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  1. I have some spare Shapeways 1/144 R2 and C3PO figures. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Nice! Can you recess those joints deeper into the shoulder so they don't show as much?
  3. Nice work. I want more Zentraedi's in my life!!!
  4. Really nice work as usual CrossAir. Really love your paint finishes.
  5. Nyankodevice, Nice to see your finishing up that Sivil figure. I don't know if you have sculpted your own figures before, but it looks great. Lt. Z0mBe, you've done lots of great scratch detailing and puttying as usual. Nice cockpit too, where id that figure come form? Electric Indigo, with all the puttying you've done on the F-14 nose cone, I assume the Hasegawa 1/48s are no more easy to build than the 1/72s. Derex, great work on the B-Wing. It looks fittingly alien. Nice weathering and rust here and there. Why does it have the Japanese rising sun, I wonder? As for the new Hase kits your looking at, treat them as you would a resin kit and you will be fine: lots of parts fitting, sanding, molding and puttying. You have all the skills needed and more, we have seen it. Just don't expect a Bandai snap fit kit. If you know what you are getting into, they are fun, and they come out great. I would follow WMCheng's build guides.
  6. arbit

    Macross figures

    Do we know how tall Minmay will be?
  7. Derex. I think your dirt thumbs are to blame here.
  8. Thats weird Derex. The enamel wash shouldnt react with the acrylic that way. It sounds like your base coat hasnt adhered to the model. Or you used an enamel base by accident. Is it the pressure from your q-tip, or the enamel wash itself thats making the base coat come right off? Personally I cant get any wash to work cause I can never get my varnish to be glossy and smooth enough. It usually just seeps into the acrylic. But that's a different story...
  9. Of course! That's why we're here. I've been studying the old 1/72 Hasegawas with working wing gears, but I hear they're awful.
  10. Cool. I think I have that covered. The leds are separate, 10x fiber to each of 3 leds, plus a 4th led for the engine itself. So I plan to have them blink separately, kinda like you said in a cycle.
  11. I'm crazier than that Its 4 leds and 30 strands of 0.25 fiber. But I havent coded it how I want yet, thats just standard neopixel library. What ideas do you have in mind? I prefer the blue and white flicker.
  12. Something new I'm working on for you guys.
  13. I should have thought of that for my Hurricanes and Spitfires when I was 15. Unfortunately they ended up as target practice!
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