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  1. Same here, just waiting for a couple more things for a warehouse shipment.
  2. Came upon this RidingCepter while perusing through Mandarake. It looks like it's mostly in good shape.
  3. Yeah, that's precisely it. I just got a follow up email regarding the delay.
  4. Just got my request today from Amiami with a shipping charge of 11,530 yen.
  5. Well, I've just given Cyberpunk 2077 a thorough 1st playthrough. Overall, it was a great experience. Very similar to what I experienced in Fallout, but far prettier. Glitches aside, of which there were many, there is definitely much room for improvement. One of my gripes lie in the crafting system: it gets expensive to upgrade an outfit you like to progressively keep up with the gear you find. Equipping clothes with better ratings than my preferred outfit would have my character end up looking like a drugged out (cyber)pimp. And then there are a few perks/skills that seem just like a wast
  6. One last gut punch from 2020. RIP to one of my early childhood crushes.
  7. I have my doubts as well, but I'm willing to take the risk for Death Dealer <ahem> Death Adder. I have a hunch they might use seamless joints for their Mai Shiranui also.
  8. Storm is accepting orders for Death Adder. Note the seamless joints. Yeah, this is SO bought. Crossing my fingers for Tyris as well!
  9. The holiday was busy for me and this PO totally flew over head, I can't believe I forgot. Thanks for this link, I'll give this vendor a shot. My gut says this particular valk will have a greater demand than the rest of the 1/48 DXs.
  10. Totally, it's like clockwork. Whenever I try to look the issues up myself, they haven't been posted yet, so thanks again!
  11. Owch. My suggestion would be to put it in the private warehouse for as long as possible and hope that other shipping methods will be available soon.
  12. I'm about 60+ hours into Cyberpunk. I really should get the main story rolling, but I get busy cleaning up the city of any thuggery. Glitches abound, but nothing gamebreaking so far.
  13. Oh I'm done. My house can only accommodate ONE 1/350 scale space battleship. But that Andromeda does look very cool!
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