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  1. Omega Edition officially has my support, and that sketch of Yohko on a Garland is sick!
  2. Cooldudespoolservice.com? C'mon, they OBVIOUSLY sell legitimate Japanese toys.
  3. I don't think the incline is that steep on the real thing. It's just that there is not much room in the space where the landing gear folds into when stowed, so the struts have to be short. The original design had a neat mechanism that tucked neatly and made the most of the room available, but there was no way it was going to sustain all the weight of this beast-it would just collapse onto itself. I reckon it looked great in LDD, but LDD doesn't gravity into account. I had to enlarge the landing gear bay for the gear I made, but at least it works and it all fits when stowed. I was hoping to get a more traditional tan and light brown color scheme, but a lot of the necessary parts did not come in anything close to brown. I will definitely post pics when finished, but there are still a couple of challenges ahead, like constructing a true 5 sided hub for the main rotor (LEGO only likes 2, 3, 4, and 6 bladed rotors for its helicopters), and maybe making a hinged door for the minifig pilot (the hinged canopy can't swing high enough to easily put a minifig in the cockpit). Thanks for the encouragement! Savelsberg's work is truly inspiring. His B-1B is jaw-dropping.
  4. After the Jayhawk, I wanted to work on something that has more teeth. I wish I could say the design is all mine, but 85% of it is from the mind of a fellow AFOL, DarthDesigner. I have a ways to go, but here's the landing gear test:
  5. So it's a documentary on anime made by Netflix that essentially becomes a commercial for anime on Netflix?
  6. As epic as it is, Akira is hard to beat as a manga for me. I still re-ead it every couple of years. Appleseed is an honorable mention. As far anime goes, there are just too many favorites for me. Off the top of my head, there's Kimagure Orange Road, Zillion, and pretty much anything Artmic got involved with.
  7. M'kyuun, thanks for kind words. I was afraid the Jayhawk would be too delicate to play around with, but it has definite swooshibility. BrickDesigners have some clean designs, I'll probably pick up their Augusta 109 chopper plans in the future. I'm digging their Humvee selection as well. I love what Brickmania does and what they focus on, but yeah, their pricing is off the charts. Once I save up for it, I would like to get one of their Pave Low CH-53s. The one thing I am saving up for though is the Avro Lancaster kit from Plane Bricks. All they have are airplanes and their Lancaster is a great piece of work. There is also an Etsy vendor, Kurt's MOCs, that sells aircraft instructions that border on titanic scales, like a minifig scaled B-52 or C-130. I bought his AC-130 plans on a lark just to play around with on LDD.
  8. Thanks, guys! Yeah the design makes a convincing looking Jayhawk. All I changed was adding a rear plate on the elevator to make it solid and reduced the main rotor height by about half an inch. I also added multi colored pieces for the rotor tips. And David, yes it did come with stickers. While I bought the plans from Ebay, the creator's website is BrickDesigners. Attached are pics with the flight crew for scale. *Flight crew not included ☺
  9. Check out this build I did from a design I bought. It came with digital instructions, a parts list, and stickers to dress it up. I had a lot of fun building this thing, and the parts were not of a rare lot, so the total price for parts was just under $100.
  10. Tiny is good for future Tread endeavours. I just shudder thinking of what price Sentinel might ask for a Tread.
  11. Glorious. Genesis breakers...eenteresting.
  12. Pang's Models and Hobbies out of Illinois carries DeAgostini.
  13. It's a great looking Unicron, no doubt. I'm just not a big enough fan. I have the Amazon Armada Unicron from a few years ago, and that does it for me.
  14. I like the biplane just chillin in the corner. Are those Tomcats the ones from Hachette?
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