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  1. I'm just glad to read that they're not making it an outright comedy. That's what keeps killing most of these old TV show adaptations.
  2. I know I've said this before, but I really wish they'd stop using that textured fabric for superhero costumes. Back in the 90s I bought a BMX bike, that had a similar fabric on the seat. It's all I can think of, when I see these super-suits.
  3. *looks through last page of thread* Yeah, I think I'll just stick with Atomc Robo....
  4. A dreadnought battlestar? Dreadstar? Cool!
  5. Bubbles? My experience with Smooth-On is that the stuff may be carbonated. So many bubbles.... I'm a fan of PolyTek's resins, but Smooth-On does make good mold rubber.
  6. I'm from Ohio. That's not that impressive. Our rivers have been known to do that, without the dragon.
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