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  1. Since the Zaku comes with the Metal Build style stand. Is there an 3rd party stand but with printing for the RX-78? A quick ebay search just yielded a bunch of other MB stands but none for the RX-78.
  2. Manga: Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Runner up: Battle Angle Alita Blade of the Immortal Anime: Aim for the top! Gunbuster Runner up: Bubblegum Crisis OVA Gurren Lagann
  3. Is the SV-51 still scheduled for August?
  4. Meh, they all the Aerialbots are military jets so Maverick is probably the bomber version of the Concorde and those are probably conformal fuel tanks. I get where you are coming from but Transformers jets are godawful most of the time and even if they are decent (like MP-3 Starscream) the bot mode suffers. I'm not saying that it is a perfect Concord but is great as far Transformers goes. Especially if it comes with an good transformation from a company that is not know for good transformations. I will take what I can get from FT... ...but don't worry everyone, the other Aerialbots are boxes hanging on the bottom of a fighter jet from what I can tell.
  5. I got FansToys Maverick (G1 Silverbolt) and I have to say major kudos to the designer. It is probably the best jet Transformer that I have in my collection. Especially considering that he turns into a Concord. He doesn't pull it of perfectly since he has to transform into a bulky robot and a block that hides behind Superions chest but he is pretty close. I recommend them for not going the easy way and having a box under the jet fuselage. Being part of a combiner people tend to give those a lot of leeway since he has to do so much but FansToys didn't skimp out. Only things that would make him better would be a panel to cover the thighs in jet-mode and a way to compress the forward fuselage better in robot mode (not a fan of the coattails). Things I hate: there is no reason why he doesn't have an accurate lowering nosecone. Things I love: in the G1 lineart his feed fold out of his lower legs leaving behind gigantic holes. Now Maverick does the same but has some sliding doors to cover the holes. They are even a little bit retracted so his legs have some depth to it. Other than that he is mostly the standard FansToys fare: somewhat limited articulation, lots of great looking paint, a hefty in hand feel and a powerful stature. He diverts from FTs MO by having an enjoyable and straightforward transformation. It mostly works other than being a bit unhandily because he turns into a long jet. Also on mine the aft fuselage seems to be under stress when transformed but that could be an error on my side. [edit:] I currently have Machine Wars Starscream on my desk so I know how terrible a robot that turns into a jet can be.
  6. I wished they would release less add-on sets and more Gundam Suits. I'm running out of Gundams for equipping all the add-on sets they are planning to release.
  7. I have a question. Are there any good online coop games available for the switch. You know where you can have a nice chat over Nintendos weird VoIP service and play a game together. We tried Splatoon 2 but the system when and how you can play together and talk in the same room together is so convoluted (if it is even possible since I leveled up to 10 and was still not able to play with my fried). Nintendo seems not very fond on online play (like we can't play together Mario Kart 8 together with other players online) and other software developers don't seem to include an online co-op to their games often (like Enter the Gungeon).
  8. In the picture the Strike Gundam was equipped with the Astray Flight Pack and 6 (?) Caletvwlchs right? On other news I got my Soul Blue Strike Freedom and I think the Strike Freedom is the one Metal Build toy I love the most. It just looks so awesome with the gold inner frame (I loathe the color gold) and the big angelic wing backpack (don't like that either) but somehow it all comes together for me. Looking forward having this one facing off with the Destiny Gundam Heine Custom while having their regular releases equipped with the Wings of Light add-on.
  9. I'm interested how this Metal Structure turns out. At the moment it is too expensive for not knowing on what it can to. So I'm looking forward to the first review. I wonder if they would do a Hi-Nu as a Metal Structure release since the Hi-Nu is my favorite UC Gundam suit. Obviously I would prefer the Nu, Hi-Nu and Sazabi as a 1/100 releases since they fit better in my collection but I could see me buying one of those as a one off, end all be all of all Mobile Suits toys.
  10. Lio Convoy seems like an odd choice for the next MP (well not really since it is a hero leader character) but the design of the toy doesn't look in line with the regular Beast Wars MPs. Which is understandable since he came from a different show that was not CGI. However I prefer a single design language in a toy line. That said as always I'm interested in a black repaint. I would love to get the Blitzwing but he doesn't have any place in my collection sadly. From watching a few reviews it seems like the design of the smaller ThreeA Transfomers figures is similar in style to the toys designed by Chemical Attack. I would say if you like high-end action figures like the KuroKaraKuri/Metal Build/Riobot robots you might be satisfied by it.
  11. Scyla

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Where is the speaker pod add-on set for the Siegfried?
  12. FYI: Mandarake has listed some Metal Build Strike Freedom Soul Blue variants. I assume they are from the May lottery. prices start at 38k JPY last time I checked.
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