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  1. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    That would be cool. But seems like "Orguss" is stuck in the high-priced MegaHouse label for now. I swear... those damn palm figures (and the recent 8" toys) are the most over-priced things ever. Like, is there cocaine stashed in those things or something?
  2. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    When it comes to the HMR line, I don't even transform mine (maybe once out of the box, just to get it into the mode I want as its final "display piece") – but for some reason, knowing it can transform makes 'em that much better. It's kind of like knowing what's under the hood of a sports car even though you may only take it to its fullest speed a few times. Thankfully, there are enough variants in the HMR line to where you can leave them static and still have an assortment of modes to look at.
  3. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    It's inevitable. Would also like to see some of the Macross Zero stuff as well. Off the top of anyone's head: What was the longest period that no HMR's were announced – then boom!! – all of the sudden, they surprised us with some new releases from the left field?
  4. Hence this sticker: (but I noticed the Series 2 versions did not have these stickers)...
  5. @jvmacross , in your last post, I noticed those VF's don't have the Tatsunoko stickers on them. Hmmm...
  6. Here are some random newspaper advertisements featuring CONVERTORS (source: http://www.battlegrip.com/category/cheap-transforming-robot-toys/):
  7. KO's or the real thing? That's one of the ones I want to get for sure. Must be impossible to find MISB. Hmm, I own a 1/40 Orguss Nickik, and the thing is like a rock. Never thought of it as breakable?
  8. I've seen conversations about the Convertors toy line in random places in this forum, but I didn't see a topic dedicated to the line, so I decided to start one. To start off, just wanted to share a recent purchase I made: (Sorry for the crappy video, I'm no @jenius) Some general info about this toy line (via Wikipedia): The Convertors were a line of action figures manufactured by Select in the 1980s. Often compared to the more famous Gobots and Transformers, the Convertors were a line of toys which came out at about the same time and featured robots who changed form. The Convertors licensed some of their toy designs from Bandai just as was done for the Transformers, meaning some of the toys looked very similar.[1][2] The molds for Convertors were later knocked off by other toy companies.[3] Convertors toys were featured in a display in the 1985 J. C. Penney Christmas catalog.[4]
  9. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Define modern plastics (not being a smart ass, I really wanna know!) Are HMR modern plastics?
  10. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    That's what I hate about the bright white valks. They're expensive little suckers and they just rot. Sure, you can take extra care of them (wear gloves, no sun exposure, cool/dry weather conditions). This is why I like the HMR line. They don't really cost an arm and a leg (like the 1/60s, 1/48s, etc), and you won't end up with a bunch of yellow expensive gunk. At least with the off gray (or any "color" plastic) it doesn't really show as much. I've been through them all, and the HMR line is my last stand for Macross toys (decent price point, the most collectible "scale" and assortment). The DX Chogokin VF-1J is nice, but a few years from now that $300 bucks will look like someone's teeth.
  11. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Was always a fan of the white on the VF-1A HMR (grayish white). I know they're Anime-accurate, but the bright whites always made the toys look cheap. It's really annoying for the VF-1J HMR in particular, (since, out of the entire HMR line, it sticks out like soar thumb because of the bright white). As of now, it's the only HMR I don't own (for that reason), but I might just pick it up for "completion" purposes. Aren't the bright whites more prone to yellowing as well? Thanks for reposting the photo Jenius.
  12. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    I just made a large order similar to yours (my shipping came up to $100 as well). With a big ass box like this, will it be an issue with customs?
  13. I think it's time to bring this thread back to life. A lot of good stuff here. Maybe some of the people who haven't seen this topic has some stuff to add. =) Mods, if I'm doing something wrong by bumping this back up, I totally understand if you undo me. Respectfully...
  14. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.
  15. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    So did the Monsters go out of production, then back into production due to a vote? (hence, it's steady price range). Has any of the HMR's ever go through the above situation?