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  1. zerocool

    Macross skins in Ace Combat

    Well I'm a happy camper got it to work I follow this guide if any one need help http://digiex.net/guides-reviews/console-guides/xbox-360-guides/8109-xbox-360-vpn-setup-xbox-live-buy-dlc-games-demand-japanese-market.html
  2. zerocool

    Macross skins in Ace Combat

    i follow the lonewolf walktrue and i get is This item isn't avaible from my current location, any ideas
  3. zerocool

    Happy Birthday MW! 10th Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday guys!
  4. cool i'm so there so if any one wants to carpool whit me i work for u.c.l.a so i have a parking permit so any one drop me a line a live in the city of azusa i can probably get permission to park some cars on the C.H.S building
  5. zerocool

    comision work

    can some one close this topic thank you
  6. zerocool

    comision work

    yes i want to match the color
  7. zerocool

    comision work

    Well i'm thinking on buy a aoshima alpha and i was wondering if any one will paint the toy to match the toynamy color and do some panel marking i think that what is call thank you
  8. hello is there a picture whit toynamy beta and a Aoshima alpha i will like to see how much color difference is thank you
  9. hello i will like 3 xxl thank you
  10. zerocool

    final shirt design order here

    ok i will ned you guys to pm me your info so i can guive you a total for the shirts
  11. zerocool

    final shirt design order here

    ok problem fix sorry guys ok will place the order for the shirts on fry so last chance and yes there is no fee for local pick up
  12. zerocool

    final shirt design order here

    ok orders have been up dated i will guive you guys one more week to order, so i can star collecting money.
  13. i'm taking over the shirt orders all i need is name, size,and how many, total is $15.00 + Shipping . Mechamaniac 2 xxl MechaVegeta 2 xxl Jasonc 1 xl UN Spacy 1 M BoBe-Patt 1 xl mechatek 1 xxl Stampeed Valkyrie 2 xxxl Malich 1 xxl Logan 1 M Dean 1 L