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  1. Mechtech, Nice detail work. People are going to wonder where you bought that!
  2. Exquisite work! Very delicate shades of paint, and the panel lines and cockpit are squeaky clean.
  3. So has the electronics bug gotcha? (But I wouldn't solder on that cutting matt, or solder drops will melt holes in it.) Yeah stickers suck! Is that Bandai or Hasegawa? Maybe there are waterslides on Ebay.
  4. Beautiful work Mechtech. It is lovelyto my eyes. Why shouldnt it win awards? It has such a nice concept and unique gimmicks that it made me smile.
  5. I'm not sure that the model hobby will die completely. Look at Bandai and Gundam kits. They have gotten pretty mainstream among all kinds of fans. They are catering to the older crowd with revolutionary 3D engineering and materials. The kids market needs models of shows they like on tv now to get any share of their time away from online games. I can't get my kids to build any models, but it might be different if I had minecraft and fortnite kits or an Avengers ship to offer them. But military and WWII stuff is probably the hardest hit.
  6. Too bad. I guess they didn't evolve with the times. Speaking for myself since I am not at all skilled with paints and chemicals, the only reason I was able to get back into modelling is these Japanese hobby supplies. They have a really long shelf life, and dont go bad as soon as you open them. Amazing stuff compared to what I grew up with, and got me turned off the hobby because I just couldn't get anywhere.
  7. Holy smokes! That's some detailed work for 8th grader. What year was this? You even got the Itano circus going.
  8. So cool. I'd like to see a video of you airbrushing with it!
  9. I only recast small parts for lighting, such as engine parts. I've given up on buying expensive containers of silicon molds, so I use the Blue Stuff now which is fine for small parts. So I'm thinking of vacuuming AFTER the resin is in the molds. Any vacuum improvement over my own mixing will be great. Your link looks exactly like what I'm planning to do, except I'm using a specially made vacuum food container. And he got excellent results too.
  10. Mechtech, Talking about using household appliances, I've got this vaccum food sealer with an external pump and container. Do you see any reason why this wouldn't be good for vacuum a small dose of resin? Any advice/precautions appreciated.
  11. It's used for inhaling asthma medicine with a mask. I never felt it was that strong. But Google tells me that these things are doing 1.5-2 Bars, which should be perfect for airbrushing.
  12. MT, I've got my kid's nebulizer in the kitchen hamper. They've outgrown it, but I knew it could come into good use one day.
  13. That's going to be hilarious with the plane flying around. Can't wait to see it. Very envious of your gears...
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