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  1. Nothing announced that I’m aware of. If it’s getting a release I would image a price north of 150,000 JPY since they can’t sell the Fin Funnels as add on sets and he is quite a bit more massive than the Nu.
  2. I appreciate the offer, I truly do but I fear that shipping it overseas might kill this. Looking at the USPS site every option seems expensive. Probably sticking to amazon might be the best. Do those ornaments sell out or are they hard to get?
  3. I need to get that Shockwave ornament for my Christmas tree this year. However I don’t know how to get it in Europe. I‘ve never seen anything branded Hallmark before in my country and the local website seems to be selling postcards.
  4. I want a Metal Build Skygrasper sooo bad. If Bandai needs to design it so it combines with the Strike or Astrays to sell it so be it. After having watched the entirety of Gundam Seed I‘m puzzled that we got the Gunbarrel and Lightning Striker before a Skygrasper.
  5. I’m confused that they don’t churn out more Zelda and Metroid variants.
  6. Yes, you are right. I have the Delta movie somewhere lying around here.
  7. I hope the agreement is more in the line of HG can continue to use Rick Hunter that has a similar hairdo, uniform and transforming fighter jet as Hikaru and create media that either follows the story of the Macross Saga of Robotech or uses it as a jump off point for other stories without BW sending out C&D letters. Other than that I’m looking forward buying officially licensed BDs of M7, Frontier, Delta and M2 (in that order) with proper English subtitles.
  8. I can’t imagine that this will happen given how incomplete most of Bandais toy lines are. If we are not getting a Guile in their Street Fighter line we won’t get 40k Xenos. On the other hand I have been wrong before. I thought that we only get the Ultramarine from them but now there are three more SMs on their way. Maybe GW has some outlandish contract with Bandai that demands from them releasing other figures.
  9. How can you say that? This show is the best thing since sliced bread! I finished Jobless Reincarnation which is still quite good but it could do with more progress. The last couple of episodes they where wandering through the desert without much plot progression. However it had a fair bit of character progression instead which is good. I also finished all 50 episodes of Seed Destiny. What a waste of everyone’s time.
  10. Got a package from BBTS today containing Kuro Kara Kuri Black Star Saber, 3As DLX Blitzwing and Alternators Nemesis Prime. Controversially I’m looking forward opening the Nemesis Prime the most having never experienced an Alternstor/Binaltech toy before. [edit:] Also, MP52+ SW Skywarp is up for preorder. It is a Takara Mall exclusive so you will need a middleman.
  11. Built the Spaceshuttle. What a terrible toy. Much too colorful and doesn’t even get the basic shapes right. And those terrible stickers for the loading bay!!!
  12. @mikeszekely where did you get the helmet for TR Galvatron? And is it available in the lilac color of the Japanese release?
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