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  1. Looks great. I have a kit of that. Planning to do something with it one day.
  2. True, but my point is that anyone can learn Arduino without being an electrical engineer. You're a good tutor, but a lot of tutorials over complicate the issue, when it can be really simple for our modeling purposes. Cool thanks. I ordered the issue.
  3. Strange. I find Wave kits to be sturdy styrene. Does the box look like this (so we can avoid this line? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VOTOMS-Scopedog-Round-Mover-ATM-09-ST-Wave1-60-Model-Kit-Series-No-01/154076931252?hash=item23dfb364b4:g:zo4AAOSwg6JfVYo2
  4. Classy! Nice job on the painting and shadows.
  5. Exactly what I was going to say. Sheesh, that YF-19 sits on my shelf like the unloved step-child with those bizarre wing tampos!
  6. You are now SDF-1girl. And if I only had the space...
  7. Gundam Sentinel. Hmmm... Never read that one. Sounds perfect: UC timeline, Hajime Katoki, hard sci-fi sequel to Zeta... I'm doing a mega UC rewatch right now, so I will get on that after Z. And weathering some Zakus while I'm at it (a dremel will be involved).
  8. Looks like a large endeavor. Is it just a bust, or a full figure? I'm a big fan (of UC anyway), but I don't have every mobile suite memorized.
  9. You can do anything. I also have no electronics or computer skills. It takes some simple tutorials and some help from MW members. But you need a lot of love. Check out my step by step thread, and feel free to ask questions.
  10. Can you show us close ups of how the canopy fits from all angles. Maybe someone can help you out.
  11. Hilarious. Keep the 80s jokes coming. Gen Z members are now Googling, "What's a centerfold?"
  12. Thanks. I never thought I'd be a centerfold model... (Sorry, Dad joke).
  13. I knew full well how sh***ity this was and ordered the MZero anyway. It was so cheap I couldn't resist. And heck no I am not going to rescribe that thing. I also have ulterior motives: this is the only 1/72 F-14, that I am aware of, with retractable wings (because motors). Question: If you could take the MZero decals and put them on a better 1/72 F-14 kit, what would it be?
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