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  1. Anybody know what’s up with ssp from nippon yasan?? Mines been bought and paid for since day 1 and won’t even reply to my messages :(
  2. sil80jdm

    DX YF-19

    Regret getting rid of mine when it came out, anybody got a spare they can hook a brotha up with
  3. Just as the title says, have lots to trade or will buy for a good price thanks!
  4. Where did you po the missiles I can’t seem to find it on NY
  5. @nathans82 great seller and fellow macross addict
  6. Back up on hlj http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749
  7. http://hlj.com/product/BANN08749 go!
  8. Great transaction with blackconvoy_D01!! Thank you again my friend!
  9. dude thanks so much for verifying =)
  10. now since in the old pics from last year the super parts were mounted on a v1 vf-27 anybody have a chance to see if the super parts will fit a v1 vf-27..
  11. Anybody try to fit a v1 fold booster on this bad boy yet?
  12. I must be in the minority I love the mint green
  13. Just double checked my account and definitely didnt get a payment request... That's really weird it's going in my private warehouse anyways so not in a rush but hope its not a mistake and I lose it somehow
  14. Best shot is hlj when their invoices get sent out, still didnt get my payment request so might go up late tonight or tomorrow
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