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  1. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    At one point, the official Takara God Ginrai gift set was in my preorder basket, but I canceled it when I further considered it's price compared to the Maketoys version. For me, scale isn't a priority, I just want a truly killer representation of God Ginrai and FH and MT are making it difficult for me. Heck, I would've bought Xovergern's Ginrai had it turned out to be a good toy.
  2. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I'm still waffling between this and FansHobby's offering. The struggle is real.
  3. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Those came and went really fast, especially the Flankers. That was a couple of years ago, so at this point Mandarake and Evilbay are probably your best bets. Can't see your pic, David.
  4. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    I'm not 100% sure, but the first decal sheet listed on this site may have the art you're looking for. In 1/72 scale no less. I just got a shipping notice that Hobby Master's F-117 is on its way to me - yay!
  5. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    The markings are painted on. A few have markings that can be added on. Your nose art issue reminds of some custom stickers I made for the 1/48 valks years ago. I made a large drawing of my logo, scanned it onto my PC, and colored it via MS Paint. I then resized the image then printed it on a blank sticker sheet. Maybe the same could be done for your nose art, just print it on decal paper.
  6. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Caracal has the decals in 1/72 scale and in 1/48 scale. Good luck, it sounds like a great present.
  7. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    I think Hobby Master is the only game in town for die cast F-106s for now. I'm surprised they haven't made a MI ANG version yet, it's a cool paint scheme.
  8. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Yeah, it's a slippery slope especially when there are so many good pieces out there. Century Wings' latest VF-84 Tomcat might have the loadout you seek.
  9. Kidslogic robotech SDF-1 statue

    ...and it doesn't transform!
  10. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    That would a damn shame since Hoodlum looks to be a better MP than the official one.
  11. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Eh, the nose on Silverbolt should just be kept straight. It looks weird to have the nose dip and the shape of the canopy to remain the same. But that's just a knee-jerk impression. Overall FT looks like it tried to minimize the jet strapped to a bot's back look, so I'm looking forward to it.

    Yeah, the Legioss is cool and all, but OH MY SWEET WALLET, is that Mekanda Robo getting a combiner toy?! SQUEEEEE!
  13. Arcadia 1/24 Scale Garland

    Goodness, an easy pass on those prices. I'm having a hard enough time coping with the cost of the plain vanilla Garland.
  14. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    What a fun romp through the 80's. My wife and I love the show. I will say this though: if I'm ever digging a hole in the dirt and the hole emits a horrific screeching sound, never in my mind will be an urge to jump in said hole.
  15. Robotech by Titan Comics

    I would rather crap my bowels inside out from eating MREs than look at Titan Comic's version of Minmay again. P.S. The Stroganoff MRE is actually ok!