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  1. So I ordered one and had to pay upfront. Being out of the wargaming fandom since 2005 this release confuses me: Why no regular Space Marine; it is far more iconic than the Primaris variant. Why not a named character; I would love to get the 18 Primaches as an enclosed and finished collection Anyhow, I hope they will make some more Chapter variants. Would love to get a Dark Angel one. I'm not an Ultrasmurfs fan but if backing this project gets me other color variants I'm happy to support.
  2. While it is not for me I'm happy for everyone who backed this project. If it turns out down the line that Hasbro employees where forced to order the last 2000 units and they shop up in the bargain bin in 2022 I'm picking one up. :P
  3. Got my Kuro Kara Kuri Star Saber today and I'm in love. It helps that I'm a fan of the IDW design this thing is homaging. They really went all out on it. A few observations: In general I feel like that their Drift did the whole engineering magic to move things around the best. Tarn was not that impressive but had his highlights. Star Saber is conservative in this regard. The range of movement is there but not to the extend on the others. I didn't have enough time to mess with him so maybe this will change. I also feel that this is their first release where I'm not happy with the LED gimmick. I despise the inclusion of LEDs but for the other two releases it was less obtrusive. I could remove the batteries (which are included) and be done with it. Star Saber has this gigantic blocks of translucent plastic on his shoulders that can light up but I have the feeling it could be done better without LEDs there. Like how the chest of the Metal Build Gundam F91 was done. Regarding LEDs (and one reason I dislike them) you need to pop off 7 piece to flip 6 switches to turn on all the lights which to me feels excessive (to be honest the whole figure is one giant excess) and something no one would do on a regular basis Random thoughts: The block the head is mounted head is rather loose (you can replace him with a blue Saber head) but I don't think it will be an issue. Compared with other Kuro Kara Kuri some of his joins feel loose out of the box. You can't have the shield attach to the forearms with the forearm guards attached. Of all their toys I have from them he only has a tiny paint blemish on the top of the shield making him the one with the least paint issues. Without the backpack he has an great sculpt for the back; he looks buff. They gone back and used fixed posed hands on Star Saber which is the correct decision I feel like since the ball-jointed fingers on Tarn where the only major criticism I had with him. The connection arms for the sword sheaths/guns that plug into the sides of his hips feel flimsy so I would be extra cautious when rotating the gigantic guns so you don't cause stress marks or, even worse, break something. After my first impressions he is the weakest release of the line (Drift is still the best imho) but since the design speaks more to me than their Drift or Tarn he has my personal top and I'm super happy to finally have him. I can't wait for his GaoGaiGar upgrade set and the Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus that seems to pack more of that engineering magic I adore on Drift. I hope they do some rework on their Fallen (remold of Tarn) which looks super wonky in the first pictures. They completely reworked their Rodimus so there is hope. He was just a silhouette though, not a 3D printed prototype. But I'm really digging this line. While I have a bunch of nitpicks their releases deliver what I want from my collectible Mecha/Robot. If you like the Metal Build line but feel the designs are too athletic for you. This might be the toyline for you.
  4. MP Ironhide is one of those toys where I wished Takara stayed closer to the animation. His chest looks so unproportioned.
  5. How about Schroedingers ankles? I need to check with HLJ since my SV-51 is still in the PW. I‘m sure I asked them before if they would inspect a toy for me and they denied.
  6. Scyla

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Has everybody who ordered the VF-31S Armored Parts from NY received their shipping notice? Mine is still in the processing stage. I‘m not worried but I want to put a new dress on the Siegfried.
  7. I like the Super Robot Chogokin Kurogane Finish version. It is tiny and super fun to play with. If bigger is better for you I would go with the Soul of Chogokin DX one that comes with a hanger and the cast off parts that reveal the inner robot. It seems to be more of a display piece though. Josh from CollectionDX did a review of him a few years back:
  8. Since the Zaku comes with the Metal Build style stand. Is there an 3rd party stand but with printing for the RX-78? A quick ebay search just yielded a bunch of other MB stands but none for the RX-78.
  9. Manga: Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Runner up: Battle Angle Alita Blade of the Immortal Anime: Aim for the top! Gunbuster Runner up: Bubblegum Crisis OVA Gurren Lagann
  10. Is the SV-51 still scheduled for August?
  11. Meh, they all the Aerialbots are military jets so Maverick is probably the bomber version of the Concorde and those are probably conformal fuel tanks. I get where you are coming from but Transformers jets are godawful most of the time and even if they are decent (like MP-3 Starscream) the bot mode suffers. I'm not saying that it is a perfect Concord but is great as far Transformers goes. Especially if it comes with an good transformation from a company that is not know for good transformations. I will take what I can get from FT... ...but don't worry everyone, the other Aerialbots are boxes hanging on the bottom of a fighter jet from what I can tell.
  12. I got FansToys Maverick (G1 Silverbolt) and I have to say major kudos to the designer. It is probably the best jet Transformer that I have in my collection. Especially considering that he turns into a Concord. He doesn't pull it of perfectly since he has to transform into a bulky robot and a block that hides behind Superions chest but he is pretty close. I recommend them for not going the easy way and having a box under the jet fuselage. Being part of a combiner people tend to give those a lot of leeway since he has to do so much but FansToys didn't skimp out. Only things that would make him better would be a panel to cover the thighs in jet-mode and a way to compress the forward fuselage better in robot mode (not a fan of the coattails). Things I hate: there is no reason why he doesn't have an accurate lowering nosecone. Things I love: in the G1 lineart his feed fold out of his lower legs leaving behind gigantic holes. Now Maverick does the same but has some sliding doors to cover the holes. They are even a little bit retracted so his legs have some depth to it. Other than that he is mostly the standard FansToys fare: somewhat limited articulation, lots of great looking paint, a hefty in hand feel and a powerful stature. He diverts from FTs MO by having an enjoyable and straightforward transformation. It mostly works other than being a bit unhandily because he turns into a long jet. Also on mine the aft fuselage seems to be under stress when transformed but that could be an error on my side. [edit:] I currently have Machine Wars Starscream on my desk so I know how terrible a robot that turns into a jet can be.
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