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  1. I'm definitely liking these more than their SFV counterparts. I'm hoping this leads to a better looking Chun Li as well.
  2. Thanks for throwing out that link-I gotta start building this thing before even more hachette boxes arrive!
  3. Looks like a fun ride; I'm actually looking more forward to this than the animated HUSH film.
  4. Just a heads up: RightStuf has the Kimagure Orange Road TV series BD on sale!
  5. Man, Siege Springer would be an insta-buy if weren't for the weathered paint apps.
  6. I got mine used for $350 2 yrs ago that just had a smudge of red paint that buffed right out. For a brand new one I say $500 - $600 would be a good offer.
  7. I was just browsing for die cast models when this showed up. It's only a static display, but still one hell of a sale.
  8. Yes!! 1 more killer kit that I won't get to build for months...I'm buying two!
  9. The bsnes emulator gets a facelift for HDTVs. Mode 7 never looked better.
  10. I've seen a few Yamato Ingrams come and go at Mandarake during the past year. It's how I got Unit 2, in fact. They are impeccable figures and will be hard to beat by any other company wanting to make another AV-98 toy. Now I just await for a matching Griffon or AV-X0.
  11. Yeah, kinda lame. It's covenient if you don't have the time to make your own, but even then, 16 games seems lacking compared to arcade library Capcom has.
  12. Word on street says it's going to be a plug and play full sized arcade stick pre loaded with Capcom arcade games like Aliens vs Predator, Progear, and Darkstalkers. Price is rumored to be around $200.
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