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  1. Darn, it seems to have been taken down, or sold out. I always miss out when this collection
  2. Oh, I know them. Their P-Bandai stuff is almost always very expensive, and they always get stock cut for Metal Builds.
  3. I collect a number of 1/6 and large figures from ThreeZero myself, so this would fit right in. The current prices of the original are also what's tempting me to get it. Maybe I'll watch a review video before ordering (couldn't quite find a written one for some reason)
  4. nice. I'm still not quite sure if I want it. I've long stopped being a big fan of the series, but there's something quite alluring about having a giant EVA-01 figure on display.
  5. Maybe the fact the Medicom put up a reissue preorder on the same day, for the RAH EVA-01 is a sign they're well aware people aren't going to be able to get this, so why not get a tall (390mm) EVA-01 instead
  6. Unbelievable. Managed to get one off Amiami (it was closed, then reopened after awhile).
  7. Well, it wouldn't be the first time HLJ has done that. I'm just surprised it still happens
  8. off course, i have to sit in for a meeting half an hour before the PO goes live and get stuck in it for 2 hours to be able to preorder one
  9. Thank you for this. Without the link, I would not have seen it come back up in the F5 storm. Fingers crossed that they honour the order.
  10. Was refreshing and it suddenly came back! got one in. Fingers crossed this isn't one of their "oops we accidentally put out too many preorders" thing.
  11. Really kinda defeats the purpose of a reissue since they're usually plentiful when it comes to doing those. Maybe we'll see another reissue when the Unit 0 and 2 comes around
  12. let's be real here though. Metal Build scalping IS a real problem. It is just compounded by Bandai's refusal to make more, high demand, AND lousy servers on the big sites.
  13. this is so infuriating. I managed to add to cart, then when logging in, it keeps giving me errors due to "server busy". Then finally tells me it can't find my cart info and I gotta start over, and off course it sells out in the interim Maybe it's time to quit this hobby...
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