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  1. That VF-25 looks awesome!
  2. To be fair as a kid/teenager when the first Pokémon game came out for the original GameBoy I thought they looked all terrible. Some evolutions later Charmander and Squirtle where passable. Scyther and Mewtwo are the only cool ones out of the original 151
  3. Hello, I noticed that the topic of the next unread thread isn't showing up any longer when you are finished reading one thread. Is this a wanted behavior or a bug? Other than that I'm very thankful for the existing of MWF. I don't do any social media stuff so I love to have a place to read up and discuss the latest geekery. Thank you so much [edit:] Here is an example: This applies to the desktop and mobile version and in both color schemes.
  4. Got my MB Crossbone Gundam today. Not much to say about the figure itself. Thankfully my copy is not the QC nightmare that @Gundam@EFSF unit was. It has a few scratches on the back of the gray lower torso piece and a visible gate marks on the shield emitter bits for the forearm guards. Thankfully it is hidden once the piece is clipped in. The only thing I dislike are the unpainted eyeholes of the skull on his crest. I'm also confused why Bandai decided that the F91 (and the Gundam Astray units) needed a glossy finish. The matte one on the Crossbone presents much better. Oh and I love the robot parrot. Adorable! Now on to the cloak. I hate that the "golden" clops that hold the weights and the cloak braid are this mustardy plastic. They really stand out in a bad way. Second you need to assemble the cloak which is finicky. Hopefully the finished cloak is able to fit in the box without disassembling it since I don't want to deal with that, ever. It is a nice feeling cloth though but I fear it will fray after some handling. But is it worth it. I would say yes since the weights give it a nice heavy feel and the braid allows it to articulate it so it blows in the space winds. On the other hand I think a nylon piece to weigh it down like the cape for the Mezco The Dark Knight Returns Batman is the superior way to do it. The pieces work as additional armor plating in the context of the Gundam though I just wished the mustard clasps where painted golden. Looking forward to other color variants and a Full Cloth version.
  5. Scyla

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Apparently I got one at amiami. I only heard of successful DX Chogokin preorders from the legends on these boards.
  6. Favorite: 1. Bandai DX Renewal VF-25S Armored Messiah Not the best mold but it just looks super awesome. Love the white rings they painted around all the missile warheads a detail lacking on many other missile containers. 2. Bandai DX VF-31S It is probably the best Valkyrie I own (don't own the new DX VF-1J). Love the unusual green color scheme of Arads machine. The only downside are those damned articulated hands with their static index finger otherwise it would be perfect. I also like the shape of the Messiah more so second place it is. 3. Arcadias PF SDF-1 It is a sight to behold. All the painted details, the size, the sculpt. It almost made me buy the Bandai DX Macross Quarter because I wanted to have more capital ships. Least favorite: 1. Bandai DX YF-29 30th Memorial Color Version Not that I dislike the mold but the copy I received from NY was a QC nightmare with lots of paint defects and loose joints. I was also new at the collector game and I massively overpaid for an in stock version after the reissue was announced. Oh and I think the purple canopy looks inferior to the green one 2. Yamato VF-17 (any variant) What I don't like about the toy is that it looks so spindly and hollow from the side yet it is super fat in fighter mode. Also lots of sharp edges that can get dinged if you are not careful during transformation. It looks also totally out of place next to the Yamato VF-19 mold (which is awesome) in Battroid-Mode due to different plastic finishes and a big size difference that make the Excalibur look like a dwarf. Also it lacks any detail so I had to add the U.N.Spacy kites and triangle markings as stickers myself and I hate stickers on my high-priced collectibles. If the YF-29 didn't had as many QC defects the VF-17 would be clearly number one on that list. All in all I like the Bandai DX VF-171 much more. 3. Yamato VF-22S Max Custom It looks good in Fighter-Mode I guess. But on the other hand the landing gear has a tendency to collapse. No storage anywhere for the gun-pods (I know internal storage is impossible but I would be happy with two slots on the outside just to keep them attached to the toy. Transformation is suboptimal and the Battroid-Mode legs are lacking in definition. Also no replacement canopy with the canopy cover down. It is not as bad as the other two but all the small issues add up.
  7. Time for a downvote! And another one! I preordered one but I'm disappointed about the PF version. No other Arcadia Valkyries I own are PF and if I had know that one day Arcadia will release a PF only toy I would have ordered the other Arcadia Valkyries as the PF variants. Oh man, my collector soul cannot deal with these inconsistencies. Please note that there where no downvotes after I posted this reply!
  8. Scyla

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Not a fan of the orange tone of Chucks Valkyrie. I loved the yellow paint job it had in the show. It was such a unusual color scheme for a Valkyrie in my opinion. Glad we are getting the chance to finish the Delta Squadron of. Bring on the Armor Parts Bandai. Please add a two tone white/gray paint job though, otherwise it will look very plain.
  9. No new announcements for the MB Aile Strike? I assumed we would see an announcement for one after the Gunbarrel Striker was released. [OT: ] Love your new avatar Super Dimension Member... I mean Noel.
  10. What do you think about the transformation, say compared to Masterpiece Transformers?
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