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  1. FYI all, the fastpack for VF-2SS is now available for pre-order on HobbyJapan. Cheers
  2. Hey there, Charlie,.. sorry about the late reply,.. I haven't visit here for a while. But to answer your question my copy is an imported version (Copy). Mine is VOXP, a better bug fix version of VO. Basically they are the same from sound to game play. So what do you need? If you want a copy you will have to wait cause I had it at my parents place.. where I will be back in late june. Glad tohelp

  3. i've been living in hong kong for 10 years, please get back to me, i'll make this worth your while. whatever you need to find, i can help.

  4. here's the entire BGM for allegedly the old VO on nico


    the video says its VO, but mine isn't like this at all. Did the original VO you played sound anything like this? does VO have the same music as VO?

  5. i bought my VO import in hong kong back in 2002, here's photos of the games i sold in my 2005 auction


    i've read your earlier post, you 're the only person who can help me here.

    do you recall VO having the same music in the opening or bgm-wise as VOXP?

    if only my burnt cd hadn't died.

    i live in H...

  6. Anybody here got or found any review for the new Tetsujin28>? THX
  7. About RIAA

    http://www.asu.edu/security/aware/2007/hughes.htm You might say that the RIAA sues first and asks questions later, but it looks like tomorrow at Arizona State it will be more accurately described as suing first and taking questions later. That's because the RIAA wants to have an "open dialogue" with the young defendants of America, so is coming to the campus as part of their Security Awareness Week. Yes, they'll be taking it to the streets to talk to kids about copyright infringement, P2P downloading, and taking pictures of those in attendance for evidence in future lawsuits. Gizmodo readers in the area, please go, bring your smarty pants, and don't let them get out of there without hearing your nasally, nervous diatribe against their practices. Do it for the children! –Adam Frucci FROM GIZMODO
  8. 300 the Movie thread

    Kid, If you don't see the push of some particular issue than you don't. I can't help you with that and I'm not about to start one either. Historical or not, it's just a movie at least to me. Kid, don't read too deep into it.
  9. 300 the Movie thread

    The movie was sure entertain but I'm disappointed of how much BS they shuffle into it.. eg. the scene when the queen speak infront of the house.. .. I'm sure that scene itself was funded by the republican party.. it's sad that our goverment try to sent us (citizen) message through our movies.. it's just my 2 cens. Overall.. it's a very good movie.. I sure enjoy the orciale scene.. yes I do...
  10. Graham, By chance you know the price range? OR that's on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS? =). L.,
  11. New Yamato 1/48 GBP Pics

    Any specific on the relase date? I do admit it's a bit pricey.. just the GBP could cost $150 shipped. But they do look nice.. L.,
  12. Futuristic Jetfire?

    wow.. at least use more sharpee to finish the job.. the idea is not bad... but good lord... ... nuf said...
  13. Sin City - the movie

    Saw the movie last night. I totally agree with all of your comments, but there's a couple of moments which got my guts turn a bit. One in particular is when the proll-office got captured in the cell with that guy from the "goldi" story, then went into describing how the pysco-kid ate her hand and making her watch in the process was just a bit much for me. And the next will probably be the dog part, which I won't go into details to avoid spolier but for those who saw it, you know what I'm talking about. Overall, I think it's a great movie. Very intense characters and for sure not a family movie or ones with a faint heart. Try to avoid a big dinner before watching this movie might help a bit. L.,
  14. Fewture Getter Robo ala Maz.1901

    According to the picture, it said EX metal. So, I presume this Black Getta is gona be pretty heavy and metal base? I wonder if it also went for the other 3 normal getta. Just curious.,. L., PS. With my limited Japanese, I believe it said HJ(Hobby Japan) limited sale Check HJ April issue for release detail. (Feb 25th for sale).
  15. Tha's the one!! THX y'all L., PS. anybody know when will this be coming to US?