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  1. is working towards complete and utter global domination. Um after i'm done the dishes!

  2. I do understand your reasons behind the pessimism about Robotech, HG and the like. I also understand that what im doing may sound crazy and impossible, but this is mainly a way of teaching myself the concepts of Digital Video and 3D design. More an experiment than anything else. But its interesting to note that I never dabled on 3D until I decided to make a Robotech/Macross fanfilm. You can say that the Valkyrie and Battlepod are really my first CG designs ever. Im HONEST about this. I never took up CG prior to my decision to make a Robotech fanfilm. So who knows, if I continue to learn CG and video editing at the pace im setting, it could happen. BTW, I havent textured my models yet or worked on the lighting. I think after I texture the models they should drastically improve. I do need help in this area, so please be free to critic my CG models, the better quality of my CG fanfilm is, the more likey that Macross and Robotech could see more fan exposure due to high interest in internet fanfilms and this could lead to introducing new fans to this community based on Robotech/Macross. Im really tired of the Star Trek and Star Wars fanfilms, I think Robotech/Macross deserve a fan representation, dont' you agree? Anyway, theres' something about making fanfilms thats quite satisfying, fanfilms are a great way of making new friends, especially in areas where we do have a common interest like Robotech/Macross. Im planning to take the fanfilm setting away from the events onboard the SDF-1 and focus instead on the crew of ARMD's, unsung heros who've lost their lives in the intial battles with the Zentraedi, focus more on their stories which still include valkyries and the such, but give more of a story element to the commanders of the ARMD's and possible destroid pilots. As well, I believe there should be a way to validate the earths (UN SPACY) reason to keep the SDF-1 away from earth, hearing their side of the story from their point of view. Understanding this may help give simpathy to some of the ARMD's. I dont' think they were a useless military warship. And I would like the opprotunity to fix this bad image of them in this case. I like ARMD's in terms of their comparison to their real life counterparts in the US Navy aircraft carriers, and the concept does bear well in real life possibilities of the militarilization of space. I think the creators of Macross made this small mistake in making them far too weak. I cant' dab any further as it will expose too much of the plot. But I'll let you know more about the fanfilm when things move further along. BTW thanks, if the Robotech fan film does well, I will attempt at making a macross specific fanfilm.
  3. Looking for men and women living in the Toronto/GTA area who are interested in volunteering their time in the creation of a Robotech/Macross fanfilm series. No acting experience is necessary. For more information you can contact me via email at soaresrui@yahoo.com or visit my Robotech Rebel Force fanfilm website at Robotech Rebel Force Fanfilm Thank you for your time and patience.
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