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  1. Question to the experts: What is the big deal with the new P&W Purepower Geared Turbofans? hasn't geared turbofans been around for years? Is the big deal the fact that previous GTFs were for smaller biz jets and this is the first time they are being made in this size?
  2. For 'Pearl harbour' I am pretty sure (I only watched it once and will never re-watch it!) I remember during the airfield attack scene, they had Japanese aircraft armed with torpedoes circling the airfield or something. Anyone remember that?
  3. Yikes, that's more Osprey's than Michael Bay's CG budget can afford to blow up!
  4. Given that thrust drops off heavily at higher alts while the mass of the plane stays. Would that make the F-22's pitch ability using nozzles much much less effective at higher alts? I suppose the other astounding thing (if it was real) about the VF-1 is that those engines are flat rated all the way to vacuum? Which makes its high alt performance really something. Actually are they 'flat rated' all the way to vacuum? If they were, and with the >1 thrust weight ratio, why do they need the boosters to reach orbit? They can just stand on it and slowly claw their way out to space right? And if they are not 'flat rated;, that does mean at higher alts, using them for pitch control would be crappy. Back to the OT verniers, but like an above poster said, if you fire verniers all the time for pitching, that's a lot of reaction fuel. BTW, those flat squarish leading edge extensions next to the cockpit above the intakes, would it help if they could deflect and act like canards? Not sure what the term to use but by 'flat rated' in this instance I mean same thrust regardless of alt. edit *hmm, was trying to quote David's post but somehow my quote function doesn't work.***
  5. A slightly shorter nose and she'd practically be a flying wing.
  6. What is wrong with the F-22? Or at least what are the ones that are coming to public attention now?
  7. Nice poster. One of the reasons that I was rooting for the YF-23 to win back in 91' was not just that the YF-23 was most beautific, it was also the fact that the YF-22 looked gawky and kinda fugly to me. Luckily, the production Raptor turned out to look orders of magnitude better than the YF-22. For me, it turned from ugly to beautiful and sleek/mean. Quite drastic for those relatively little tweaks. But YF-23 still kicks its arse in looks.
  8. So what is the distance covered in a 'one week hyper-journey'? I never figured out the SW speeds, I know Star Trek is like taking a pleasure cruise from my impression of TNG, but SW always gives me the impression they get there like in hours if not tens of minutes.
  9. I keep saying this and since Fine Molds obviously never heard, BANDAI PLEASE MAKE A SUPER STAR DESTROYER EXECUTOR PLEEAAASEEEE!!!! I am so buying that 1/1700 SD if it is anything like the light up Star Trek Enterprises that Bandai makes. But 1/1700 is like over 90cm long.... Hope they got the numbers wrong. Something that big sounds more like a one-off display rather than a mass market kit.
  10. I am ok with the Stormtrooper white because a large part of the Empire's doctrine was "fear". So the high visibility white at least serves a purpose. Besides, they seemed to be more of a police force than for actual fighting. With orbital bombardment, I don't really see the need for ground pounders to do anything other than policing. Don't think the Empire gives a flying toss about things like collateral damage or what not. It would be like the USAF given a free ticket to ignore collateral damage and with 1000000x the bombs to hammer anything they like. Face it, the canon movies make no sense if we want to dissect military tactics.
  11. Trying to use lousy sensors to explain the incredible Stormtrooper incompetency against the Ewoks kinda raises another glaring incompetency doesn't it? Take off the friggin helmets! If they are that inflexible or unflexible, some sort of elite force they are. Besides, given the great multitude of sentient lifeforms (including many low tech beasts, e.g. wild critters which are dangerous) in the SW Galaxy, it would be a glaring design flaw if Stormtrooper sensors could not detect Ewok type creatures. It would be like designing an impregnable battle station but leaving a little exposed exhaust weakpoint which allows the enemy to blow up the whole station when you could have just fitted an armored shutter or S-curve inlet. Oh wait.....
  12. So, what determines if an afterburner glows blue or red/orange? Is it tied to the bypass ratio or amount of unburnt oxygen exiting the turbine or oxygen/air fuel ratio to injected fuel or fuel type or exhaust velocity or all of the above? Does one colour show more efficiency than the other?
  13. Its is beautiful. Does the kit allow the flap down build by default or you had to do some mods?
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