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  1. Finished building the new 2020 AT-AT. In general it is a neat set with fun builds. I especially like the covers around the joints where the legs meet the body. It goes seamlessly from a traditional build to assemblies that are attached vertically; impressive. Few nitpicks. I really wished that they painted the dishes for the leg joints. Would make them pop more. I also would loved to have a bigger AT-AT in general that is closer to minifig scale. However I could see that making it that big could make the set unstable giving the thin legs of the original design. What I dislike about the set is the way the top hatch for the cockpit is designed. The hatch is 5 studs wide and they opted for a 4 stud and 1 stud plate that is only connected by the detailing bits on the top which makes it unstable. I don’t know why there is no 5 stud wide plate produced by Lego.
  2. @mikeszekely I think what I‘ve meant with fit and finish of Incursus are the ugly gate marks on visible places all over my copy. Thankfully Volatus has nothing like it as far as I can tell. After fiddling with Volatus some more I really wish that the inner arm kibble would rotate around 180 degrees to the forearms. This would also hide the front landing gear on the backside of the robot. Shame that they didn’t implement that. It is the only real eyesore of that toy.
  3. Few more observations about Volatus. @mikeszekely if you are bothered by the fake landing gear in shuttle mode you can flip them to the inside of the pieces they are attached to. Also I think the head sculpt is somewhat off. There is something missing around the neck, and the top of the head looks too long. It seems line art accurate but it looks weird to me. Also am I the only one that finds it odd that the cockpit is on the inside of the shoulder spire? It just looks so unnatural. Gunbuster looks much better.
  4. Volatus is great, I received mine yesterday and he is a joy to transform. Something you rarely find in most 3rd party offerings and even the most recent official MP figures. Some criticism. While he has the same joint on his mid lower leg that their Vortex has to fake an ankle tilt , Volatus has some clips there to hold it together. That makes the joint pretty useless since you can’t do subtle poses since the clip keeps the joint a few mm open. And the joint only looks good for subtle poses. I‘m not sure about the choice of locks that keep the front and back portions of the shuttle together. Their design seems to be prone to breakage and I think tabs would have been a better alternative. I also don’t like the swirly gray plastic they used for the combiner hand. Looks cheap and I would have preferred a flat gray if they can’t paint it silver due to transformation. Great set so far with Onslaught being the weakest one in design, aesthetic and build quality.
  5. God, I need to went some steam. What is it with Japanese Webstores these days. I tried to order from HLJ (which is usually my go to store for regular releases) but their site doesn't let me checkout. And I won't order anything from NY (which is was my go to store for Japan only items) because I have three open order of released items that they are not processing for shipment. NY needs to proof to me that they are able to ship any of the items I payed for before I place any more orders with them. Why do they make it so difficult for me to spend money with them, I don't understand! Anyhow... I'm on board for this release but I somehow wished Arcadia would include the head sculpt Bandai put on the HMR Focker release. I know it is not canon but it would offer some variety between the different releases besides the paint job.
  6. Has anyone received orders from NY lately? I have three orders of released items that haven’t shipped yet (not even a preparation notice). I hope they are still in a condition where they are able ship all my open orders I have with them till December 2020. I‘m debating if i should do all my future orders at a different store like Hobby Search or anime export.
  7. Great, now we can build it in military colors!! [edit:] taking a closer look at the instructions and it seems like it is mostly gray. From the promo pics I somehow got the impression the set was orange and a dark blue... odd.
  8. What are the chances that we are going to get a Big Convoy in the Kingdom line? I’m still bummed out Perfect Effect didn’t do one.
  9. Maybe they could put it into a Creator Expert building and since they already did a cinema maybe it could be a ballet/opera style building. But it would be a prime feature for a CE cinema. Maybe a revamp of the old one.
  10. Did they ever finished any line? No matter what I collect from them, everything seems incomplete.
  11. The silhouette already disappoints me since it looks like his chest is just hanging there in alt-mode.
  12. What are the details on the blue RD Unicorn? Is it a regular release or a web shop exclusive?
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