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  1. Got the big Snake Eyes box yesterday. Hasbro knocked it out of the park for presentation for their debut figure. I was afraid their packaging would be more impressive than the figure inside, but the figure itself looks great-neatly painted and detailed. I haven't gotten to actually play with it though.
  2. Threezero is gonna have interchangeable parts with their next Ingram so you could either have Unit 2 or Unit 3 along with their respective pilots.
  3. I think my preorder cost over $40. That was early last year though, I haven't checked current prices.
  4. These covers are very cool, Black Valkyrie. I think I'm gonna use them for my Retroarch menu.
  5. Got to pop open my Tomica Vintage Neo F-40: It's just impressive how much detail was crammed in a Hot Wheels scaled toy. The profile looks correct and it even has opening compartments-very cool! Tomytec went all out on this one, and I guess I'm still a sucker for the F40.
  6. Most likely, Voltes here hit the market last October.
  7. I finally got to open my Action Toys Voltes V with all the time I have at home. It's nowhere near the quality level of any comparable Chogokin, and I certainly wasn't expecting that. But at forty bucks, I was willing to give it a shot. Moving features on each Volt unit are essentially nil; you have movable claws on the Volt Panzer and the Volt Lander has flip out drills, but that's all. Combined mode is approximately 5 inches. Everything is plastic and the paint apps are done nicely, with nary a spot of slop. All the Volt units combined easily per the instructions and the only partsforming going on is with the hands/fists with three different pairs to choose from. Swivels and ball joints at the hips, ankles, and shoulders govern the range of motion at the limbs. No waist rotation though, and the head, while on a ball joint, will require the rear half of Volt Cruiser to raise up to look around. The only weapon it has is the sword, no frills here. Overall, it's not too bad of a toy. I would compare its feel to that of a solidly built garage kit. I think any Voltes fan who requires a desk toy to tinker around with would dig it. If anything it just whets my appetite for the humungous DX version that Bandai is working on.
  8. Nice, it's actually cheaper at BBTS than the usual suspects. I haven't ordered anything from Diamond in years.
  9. Looks nice, but I wouldn't expect it to hit the production line in less than four years. Which would still be better than any attempt from TakaTomy.
  10. It's plausible having a Tread as toy/kit hybrid. It might even help keep production costs down. As for Pliobot Inbit, it's gonna be stretch.
  11. Streets of Rage 4 reveals the final character on its roster, who I reckon is a mix of part 3's Dr. Zan and part 2's Max Thunder:
  12. Find a Tomcat near you (or Tomcat crash site) with this handy map.
  13. By all means. I've only been there for a few weeks, and the members seem friendly enough.
  14. You don't see this everyday: More info here.
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