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  1. I binged it over several days and just finished it. Having read the first series, I felt it was a little odd that they also made some significant changes to characters' personalities. Deviation from the comic helped expand a lot on the characters, though the TV series felt like it's doing its own things altogether (the MCU comparison is pretty apt). Plus it feels more grounded seeing it on TV. What was jarring for me though, were the occasional plot holes, and complete character personality change between episodes. Starting on the second comic series now, I realize there are certain characters and plot elements plucked from the laster series as well. It would be interesting to see how the series continues, having deviated so much right now. Side note: For some odd reason, I've always found Ellen Page characters to be unlikable, and it is somehow the same here. Her character just feels unlikable, despite being rather pitiful.
  2. Judging by the first Metal Build Mazinger, I figured this wouldn't sell out that quickly either. Not to mention there being more Gundam fans in general who like the Metal Build stuff, whereas the Mazinger Infinity designs are relatively new.
  3. SaitouSad

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for posting the CD Japan links. I was in absolute despair (not really) when all 3 big sites were a bust. This just reinforces the fact that I may never be able to score a DX Chogokin or Metal Build off the big 3 sites ever again.
  4. Probably because they went with this look (and apparently he is often seen with 3 robotic arms, though I understand it's possible to have 4?).
  5. The price came as a surprise at first, till I realized this was 1/6 scale. I'm not sure why they suddenly decided to jump to this scale, but the pricing is in-line with their 1/6 Ultraman figures under the Gentinel brand. Wonder if this means they may bring the Iron Man armors to 1/6 scale too.
  6. Everywhere was a dud except for HLJ, which kept me at checkout pg 1 and 2 for over an hour before finally kicking me back to Shopping cart to say it was out of stock. What a load of crap. I cannot imagine being able to remotely secure a DX Chogokin or any Metal Build down the road on Amiami and HLJ with their fancy but horribly slow sites. Maybe it's a sign I should quit the hobby...
  7. Can't check out at CDJapan too. Seems the remaining stock are spoken for as people check them out
  8. Apparently it's from Grant Morrison's Nameless
  9. I've gotten it for about a month now. I know.. I really shouldn't support the Robotech license... but still, I kinda wanted one. It's actually not bad. A bit like those Star Wars Marching speakers. You can link several up to dance together too if you'd like. If you guys wanna know anything, I can try to answer them when I get off work.
  10. What barurutor said is absolutely true. DX Chogokin prices here are crazy high here, which is why most of us simply import it (assuming we get through the mad rush). That being said, seeing as you're visiting Singapore, and I have a spare RVF-25 with Super Parts to let go (it's been boxed up long ago, but I just never got around to selling it), do let me know if you're interested, and we could work something out.
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