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  1. Wonder Woman 2 (1984)

    I saw an article in the local news that says they are filming scenes for WW2 next month at a local mall about five minutes from my house.
  2. Why does that matter? Why do they need to learn anything? If you're omnipotent it doesn't matter because you can fix it -- or prevent it from being a problem in the first place. I actually agree with this, and think that it's the most logical "in-universe" explanation for why he does what he does. \ But I bring up the whole discussion about omnipotence because people are saying Thanos has to do X or Y because if he did A, B, or C, it "wouldn't work". Which is ridiculous because if the character is omnipotent there is no such thing as "it wouldn't work". He can do whatever he wants, and can account for whatever contingency arises. By its definition, omnipotence means it *has* to work, because he has the means to carry it out. So my answer is not that Thanos chooses to do X or Y because it wouldn't work, but because that's what the story needs him to do. Thanos chooses to kill half the universe rather than double the resources (or some other solution) not because the other solutions wouldn't work, but because that's what the story requires him to do in order to move the plot forward. Omnipotence theoretically enables him to execute any solution, but the story requires him to execute one particular solution.
  3. To be clear, I don't take Thanos's motivations (or the power the gauntlet confers) too seriously. But just for the sake of debate -- if the gauntlet does in fact confer omnipotence to the wielder, than all of these justifications as to why he couldn't/didn't do this or that don't really hold water either. Because if you're omnipotent, you can do anything! This is why I have a lot of problems with time travel stories. Time travel is basically a deus ex machina that can solve any story problem at any point, unless the writers are careful to introduce very specific limitations and are consistent about following whatever in-universe rules are established. Omnipotence is a deus ex machina x1000 because you are not only not bound by time, but you are pretty much not bound by any other conceivable metaphysical constraint either. Say Thanos doubles the resources but the universal population grows and the problem remains. He can snap his fingers and do something else to solve the problem. Perhaps re-engineer everyone's biology so that their metabolisms are more efficient. Pretty much any conceivable idea (and probably quite a few inconceivable ones) is fair game if you're omnipotent.
  4. How does it make it worse? He says the problem is that there are too many people and not enough resources. Doesn't increasing the amount of resources solve that problem?
  5. I read another article that made the very good point that, if the Infinity Gauntlet confers omnipotence to the one who wields it, then Thanos could have just as easily solved his "problem" by doubling the amount of resources in the universe instead of killing half the population. I could also see a HISHE for that scenario too.
  6. January 1 is likely an error too. If they are sticking with their normal release window, it should be out sometime in August.

    But I don't see anything fundamentally flawed with the Gakken transformation that would require completely redesigning it. You have fighter mode and soldier mode -- there aren't really too many different ways to get from point A to point B. It's a pretty simple transformation. The engine/legs have to extend and rotate down and forward. The arm pods on top of fighter mode have to extend and rotate down. The intakes have to rotate. If anything, it just needs some minor tweaking for better articulation. The VF-1 has an inherent design quirk around the leg transformation that required a compromise for a real-world toy, so companies had to come up with different solutions. The Legioss doesn't really have the same shortcoming, so implementing the transformation in a real-world toy is pretty straightforward. There's not a lot of room for variation.
  8. Avengers 4

    I could see the writers saying that Thor decides to retire from the Avengers in order help his people recover from the brink of extinction. The big three are clearly moving on, and it makes a lot of sense to have Tony Stark or Steve Rogers go out in a blaze of glory. Killing off all three would be a bit contrived IMO, and there's a very logical and reasonable in-story reason why Thor would not appear in future MCU films. At the same time, it leaves the door open for him to play some role in future movies, perhaps a brief cameo or a small supporting role (the GotG need stop and refuel during one of their adventures, and it happens to be on New Asgard).

    Totally agree. I can totally understand companies having a hard time making a decent, sturdy, well-articulated, perfect transformation MOSPEADA ride armor toy. That's just a difficult design to implement. But the Legioss is not a difficult design compared to many other PT toys. In my head, I'm visualizing the Gakken toy updated with some better proportions and paint details. You'd think they could have pulled this off by now.
  10. Avengers 4

    I've seen a few of these videos and articles that talk about these pictures, and all the curiosity seems focused on the devices on their hands. But personally, I'm more curious as to why 1) Tony Stark is wearing a SHIELD outfit, and 2) why Cap, Ant-Man, and Stark are covered in motion capture dots in addition to their costumes. (1) in particular is a very odd thing to see. If he's not an alternate universe Tony, then him wearing a SHIELD outfit could mean that the continued existence of SHIELD (which so far has only been a thing on the TV side) is *finally* being acknowledged on the movie side. Might there also be an appearance by Phil Coulson? Yeah, I know they have denied for years that the films will ever reflect things going on in TV land, but there's a part of me that likes to think that finally having TV MCU spill over into movie MCU after years of denials would be one of the biggest misdirections of all time, even topping the fake scenes from the trailers.
  11. I think I had the same reaction watching the ending of Infinity War as I did when I saw Prowl bite the dust in Transformers the movie.
  12. Comic books have been undoing character deaths for years to the point of self-parody, and the Infinity Gauntlet comic was the most egregious example of this.
  13. Eaglemoss Star Trek Starship Collection

    I wouldn't say I collect that line in particular, but I do have the Defiant. Purchased it at a local convention. It's pretty decent piece. If you're going to collect a whole line, definitely a lot more attractive than, say, the Diamond Select line, which is a lot bigger and less diverse. I have also have a Hot Wheels Enterprise D and a Diamond Select Enterprise E. The Eaglemoss Defiant appears to be comparable in quality to the Hot Wheels Enterprise E that I own.