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  1. PLUM's Gradius IV Vic Viper kit is now up for preorder. I love PLUM, their kits always cater to shooter game nerd in me.
  2. Is a rivet holding the bicep and arm together or a pin? I'd rather go for a part-swap than painting parts, so I say go for the all black arms if you can't separate the bicep from the forearm.
  3. +1 on Evila Star. I just wish it wasn't such a CHORE to transform. I'm hoping FT's Thomas will fare better.
  4. That is just awesome. Did the command car come with the kit?
  5. I was afraid that would happen. I noticed a couple of seams that are little too gappy despite how tight the screws were. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to do the same.
  6. I wonder how far Sentinel is going with this, because I really want an updated Talpa figure.
  7. I can't say most of these new toys tickle my fancy, but Cliffjumper and Wheeljack look rad.
  8. I went to my local Walgreens for chips and saw this. It's been ages since I've seen Gundam in a regular retail store.
  9. I still can't believe Bandai got into this, but here we are. Regardless, that figure looks good, definitely snagging one.
  10. It's quite a handsome valk, no doubt, but I'm already trying to complete the Hachette 2202 Yamato which is already a gonzo build in itself. I agree, for the overall total price this model will command, I do expect Super/Strike packs to be included, but maybe they'll be offered as an absurd exclusive subscription bonus. If the issues for the valk are gonna be anything like the Yamato run, then I expect the first issue to be like 300 yen, then 1800-2000 yen for next 100 or so issues. Hachette has excellent visual guides in their instructions and videos in their Youtube channel. All in Japanese of course, but they're all very clear in what they want you to do. Oh yeah, HLJ and their private warehouse has been great for me in collecting each issue.
  11. First mentioned on page 32 of this thread: http://www.hcj.jp/2202/home.html A few of us are attempting to see it to the end, but only a third of the run has been completed.
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