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  1. test


    I don't think it would be that hard to have some designer extrapolate updated designs for Houquet/Rook and Yellow/Lancer based on these. It's really just portions of the upper body armor that need updating, since the leg armor is the same across all the characters.

    It's... complicated. It took me about an hour to get it the first time I tried to transform mine.
  4. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    So here's a question -- if HG loses the license and rights revert back to Tatsunoko, HG can no longer sell Robotech DVDs and Blu Rays, nor can they license Robotech for streaming. Tatsunoko could license the animation for various platforms -- but only the Japanese versions, not the Robotech dubs/edits, am I right? Does that mean Robotech DVDs will skyrocket in value on the secondary market??
  5. Live action Robotech movie

    It's been years since I read the novels, but from what I remember, the Sentinels novels were where things really went off the rails. Perhaps because the story at that point was unknown to the general public, so the authors felt like they had a lot of license to crazy things. While there were a lot of completely unnecessary ideas added to the story in the novels based on the regular TV series, there were some things that I thought were good. I liked the little excerpts from fictional publications at the beginning of each chapter -- they added some depth to the story. And it seemed like the authors were making some attempts to address some of the inconsistencies and plot holes in the show with additional dialogue or narration that attempted to explain things. You have more expertise so feel free to correct me, but the impression I get is that these technologies could adequately explain how a battroid/battloid would perform gross movements -- walking, aiming a gun, picking up large objects, etc -- but it wouldn't be sufficient to explain the natural movements that we see them engaging in on the show. For example, getting dressed in an enemy soldier's uniform, slinging a rifle over the shoulder, picking up a girl without crushing her. These movements require fine control and tactile responses that would be hard to duplicate on such a massive scale.
  6. Live action Robotech movie

    Hey, I never said adopting the novel material would make for a *good* movie -- just that it provided them a plausible path to take if they were trying to use ideas that were not directly lifted from Macross!
  7. Live action Robotech movie

    I was thinking that one way they could go is to take the elements of the Robotech novelizations that were added onto the TV show. Those were far out enough that it would be hard to argue they were lifted from Macross. So stuff like Protoculture being more like the Force from Star Wars, Robotechnology being enabled by Protoculture giving machines a lifelike quality, the pilots controlling the mecha through brain interactive interfaces, or the biggest whopper of them all -- Minmei being the mother of Zor via time travel, and thus the focal point of the entire story.
  8. Live action Robotech movie

    Is there any way they can even be "loosely" inspired by the concepts and not invite a lawsuit? There's some level of plausible deniability if the producers claimed they had no knowledge of Macross and ended up making something that sort of resembled those shows. I always thought the re-booted Battlestar Galactica had some resemblance to Macross, but given its origins and development I never assumed that Macross was an influence, especially since the original BSG predated Macross. But everyone knows that Robotech is adapted from the Japanese anime, and everyone knows that the core of what makes Robotech appealing was retained in the transition from Macross to Robotech. Even the most basic premise of "alien ship crashes on Earth and humans reverse-engineer its technology to defend themselves from invaders", there's no way that they can argue that was an original concept that was not influenced by Macross.
  9. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
  10. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Speaking of Voltron, not to go off on a tangent -- but does anyone know how they managed to do the reboot legally? Did Dreamworks work under license from the original Japanese producers of Golion, or was the reboot different enough that licensing wasn't necessary? I'm hard pressed to see how the latter is possible, given that it's pretty similar to the original anime. They even use names from the original anime like planet Altea and the Galra Empire.

    I like the proportions on that Blowsperior kit, especially the legs. The Beagle toy generally has a good sculpt, and the legs look decent when the rider is not armored up, but they look to skinny in proportion to the rest of the toy in armor mode. Whereas the Gakken toy has the opposite problem -- in armor mode, everything looks about right (if a bit boxy or bulky), but without armor the rider's legs look ridiculously huge. The Blowsperior kit splits the difference pretty well.


    I might be in the minority on this one, but one thing I think the producers of Robotech did well was updating the background music when they adapted the original anime -- I'm talking about the instrumental music, not the Minmei stuff. I remember watching SDF Macross for the first time after growing up on Robotech and thinking what a jarring experience it was to watch the same scenes played out with different music. And maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but on the whole, I thought the Robotech music fit better with a lot of the scenes than the original music.

    Jenius, are you attending SDCC as a regular member of the public, or do you get some kind of press/industry badge due to your blog and YouTube channel?

    It sounds like HG/Toynami is trying to cover their bases by making the EVO toys Legioss available for order stateside, while also pursuing their own Robotech-branded Alpha design. Seems not unlike what they did when they produced Robotech-branded MPC Alphas while also importing the Aoshima Legioss.