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  1. Agreed on this. I thought the writing in the first season was clever with the way they juxtaposed Johnny and Daniel's circumstances and position in the local community. I think a direction that is more consistent with S1 would be to have Johnny trying to "evolve", but struggling as Kreese returns and intimidates/tempts Johnny to follow old patterns again. Something I'd like to see is that in the end, he doesn't necessarily become a pillar of the community like Daniel, but he finally gets out from under the shadow of Kreese and the old Cobra Kai and finds his own way that's a little more positive, while retaining of the rough edges that make him appealing.
  2. I'm not surprised that the Netflix/Disney deal was structured so that Marvel had complete ownership of their shows. I think Marvel learned their lesson from when they sold off the film rights to all their most valuable properties back in the 90s. They watched a bunch of sub-par productions get made that dragged their brand through the mud. Then they had to wait years for rights to expire (Daredevil), work out deals with the studios that they sold the rights to (Spider-Man), or buy companies outright (Fox) to regain access to all their characters. After all that, you can be sure they are going to keep tight creative control over all their projects going forward.
  3. Money can make anything happen. If Disney thinks there is more value in having access to those shows immediately vs. waiting for the non-compete clause to expire, they can always pay Netflix and make it happen. I think the bigger issue is availability of the cast and crew, who are obviously going to move on to other work and not sit around hoping Disney comes calling. On the off chance that Disney were able to keep the Netflix MCU going, there was an interview with a Hulu executive recently who implied that they would be interested in acquiring those shows. Since Hulu is partly owned by Disney, it would be a logical place for hosting those shows, and it would allow them to do so without tainting the actual Disney brand name with rated R-like content.
  4. Do we have any word on whether the markings on the Legioss will be stickers or printed? The price on the Legioss is a bit high for my liking (though not a complete deal breaker), but it could be more palatable if it turns out that they took a page from Bandai's playbook and printed everything.
  5. SuperSenpai

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    You're right, it could be a non-issue for all we know. The version Bandai implemented looks to be a more feasible transformation than the original line art. My skepticism regarding handling had more to do with the original design, not Bandai's implementation of it. That version has each leg being attached to the main body with a pair of pistons that telescope and extend to reach the nose cone, and then attach to the nose cone. Even at 1/48 scale, a design like that looks to be fragile and difficult to handle. So my comment was aimed more at being a stickler for having that exact design. I'd sacrifice some amount of authenticity for having a toy that will handle well. And it could be that Bandai's solution is the best compromise that preserves something like Kawamori's original design while making for a better handling toy. We shall see.
  6. SuperSenpai

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    If you're referring to the hip transformation... I think some people are less interested in authenticity for the sake of authenticity and just want a toy that handles well. Besides, I was always under the impression that the hip transformation as designed in the original art was more of a cheat to explain why the valk looked the way it did, vs. being an intended transformation from the get-go.
  7. SuperSenpai

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I'll give Bandai credit -- that's a novel take on the hip/leg transformation. Although it's interesting that the bar that swings the hips down has to be detached in order to achieve the waist articulation, and confirms my suspicions that it would be difficult to practically achieve without detaching the legs. But I suppose that this is technically still perfect transformation since the detachment from the swing bar is optional, and not absolutely required to achieve the transformation.
  8. Sorry if missed this -- there are so many replies since the news broke. We don't have any release dates, correct? Just product announcements so far?
  9. Wow great news Jenius! I'm not totally sold on the sculpt for the Riobot Legioss, but if I had to choose between that one and the ET, it's definitely the Riobot for me. Although I'm not liking the big gap between the hip and upper chest, I do like that it has bulkier proportions than the ET Legioss in soldier mode. I also like that the feet don't extend as far out in the back in fighter mode. If this has a more reasonable price than the ET Legioss, I'm definitely in for one.
  10. SuperSenpai

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I agree that it generally looks good and is at a good price point, especially in comparison to what Arcadia is offering these days. But I might be one of the few contrarians on this one, as I am not a fan of the hip transformation from the original mechanical design being implemented in toy format. I think it's a neat idea if they can actually pull it off, but the thought of handling a toy with a fiddly mechanism like that for the hips is not appealing to me. Not to mention the fact that it is (in my opinion) no longer perfect transformation. I could see myself picking one up if reviews are good and they are readily available. But if it's a mad dash for pre-orders in the middle of the night, I'm out.
  11. I know a lot of people like the ET sculpt, but to me it always looked a bit stretched and elongated looking. In my mind, it needs to look a bit wider and bulkier. Having it next to the Toynami Alpha really makes this apparent.
  12. SuperSenpai

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Since there is a twisting waist that is achieved through a rotating joint in the nosecone, that's pretty much a confirmation that the leg transformation has to be taken from the 1/72 model kit right, i.e., the legs are completely detachable? I can't visualize a transformation method that allows for a twisting waist joint in the nose cone that uses any of the previously used hip bars. Also, to my eye there looks to be a noticeable sheen on the feet -- does that mean they are made of metal? That would be consistent with the HMR and DX valk designs, but a departure from Yamato.
  13. I saw an article in the local news that says they are filming scenes for WW2 next month at a local mall about five minutes from my house.
  14. Why does that matter? Why do they need to learn anything? If you're omnipotent it doesn't matter because you can fix it -- or prevent it from being a problem in the first place. I actually agree with this, and think that it's the most logical "in-universe" explanation for why he does what he does. \ But I bring up the whole discussion about omnipotence because people are saying Thanos has to do X or Y because if he did A, B, or C, it "wouldn't work". Which is ridiculous because if the character is omnipotent there is no such thing as "it wouldn't work". He can do whatever he wants, and can account for whatever contingency arises. By its definition, omnipotence means it *has* to work, because he has the means to carry it out. So my answer is not that Thanos chooses to do X or Y because it wouldn't work, but because that's what the story needs him to do. Thanos chooses to kill half the universe rather than double the resources (or some other solution) not because the other solutions wouldn't work, but because that's what the story requires him to do in order to move the plot forward. Omnipotence theoretically enables him to execute any solution, but the story requires him to execute one particular solution.
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