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  1. Call your bank I guess and as per previous advise, tell your bank it was expected within 30-90 days I suppose
  2. My paypal payment is way over the 180 days. I should have been more diligent in pressing NY instead of believing they'd pull through. If you paid via Paypal, you'd best file a dispute right away if your payment is within the last 6 months
  3. So I got the dreaded email from NY, telling me they do not have stock for the SSP. I am absolutely livid now, as this is already pass the 180 days (I'll still try to file a dispute with Paypal though), Update: my dispute got rejected automatically... NY really got one on me this time
  4. I got a similar email as well and I am absolutely livid. I'm thinking if i could get them to issue a refund, since this is really more of their issue.
  5. welcome to Macross preorder hell. This literally happens almost every Bandai DX Chogokin drop. There were a few exceptions but for the vast majority they were like this.
  6. Been F5ing since earlier so I'm glad they finally put more up Finally got one in
  7. it's up again on Amiami!!!!
  8. Please tell me these guys accept Paypal?
  9. Bandai being Bandai will probably reissue these many releases later without the stand. I bet the DYRL one will be even worse.
  10. I had it! But then this crap happens
  11. Cart jacked on HLJ! Dammnit!
  12. this round was pretty much as bad as the VF-1S Hilkaru for me. Kept getting either cart jacked or the site just did not load. The only reason I managed to get the Hikaru was because I was in Japan around the release date and managed to snag one from Tamashii Nation itself. I doubt I'll have the same luxury this round, so this whole thing has been extremely frustrating as usual, and I blame Bandai for always allocating so little preorder slots.
  13. wait.. what Ride armor is this? It even has articulated fingers!
  14. They just brought out 3 more boxes. I think word will soon get around and these will disappear once people start coming with their spouses and family to buy extra (dude in front of me bought 1 extra using his gf / wife)
  15. Thank you so much @Lolicon for the info. I lucked out everywhere including Akiba but decided to visit Tamashi Nations anyway I'm paying for 1 right now! Turns out Bic Camera is limiting 1 per customer and they're even asking if the name on the passport and cc are the same (though he didn't seem to check anyway) Also the cashier was a chinese dude (just something I just noticed when another Chinese customer spoke to him asking how many boxes were sold). If any of you are still around Akiba,do consider dropping by to try your luck (also Nagano Broadway is p
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