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  1. I wished they would release less add-on sets and more Gundam Suits. I'm running out of Gundams for equipping all the add-on sets they are planning to release.
  2. I have a question. Are there any good online coop games available for the switch. You know where you can have a nice chat over Nintendos weird VoIP service and play a game together. We tried Splatoon 2 but the system when and how you can play together and talk in the same room together is so convoluted (if it is even possible since I leveled up to 10 and was still not able to play with my fried). Nintendo seems not very fond on online play (like we can't play together Mario Kart 8 together with other players online) and other software developers don't seem to include an online co-op to their games often (like Enter the Gungeon).
  3. In the picture the Strike Gundam was equipped with the Astray Flight Pack and 6 (?) Caletvwlchs right? On other news I got my Soul Blue Strike Freedom and I think the Strike Freedom is the one Metal Build toy I love the most. It just looks so awesome with the gold inner frame (I loathe the color gold) and the big angelic wing backpack (don't like that either) but somehow it all comes together for me. Looking forward having this one facing off with the Destiny Gundam Heine Custom while having their regular releases equipped with the Wings of Light add-on.
  4. I'm interested how this Metal Structure turns out. At the moment it is too expensive for not knowing on what it can to. So I'm looking forward to the first review. I wonder if they would do a Hi-Nu as a Metal Structure release since the Hi-Nu is my favorite UC Gundam suit. Obviously I would prefer the Nu, Hi-Nu and Sazabi as a 1/100 releases since they fit better in my collection but I could see me buying one of those as a one off, end all be all of all Mobile Suits toys.
  5. Lio Convoy seems like an odd choice for the next MP (well not really since it is a hero leader character) but the design of the toy doesn't look in line with the regular Beast Wars MPs. Which is understandable since he came from a different show that was not CGI. However I prefer a single design language in a toy line. That said as always I'm interested in a black repaint. I would love to get the Blitzwing but he doesn't have any place in my collection sadly. From watching a few reviews it seems like the design of the smaller ThreeA Transfomers figures is similar in style to the toys designed by Chemical Attack. I would say if you like high-end action figures like the KuroKaraKuri/Metal Build/Riobot robots you might be satisfied by it.
  6. Scyla

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Where is the speaker pod add-on set for the Siegfried?
  7. FYI: Mandarake has listed some Metal Build Strike Freedom Soul Blue variants. I assume they are from the May lottery. prices start at 38k JPY last time I checked.
  8. Bummer. Well I need to figure something out anyhow. In other news I built the Saturn V which is probably one of the best Lego set I've ever built. Could be the best but I might be on a high from building it still. Lots of interesting building techniques and creative parts use. It is amazing how they where able to get an almost perfectly round tube that is super stable out of an square based building system. Love all the printed pieces that show that Lego could do all printed sets if they wanted to (looking at you UCS Falcon). That said it is a bummer that they went back to stickers for the Lunar Lander. The build itself is a bit monotonous with lots 2x and 4x steps but you are building a tube so that has to be expected. Since there are subtle differences in the arrangement of the pieces you need to stay focused building it otherwise you end up placing sub-assemblies on the wrong side of the tube. The thing I enjoyed the most during the build where the alternating dark gray/white pieces for the inner "tanks" of stage 1 and 2. They remind me of the pattern on some old fashioned rocket livery which seems fitting. The only thing I would loved to see included are regular Minifigs of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins just to round out the homage to the Apollo 11 mission. Now make me a fitting Space Shuttle to accompany the Saturn V, Lego!!!! Oh and something happened that never happened to me before with an Lego set: a part was missing. One of the 1x2 blue plates was nowhere to be found. Luckily I could substitute it with one form a later build step so no harm done.
  9. Quick question. I need to move my UCS Millenium Falcon soon. Has someone figured out a good way to disassemble it into smaller more transportable pieces without taking it apart completely? Some people swear by Saran wrapping the set and than secure it with bubble wrap to secure it but I would rather partially disassemble it since it is really big.
  10. If I had to choose I would always go for decent pose-able hands only over not working hands that I need to switch out for transformation (looking at you VF-31).
  11. I have a question. There has been a big kerfuffle about posting pictures of this figure over at TFW. Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between this sculpt and the one from MP Black Arachnia.
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