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  1. The white Gundam should be the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam model kit: https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-pg-unicorn-gundam-ban994365 There is a Fixed Figuration Metal Composite available but I think you have one of those already.
  2. Still no Skygrasper announcement? :( I need to get that Second Revive for sure.
  3. I plan to add one every time I order from Mandarake or Jungle if they have them available
  4. He won’t replace hin on my shelf either. But I‘m looking forward having a Detritus from the MP mold.
  5. Reading through the thread over at TFW. I hope yours doesn’t break.
  6. I think it is a fine line to walk on. Heft for hefts sake ist detrimental to a toy. A good example would be Alternity Starscreams die-cast doors. Terrible decision to make those out of metal. One the other end of the spectrum is MP Star Saber who feels like a $7 soap bottle toy. And it is not just die-cast it is also the plastic used, the way the joints move, etc. Sentinel does it well, Bandai Tamashii Nations too. Arcadias VF-1 feels almost too flimsy for my likings.
  7. @sqidd from what you showed of your collection I feel that both the TE and MS Prime will not have enough paint (the standard releases) and feel too light* for your liking. I have all four molds and I feel MP-44 has the most shelf presence. After that I would put MP-10. If you are not in a hurry you could wait if Takara will release a standalone version of MP-44. MP-10 goes well with Maketoys Despotron. Which is the best MP Megatron. *with light I want to say too much like a toy and not a collectible.
  8. All the UT and DX9 MP movie robots (Challenger, La Heir and Dragoon). I also like MP 44 and the Transform Element Primes. FTs Maverick, Roadking and Quietus too. MP Dinobot, Ironhide and Sunstreaker come to mind. I also liked all the storage for legs and tails on the FT Dinobots.
  9. I‘m ordered from Otaku Square because it was the only place I could get an order in. The order window was open suspiciously long and they canceled a bunch of MB-01 preorder because they couldn’t secure enough stock. If this falls through I might have to pay the Iron Price or hope for a reissue. Got my 00 Designer Blue and he has a paint rub on the top of his upper thigh, knee joints are loose and on one of the shields the camo pattern is not painted cleanly. Otherwise he is great. Love the colors.
  10. Nice video Kuma, I was really looking forward on your opinion of that toy. I was under the impression that for the plain Saber mode you ought to remove the outer leg armor and remove the armor around the forearms and shorten the arms to make the figure more proportional. It also gives the forearms a shape that resembles the one Saber had in the Victory cartoon. Also when you extend the ankles there is a mechanism that rotates the "claws" placed over his heals upwards. I assume to give it more range of motion and get them out of the way. There are also springs in the claws and the forearms and on the "cockpit" section of the backpack. The one in the backpack is so it gets out of the way and snaps back. Haven't found a reason for the springs in the forearm claws yet. After having some more time with this and playing some more with their Shattered Glass Drift, Star Saber really went up a notch in my appreciation. Both of my Drifts have this annoying, wobbling mid section in their torsos which makes them feel flimsier and of lower quality than they actually are. Star Saber on the other hand is solid as a rock and a joy to pose. I'm just blinded by how awesome the engineering in Drifts legs is. It makes me forget all the issues like the play in the torso joint. I really look forward to their Optimus. I don't even collect blue and red Primes but I don't want to miss out while I wait for a Nemesis recolor.
  11. Sorrry @sqidd I love the red stand as well and I‘m looking forward to the blue one that comes with the 00 Designer Blue variant.
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