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  1. Or Build Fighters. I love Build Fighters.
  2. Two remarks regarding Iceman. First I think the size works if you either pose it while fighting against other figures or you place them on a different shelf. Of course if you display all your robots in a single line in the same generic A stance like on the Holy Scale Chart it becomes a problem. And given all the comments on the TFW boards I assume that is what most of the collectors do. For me it is more important that they have different sizes to make a varied display. Can’t argue that he is too big though. The waist swivel being locked by the metal bar is just lazy engineering and the figure should have it. But I guess FT knows their fans well and they know they will buy it regardless. Also FT figures that kinda have a waist swivel that doesn’t work properly is not unheard of (Phoenix, Quietus and Goose come to mind). I assume that Iceman has it because the parts are reused from Goose design and FT thinks it is good enough for their fans.
  3. The Technic Lamborghini Sian was officially revealed: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lamborghini-sian-fkp-37-42115 From these pictures I like it much more. I have a few gift cards lying around for exactly that set (and the AT-AT) so hopefully I can visit stores again once the AT-AT is out.
  4. The new Figure King issue has an image of the underside of MPM Starscream: https://news.tfw2005.com/2020/05/28/figure-king-no-268-scans-masterpiece-mpm-10-starscream-mp-51-arcee-mp-39-spinout-netflixs-war-for-cybertron-earthrise-studio-series-cyberverse-god-neptune-411871 I need to check if the StudioSeries one didn‘t do it better.
  5. Nice picture. How do you like the Z Plus? Is he holding up to modern Metal Build or FlameToys figures?
  6. Well, it is essentially a large S.H.Figuartd toy with less accessories (especially hands) and lesser fit and finish (at least on my copy). If you are ok with that you won’t be disappointed. The thing is Bandai has the capability to produce an outstanding toy but for some reasons they didn’t. It is an ok but fun action figure with the GW license on top and thus more expensive than it should be.
  7. It is Maketoys Downbeat. Now available for preorder as a special edition with paint covering those horrendous and cheap looking grey plastic parts.
  8. So I got my Bandai Space Marine a few days ago. First the good thing: he is so much fun to play with and it is easy to get him into expressive and natural looking poses which is an impressive thing for a toy in power armor. His larger size (compared to other 6 inch figures) and bulky stature are a large contribution to his fun factor. Now the bad stuff: I really wished for more accessories. Not just weapons (there is a plethora available in the 40k universe; at least the iconic chainsword would be a must in my eyes). I also feel that the lack of additional posing hands is a big detriment to the toy. Other things I could imagine: (magnetized) purity seals, holsters, pouches, granades, a thurible, the list goes on and on. That would have given the toy so much more personality and one could customize a whole squad out of one figure. Now the ugly: the build quality and fit and finish are subpar compared to other offerings by Bandai. The paint on my copy has many defects and is applied sloppily. Better materials like a glossy blue base paint or die cast in the feet/lower legs would have been beneficial. The joint engineering is also pretty basic and the Bolter seems to be too big/out of proportion. Overall the sculpt feels like a blown up CAD model of the GW mini which makes it feel like it is lacking some details that are lost due to the minis being so small. In my mind it should be more detailed and ornate in this scale. Overall it is a good figure but it could be so much more and I expected more from Bandai. It can’t hold a candle to the pinnacle of 6 inch action figures which is to me the Truforce Mega Man X. I have the suspicion that someone at GW approached Bandai and handed them a bag of money and requested 10,000 Space Marine action figures and Bandai took the money and gave us this. I think that is my biggest issue with the toy; it lacks passion. [edit:] I don’t think that Bandai is the only one to blame it could easily be GWs fault that this turned out to be the way it is. They are notoriously difficult to deal with and demand a premium for all their products.
  9. YY/MM/DD is the only correct way to write any date.
  10. I had no idea that this set exists. Must be from a time when I was too cool for toys. Clearly these times are long gone. I might try to get this in order to complete the collection. Prices on bricklink don’t seem too bad. Yeah, the four wheel steering on the 8880 was awesome. I’m still a bit bummed that they didn’t manage to include doors though.
  11. Well the Lego Technic Super Car 8880 is my far my most liked set. Which neither the Porsche nor the Bughatti came close. Let’s see if the Lamborghini will change that. I’m curious how the door mechanism will work.
  12. The image of the Technic Lamborghini looks super odd. Probably because the lighting swallows all the areas where the real car has black parts (like the head lights). I hope Lego put some details there into the model and they are not just empty spots of void. Need to see it in person or at least better images.
  13. I finished my first A Link to the Past Randomizer seed yesterday. Man that was fun. I clocked in at 3:17 which doesn’t seem to bad but it was a pretty linear experience. Definitely doing another one since the RNG was pretty generous this time. Also finished SoR4 with a buddy. It is so nice to have a coop game on the switch again. Especially when you can’t meet in person.
  14. So I wouldn’t put stickers on any collectible toy because the would „cheapen“ the experience. However I feel like Transformer are an exception since the usually lack intricate paint applications, or broadly painted surfaces if they are painted at all. The faction logo is the only detail that is usually painted on. Especially the Takara Masterpiece line is an offender in that regard (especially MP Star Saber ans Laserwave which I loath). So even if a figure is well painted a faction symbol makes it more visually interesting. That said I haven’t found a solution that works for me. The dry rub decals come pretty close to a paint application bit are difficult too apply and I have terrible experience with model kit waterslides flaking off so I don’t want them on my toys that I’m handling on a regular basis. Maybe the new waterslides are better so I wan to try them on a regular Transformer.
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