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  1. hello, all @Blitzcat I use 3d Max, Quixel and 3Dcoat for modeling. See you soon
  2. Hi, it's good, it's a public update, I changed the FX and the type of weapon for the Zentradi flak for more efficiency so it's normal that you see less laser on the Heavy units Zentradi. See you soon.
  3. Because the defaut map of HomeworldRm are too small, i going to made some more large and i will activate the folding jump for Zentradi and U.N.SPACY.
  4. Hello, I do not know how you have done because the mod is currently diffused restricted to my friends, but you have managed to download a test version not opti and certainly defective, so either a little patient we are in test phase with The version that has to go out and if it's alright it's released today or tomorrow.
  5. Hello, I'm in the realization, music is converted to the right format I'm looking for a script that was randomly playing music.
  6. Hello, all, the Zentradi invasion coming very soon. See You soon.
  7. Hi, Yes we would like to have other mods of game, like a survival mod where all the epochs would be gathered on the same map and even solo missions and solo campaigns reporting the main events of the different series. For now it is not possible because I still have to learn how to do all this. @Focslain, If you are motivated to do solo campaigns and solo missions there are plenty of tutorials on the forums relicnews, forums gearbox and other forums, below a links of the forums gearbox with very good tools and tutorials . https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/modding-tutorials-master-thread/694826 The mechanics of HomeworldRM and Homeworld2 are almost the same but there are some differences so be careful. See you soon
  8. @NZEOD https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rl4vr2kwyits95/macross%20sound%20effect.rar?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/skyjybx0z6msr7h/SFX.rar?dl=0 I think you going to find some interesting sound in this archive. Have fun.
  9. Hello everyone, some news, I work on the conversion of all units already included for compatibility with version 2.0 and I take to rework some textures (ugly). But on Friday my main screen (32 ") is dead. I am working on a very old secour screen TFT 15" (my eyes bleed) this really not very comfortable, I have to get my screen in 3-4 weeks. During this time I work on other aspects of the model, how to integrate Meltran, a new race or a reinforcement for Zentradi, tree searches of each race, which highlight Units for each periods of the saga, make a winked at the Robotech series or make another mod later. See you Soon.
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