect to.
  9. Thanks MechTech. It is a lovely holiday. Some Turkey Macross memes would be appropriate.
  10. I think you can fix that with some styrene bars of the same width, after you clean up just the damaged portions with a sharp blade. Straight cuts and it should turn out nicely.
  11. Thanks MechTech. That's a big compliment from the MechMaster himself. We're Not Worthy... To be honest, I still can't figure out 90% of your Daedalus Scratch Build.
  12. Mechtech, Glad your Hexbug worked out. Give us a quick video when its ready.
  13. I think painting is done. Unless anyone has any recommendations.
  14. arbit

    M+ ghost X-9

    Lookin gooooood!
  15. Just some more photos. I guess you all want to see the valk. What was I thinking? And I do plan to detail the exterior with some warning decals.
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