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  1. Wowsers indeed-lovin the hands!
  2. No school like the old school. Nice classic collection and it all looks to be in great condition-welcome to MW!
  3. Yeah, this looks cruddy compared to the older SAC series.
  4. Yup, it's from TAITO's Space Harrier videogame clone. It actually has more alt modes; which one you get depends on the ending path you choose. As for the kit, there are two versions: the initial silver one and a second "black pearl" edition with a standing pilot figure. They're both molded in color, so they should look ok right out of the box. They look to be both good quality resin kits that will require little clean up, but I can't comment on the build itself since I haven't had time to put either of them together.
  5. I would get one so my Shogo pilot figure could have a toy too. Speaking of which, you guys were not kidding: this is a HUGE box. HLJ finally got tired of keeping my loot.
  6. Congrats! I held off on getting one which in turn freed up the budget for a massive Macross haul. The VF-31 and the armor is pristine, and so is the VF-11C even though it was in used condition. The Monster was missing a couple of stand adapters and needed a little dusting, but it was still in good shape. This all started from looking for a VF-11C, which was kind of a grail item for me, then it just snowballed from there to "save on shipping".
  7. That doesn't sound fun at all. But yes, I'll definitely cover that gap to prevent light bleed-thanks. I figure I'll do the same to the hull when the time comes to fully seal it. On mine, the largest area to cover up so far is near the bow where the anchors are. Speaking of anchors, did your paper clip work-around fix your anchor?
  8. It's gonna take a while. It took a lot less time to go to Iscandar and back.
  9. 42 issues completed and this thing is already heavy. I can only imagine what an absolute unit the completed SBY will be. I'm so glad there are opportunities to test out the wiring and lights as we go. And so far, the lights and gimmicks are working as they should. The light for the wave motion cannon is MEGA bright. I didn't notice the subtle glitter on the surface of the main barrell until the wave motion gun lit up, creating a sparkly effect like it's charging-real nice touch there. But those anchors...that was a bigger PiTA than the teeny Cosmo Tiger. I accidentally jammed a metal pin deep under my fingernail while putting an anchor together. Good times. Anyhoo, I can't progress until the next shipment of issues come in .
  10. I had a great time binge watching The Disasterous Life of Saiki K. I actually didn't expect too much of it, but it turned out to be great gag anime. Now Netflix has new episodes in "Saiki Reawakened" which are next in my queue.
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