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  1. The cockpit has now room for three Mini-Figs and the back of the AT-AT has seats for the Snow Trooper. All around it has a more accurate head and more brick built details and no stickers... ...and no prints on the dishes on his legs. I also heard rumors that one of the Lego Star Wars leaked sets could be an UCS AT-AT so maybe wait till those sets are revealed.
  2. It is my understanding that a transforming Ark will be coming in Kingdom as a Titan Class.
  3. Makes sense to me since the figures are crap; cheaply made with soft and simple sculpts and limited articulation. Especially compared with the high quality releases Hasbro is putting out in the main line. I‘m not against non transforming figures (Kuro Kara Kuri is my favorite toy line currently) but the WfC Transformers are better toy than the RED ones and they transform on top of that and for a comparable price. If you want to make the line a success you need to offer something that the mainline doesn’t have. Being lesser versions doesn’t cut it imho. Anyway thank you for
  4. Comprehensive review as always Mike. After seeing how good the Earthrise toys are I’m looking forward to the Galvatron reveal. All other official Galvatron toys where underwhelming or too small (in concept i like the Universe tank version of Galvatron). Please don’t suck. The TR version was such a disappointment. Kapow should send out a payment request for Cyclonus any day now. I wonder if I will request their services in the future after all my preorders are completed since the Brexit is now official. Speaking of payment I hope BBTS will send out their requests for the Kur
  5. I get why Cliffjumper and Jazz are hard/impossible to do given the required Porsche license and the Decepticons might suffer from the bad guy stigma (I can’t imagine that Skids would sell more units than Galvatron though). I would love to get a Rodimus, Ginrai, Overlord or Fire Convoy from Takara. Maybe version 2 of Soundwave or Star Saber. Not complaining though since I never bought the XTB Savant.
  6. Happy New Year.! I can already feel that 2021 is so much better than the blasted 2020.
  7. So apparently Takara announced a MP Skids and I’m confused. In the images shared at TFW2005 he looks much more in line with the style of MP before Ironhide: Skids never had all these leg details in the cartoon. This also means not much crazy engineering going on to hide all the car parts in robot mode. Is Takafa expecting us to pay MP Hound prices for this or will he be in line with the other car bots like Lambor and Prowl? Of course this is just a drawing and much can change till the prototype but usually this is not the case with Takara announcements. Pictures courtesy
  8. If you haven’t, you should watch Cyberverse. It’s good.
  9. I played around 15 hours of Cyberpunk on my PS4 Pro. Haven’t noticed any bugs after Patch 1.0.5. The game is a lot of fun especially after I gained a few levels and after imI got rid of the pea shooter the game gives you at the beginning. I’m still underwhelmed by the lack of depth and options in the gameplay and character development. This is especially jarring after you notice all the fluff, references and easter eggs they put in the game. It almost seams to me that CDPR hired 10 asset creatives for every programmer and game designer and now the core game is somewhat lackin
  10. Well, I guess it is time to look for a new TV then. Guess the new ones won’t come with ports for my SNES and Game Cube. Thanks for the input, Mike.
  11. I‘m playing Cyberpunk on the PS4 Pro with an HD tv and it seems to run ok for the most parts. Some late loading of the correct LoD model and some other bugs but nothing game breaking yet. What I‘m more concerned about is the core game. It seems a not well thought out and the implemented systems seem lackluster (character development, game mechanics, etc.) I hope that changes while I continue playing. One example is the lack of character customization once the initial creation is over. I have the feeling a lot more 3rd person interactions (and systems around your character customizat
  12. Because they look cool? The Spiderman one looks awesome with the exception of the head. Too much like a regular Spiderman head and not enough like a helmet.
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