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  1. Goodsmile now has my attention: 1/60 Moderoid AV-X0
  2. I experience the same thing. More often than not I get them on backorder, but HLJ pulls through and my order is filled. This happened around the 60th issue. I reckon the demand just got higher as word spread around. I can't say if fewer quantities are being produced; I figure it's just bad timing. Speaking of which, thanks sumyumgoy-I secured #87! I just ordered a warehouse shipment with my 20 or so issues on board. Just in time for my vacation!
  3. All this talk lit a fire under my butt: I dug up the set today. The extra cowl parts and the decals seem intact: Kaneda himself has held up ok. Just doing a prelim check showed his clothing is intact and even the elasticity is good. But the feel of it tells me it's the kind of material that will get brittle easily with sunlight exposure, as Felix pointed out earlier. The bike looks pristine! I'd almost forgotten how big this thing is.
  4. I was able to build this with my boys this past week since they wanted their own helicopter like the one I was building: It's a design from one of the original Universal Building Kits from the 80s. The clear parts are cloudy now and there is a little yellowing in the gray parts, but it's still solid. My boys really want to play with this one too (cue Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries): Finally done! I couldn't figure out how BrickDesigners made the doors slide, but I'm satisfied with my method. I bought a sticker set from them to add a little pop.
  5. Too right, 1/1 scale is hard to beat! The one I have is part of the very small 1/6 scale figure collection in my closet, and I'll be sure to post pics once I get fully unpacked. The McFarlane one is much larger than the Bandai, and the sculpt is quite good. McFarlane just couldn't duplicate all the decals due to legal reasons. The Bandai version has some good die cast content, so it's hefty for its size. IIRC there were two versions, one with a sitting Kaneda figure and one without. IMO, the Kaneda figure is oversized for the bike, especially when you compare it to that i
  6. Nice-this means I'll get mine from BBTS in 2 months!
  7. I still peruse through my old Dark Horse comic issues once in a while. I remember having more fun reading Dominion than Man/Machine Interface and Orion.
  8. Yup, that 1/6 scale bike gets my vote. I've been itching to unpack my set after all these years, but time is never on my side. For something different, there is also the Avro brothers Lego kit, but there are KO's of it out there.
  9. So the entire thing was crossover episode the whole time!? *insert head exploding gif*
  10. It's quite sad to hear. My condolences to his family. On a semi-related note, these kinds of health issues are affecting my family as well, and I think a lot of us are approaching or at that age when that uncomfortable doctor's appointment is due. So please consider getting checked.
  11. I'm in the same boat, I'm down 20 something issues and they're all sitting in HLJ's warehouse. As for other retail sources, I fortunately haven't had to go to another one. HLJ's been good for me in staying current with the issues. However, I've noticed a lot of vendors in Japanese auctions selling varying amounts of the Hachette issues, so that could be alternative if you don't mind using a proxy service.
  12. Yikes, that is quite a sight. Maybe Irohide turns into a leg for an unrevealed combiner mode
  13. So I checked his YouTube link, and I think the list at the bottom left of this page (37.6% unique) is what you are looking for. Is that what you found too?
  14. I'm 95% done with the UH-1, I found myself completely doing the nose over and giving it different proportions than before. I just gotta wait for the finishing touches. On that note, why are black Technic bushing pieces so expensive? I just have a hard time accepting they are THAT rare.
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