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  1. Going to Japan in 2 weeks!!!

    I'll point out that a fair number of places are probably going to have different hours during Golden Week (this year it's April 29 - May 5), but most will still be open. Also, you might think that since your ATM card worked in random ATMs in Cambodia or Africa that it'll work in Japanese ATMs. Well that's wrong (seriously). Look for 7/11s, Post Offices, Shinseis and Citibanks if you need to get cash. A regular bank ATM won't work.
  2. Anime Featuring Fleet Battles

    Don't forget the third Mobile Suit Gundam movie. 353077[/snapback] Seriously like anything with Gundam counts (Gundam F91 and Gundam X for sure). Although most of the Gundam fleet battles weren't that good.
  3. Msn Movies Rates 10 Best Movie Battles

    Apocalypse Now is quite an omission. Although I am glad they included Zulu. Even though I liked Aliens and the Matrix, they shouldn't be on there
  4. 9/9/99

    I still can't believe I missed this thread for so long. Quite frankly, the Dreamcast was awesome. Sega put out so many original (how often do you hear that referring to games today?) games. Shenmue (1 and 2), Jet Grind/Set Radio, Samba de Amigo (that was the title, wasn't it?) and Space Channel 5 were really good games. Although some games were just bad (Sonic Shuffle anyone?).
  5. Pardon Our Dust

    Good to see some (more) changes. Although I'll wait and see what everything looks like when the dust settles before (hopefully before Shawn comes back) saying anything about how everything looks.
  6. Azumanga Daioh

    I thought Azumanga Daioh was ok. ADV has translation issues though (although they aren't as bad as other places - once I was watching Law and Order and they were calling someone Sr. Huevo and I was shocked, until they said it was because his brain was like scrambled eggs). As for the quizzes, I wound up as Yomi.
  7. OT: Help with video cards

    I assume you mean under the monitor tab, where it says screen refresh rate? Not only is the box not checked, but it's (oh, what's the term...?) not available to be checked. Under the adaptor tab, where it lists info on the card, there's a "List All Modes" button. My choices are: 640x480, 256 colors, 60Hz 800x600, 256 colors, 60Hz 640x480, High Color (16-bit), 60Hz 800x600, High Color (16-bit), 60Hz 640x480, True Color (32-bit), 60Hz 800x600, True Color (32-bit), 60Hz (currently using this one) 640x480, 16 Colors, Default Refresh 800x600, 16 Colors, Default Refresh Under the nVidia tab, there is nothing useful. Mostly driver info, plus some options for full screen overlay that are blanked out. Go to the Control Panel -> Display -> Settings (click on Advanced) -> Monitor and the box should be there. And if you don't have the latest drivers for your video card, get them.
  8. What ever happen to?

    I remember who you're talking about, I'm pretty sure it was glane(with some numbers). I've seen him around once or twice since then. I haven't been here for that long (only like 3 and a half years), but I remember some of the older people (primarily when someone would either get banned or run off with a ton of other people's money). I remember when Rosario came back (and Mylene', who came back like 3 times). And we can't forget about Shawn, who is barely here (but he pays the bills, so that is definitely appreciated as a place like MW costs a lot to run).
  9. Estimate Pricing Help Please

    In that condition, I would say $150-$200 if you sold it on ebay. To give a better price range, pictures would be needed. It also depends a lot on who is on ebay and sees it. The market for anything vintage is bad here in the US (but at least it's better than in Japan)
  10. Thinking about working in Japan

    Actually there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about this today. If you renounce your citizenship and you make over like $140,000 you still have to pay for the next 10 years, and if you don't they can bar you from the country until you do, on their terms (they can also not let you renounce if you are doing this as a tax dodge). Back on topic, I've seen weird stuff done by foreigners in Japan and Japanese teachers here. These guys once I saw were trying to hit on women but mispronouncing pretty/good looking and wound up insulting them (and it was obvious). And one of my Japanese professors (a Japanese national), is the only person I've ever met capable of scaring the entire class into showing up on time and knowing every little thing, even in advance of when we're supposed to know it (in contrast to the American professors, who never bothered with anything like vocab or stroke order).
  11. Nice pics, although does anyone have any pics of the SOP Yamato with the Nomuras (or a Mikumo reissue) or an original Popynica (preferably the Big Scale one, but somehow I doubt many people would be willing to shell out the cash for it)?
  12. auctions of great absurdity

    I wouldn't necessarily say this is absurd http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...2282460229&rd=1
  13. Why not bookstyle packaging?

    I have enough real books so I don't need something passing off as a book. Not to mention my bookshelves are full. I think the best packaging has to be the original Takatokus or the 1/55 Bandais (not the 1990 Super though).
  14. auctions of great absurdity

    Now, who can point out what's wrong with this. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5923033757
  15. Takatoku/ Bandai 1/55 Collection

    I took a pic of my 1/55 collection before I sold off some of them. It appears as though I deleted it, but it might be around here somewhere. F-ZeroOne - The Max is a reissue.