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  1. Ideally you should watch M7 one episode per week. Which is the way it was meant to be. Don’t Binge it.
  2. Thank god it is not the Hi-Nu I probably couldn’t resist that one even if it is a glorified statue.
  3. I would say that it is not the pose of Downbeat that invokes the imagery but rather the angle of the picture because I can see it too.
  4. @captain america While these resin kits are not for me I have to say I absolutely admire your talent and dedication that go into making these kits. Thank you for sharing these behind the scenes images with us spectators on the side line.
  5. Has anyone experience with anime-export? I ordered and payed for the MB Full Cloth but got no confirmation email or something. The oder page just shows Standing not payed. What does that mean?
  6. I would totally buy a G1 MP Barricade Bader on a 1984 Ford Mustang police car if Takara or a 3rd party company would make one. Same goes for Drift, Bulkhead, Windblade and Slipstream.
  7. I have a preorder with BBTS for the same price. It is like a decade old. I wonder if they will honor the price whenever Berserk comes out (if ever).
  8. Interesting, I always thought that the latter one was the title of this thread. Anyhow, I started to watch Bleach again. Back when it aired I dropped out during the Hueco Mundo arc. With thr arc being so similar to the Soul Society one and having to wait a week to move the story forward a miniscule bit forward just to find out that there was another filler arc I lost interest in the show. Now with the news that Bleach will return in 2021 I thought to give the show another chance or at least finish the Aizen storyline. I wonder how it will play out this time.
  9. I‘m a big fan of FansToys Maverick, while not a perfect Concorde they did an admirable job at cleaning up the underside. The only thing missing is a panel to hide the thighs and a correctly done nosecone.
  10. As far as I know the big sword was a freebie for PEs 10th anniversary and was originally designed for their Origins Leonidas (Leo Convoy). That might be the reason why it is not featured in the instructions since the base toy is a retool/repaint of their Jetpower Revive Prime that didn’t have this sword. I have the black version of Origin Leonidas (called Xerxes) somewhere and I can check if anything about the sword is mentioned in there.
  11. Got my MMC Probus in and he is... ok. I really wish they found a way to collapse the legs and upper arms. He is just so blocky and angular and that prevents him from being more poseable. I also wished he had a double jointed knee for better. Playing with him feels limited since every time I try to get him in a more elaborated pose the range of motion is not enough. He also has cuts in his square thighs. Hate to see it. On the plus side he is a joy to transform and besides the blocky limbs the sculpt is excellent. Overall I think I like Volatus the best from the set even with all hi
  12. Seems to be getting back to normal again, the last few items arrived in reasonable time. No more free shipping for me though. And keep in mind I live in Europe.
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