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  1. Yes, that sounds about right. The box is huge and the gokin itself is hefty. I paid around 12000 yen, but that was because of a Private Warehouse shipment from HLJ.
  2. I stated that I wouldn't be touching Left Alive, but I was too curious about its premium bundle for the PS4 - the so called "Mech Edition", which had considerably gone down in price to low sales of the game itself. I went through the game once, and I would compare my experience to that of playing a generic shooter on a PS3. I certainly didn't play it how it was meant to be played where you would sneakily make your way past augmented soldiers and wanzers while defending yourself by using bombs and traps constructed from all the scrap material strewn all over the place. I tried it that way for a few hours of gameplay and it was just no fun with the dumb enemy AI, the clunky menus, and inconsistent enemy reactions. So for the rest of the game, I opted for the "Casual" setting where ammunition and firearms would be far more plentiful than usual. It's a real damn shame, Left Alive had a a lot going for it: great atmosphere in an eastern European setting, friggin Yoji Shinkawa as a character designer, a decent story, and wanzers-wanzers everywhere! It seems like Left Alive was trying to be the hot new Splinter Cell or Metal Gear experience, not only with Shinkawa's work, but also with certain sound effects and musical cues. The execution was just terrible, and gameplay is no where near the depth of any of the later Metal Gear games. Wanzer combat rounds are too far and few in between, and feel like watered down Armored Core bouts. It was a real trudge of a game. The Mech Edition package contains a vinyl stationary keeper, a steel case for the crappy game, a decent artbook containing containing concept and character illustrations, and most importantly-the star of the show: a toy of the new wanzer design introduced in the game-the Volk: At approximately 7 inches, I would estimate its scale to be around 1/48. The Volk comes with an assault rifle, a shield, a shoulder mounted multi-missile launcher, and a shoulder mounted rail gun, plus an alternate pair of hands: The instruction sheet indicates that this figure is part of Square/Enix's Wander Arts line, and it shows with its excellent paint apps. It has a nice matte dark green scheme and the printed details are crisply applied. It's all ABS and PVC, no die cast here. Articulation at the major joints is regulated by ball joints and swivels which all seem secure for now. Just a couple of notable gimmicks here like the extendable rollers attached to the upper legs and the foldable shoulder mounted rail gun which is as long as the figure's height itself. I love the design on this thing. It certainly looks like it belongs in the Front Mission theater, and it reminds me of a Landmate from Shirow's Appleseed. As a huge Front Mission fan, I can confidently say the Volk is a great toy, I would go so far to say that it would be worthy of a release on its own. In my head, the Left Alive game was the bonus in this package.
  3. Man, I'm just reeling from the nostalgia bomb sh9000 dropped. It's sad that Bandai will most likely not make any matching Boazanian enemies for this Voltes to battle with. Maybe next gen Sofubis?
  4. I Dang, she sounds tedious. I got one on preorder because I couldn't deny her killer Porsche 959 alt mode. I'm hoping FH makes a rally colored repaint.
  5. For kicks, I tried out Nin-Nin Game, and their shipping price was around $160 IIRC.
  6. Maybe Hasbro is finally taking cues for inspiration. The pic above was already pointed out here a long time ago, but here is the source. The A-Team van as a Bulkhead-style character would be an insta-buy for me.
  7. Heh, fine by me. I'm saturated with the VF-1 by now. I'll take a gigantic, classic super robot combiner over a VF-1 at this point, even if it is Roy's. As for that YF-21 however...
  8. No sweat-I figured I wasn't the only one waiting for this to drop.
  9. Page for HLJ's entry This is Hobbysearch's entry Here is Amiami's For Nippon Yasan Hobbysearch and Nippon Yasan's offerings are already closed. ...and now Amiami's is closed.
  10. Well shoot, that was quicker than I anticipated. I'm sooo IN.
  11. I placed an order for the Sinanju last year was and led to think that ShowZ dropped the ball. Just when I was thinking of claiming a Paypal loss, the blingy bastard actually made it to my porch.
  12. So far so good, my Legioss seems ok. There was a flash of impending gloom when I saw a loose, tiny round part lying on the packaging tray, but it was just an intake cover that popped off. The pilot figure is loosy goosy and will come apart easily, but it's nothing compared to how great this Legioss is. It removes the bad taste Evolution Toys left behind, and it leaves me hoping for a Tread from Sentinel's Riobot line or their plastic model offshoot line.
  13. So you want to be a RAF Phantom pilot? Seeing their analogue flight simulator at the 22:30 mark was intriguing.
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