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  1. I hope everyone and their families are staying safe and taking all necessary precautions. Despite the stay at home with the kids, I don't plan on modeling anytime soon. I seem to have developed some arthritis in a couple fingers and need to sort that out first.
  2. Planning to give Gloss cans a try, but it is always dusty outdoors or humid where I live. I do use Mr. Top Coat for final Satin finish, but I also find it is touch and go, hard for me to control, easy to flood. But your TS-13 says it is Satin, not Gloss. I assume you are using the gloss version before lining and weathering? You have mentioned this before, but despite some research I can't find any info on it. Could you walk us through your Gouache technique step-by-step?
  3. That's not my work. Different guy.
  4. I'm guessing that gray tinge may be frosting from the gloss? Happens a lot to me with clear coats, including Future. I've found that a second spray of clear removes the frost. In any case, the hardware clear coats are just too thick, unless you know how to handle them. I particularly fear Krylon colormaster clear, which seems to have a yellow tinge, as well as being sticky. And I have my own rant: I've yet to figure out how to safely clear coat anything reliably yet, which is a bummer because it means I cant weather or panel line too much. 90% of the time my clear is not thick enough to withstand the oils, no matter how much I spray the oils seep right into the base coat (I've tried airbrushing Mr. Hobby superclear, Vallejo varnish, and Future, with varying results. It's particularly hard for me to gloss a large or flat surface. Small parts are okay.) I hope that with practice I will get there.
  5. Awesome! I will join you over there and bother the heck out of you with questions.
  6. I'm curious about what type of glue is used with these Hachette models? Plastic cement, ABS Cement, or Super Glue?
  7. 505thAirborne, Love your CMS figure collection. Kakizaki and Milia! Why didn't I think of that. I'll have to copy you
  8. Delta-One-One, Nice to see all your old builds. Are you working on anything new these days? Would love to see your work. Join us at the Workbench thread.
  9. Joscasle, Lookin good! I like the Goodyear tires.
  10. MW member Darkspire17 reached out to me. He isolated the original SDF Macross sound effects which I used in the build, timed with the guns and engine. He has lots of other sounds on youtube if you need them. Darkspire17 said, Hello, ive just come to say im very flattered that you used the audio from one of my old videos for your project ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2lT5Ezj8YM it's nice to know that ive at least influenced someone with the work i do. Id also like to say you did a FANTASTIC job with your partial flight deck, id love to build one for myself someday! If you would like some more of the sound effects, i can provide them.
  11. This guy is modifying the Hachette's screen. He does lots of cool stuff.
  12. SunDuk, Nice to see a YF-21 in progress. Scheme looks very interesting. Hope to see lots of photos as you progress. Mechtech, Interesting set up. I look forward to seeing it function.
  13. Bolt, Looking good. I also have the V1 from Xigfrid. A prized piece next to my M+ valks. But of course he had to go and make an even cooler V2
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