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  1. I'm making a miniature laser piano. I scribed all the panels and laid down a black enamel wash to create solid edges. To paint the clear pla plate, I primed it with a clear varnish first to give the paint something to adhere to. I gained some good experience with the repeated glossing and masking, as well as learning a bit about matching color tones.
  2. 505th, Those look like DX quality. Nice job!
  3. Great work. Your excitement is contagious.
  4. 505th, Wow! Really nice paint work. You have a nice set there.
  5. Got the primer on. Amazing how it brings it together.
  6. Adding a few greeblies from a 1/700 battleship to make the airlock more Maross-y.
  7. What am I seeing here? Is it possible? Shaking my head... It's unbelievable. I had to find the non-brain damage inducing stage:
  8. The little green box is a mobile bread board
  9. Working on my airlock. Trying to add a bit more care scribing this one. The micro DPDT switch is a lot of fun to solder! I've have added two LEDs in series which attach to the two motor pins, so I get different color light depending on direction of the motor when airlock is opening and closing.
  10. Can't believe I fell for this sh....
  11. After a long year with the kids online school, and physio for my hands, I finally got back to my workbench. I'm adding a new motorized peek-a-boo airlock with a front view of my hangar. There will be a super secret diorama inside, if it all works out. I might need a kick in the pants from you guys to stop procrastinating!
  12. electric indigo, Your photography skills have really powered up recently! Looks great.
  13. Mechtech, Nice micro detail work. Looks like you're building the Roman Coliseum!
  14. arbit


    Looking good Jc. Keep us updated.
  15. I always try, but not sure I get such nice results
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