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  1. Just got in the SX-01 Thunder Warrior because I’m a sucker for the F4 Phantom. Size comparison with a DX VF-1. I’ll post plane pics once I transform him.
  2. Keith, where did you get those details? I’ve seen all the Evangelion series and movies and never heard any of that in them.
  3. Well done. The carded examples of this line have gotten super pricey these days!
  4. Same for me. I’ve tried opening cases and doing their chat and the result has been jack shite. Even if you pursue store credit, form others’ experiences they only try to squeeze more shipping out of you for some other item that will not actually ship either. I hope they implode soon.
  5. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    Also interesting that the tail wings do not have the black stripe with Jolly Roger painted on them. Years on a Takatoku warehouse shelf! It’s the toy version of barn find dream. Not sure I would’ve had Kawamori sign this particular piece.
  6. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    What was the description on the Yahoo auction? Did the seller claim it was the jet fire packaging prototype? Or mention how they got hold of it?
  7. Where the hell is the live chat option on their site? I don’t see it.
  8. Looks really good. They got a lot of the visuals correct that the technology at the time of the 1984 film couldn’t deliver, e.g. the thopters look like dragonflies and the worm scale and movement.
  9. I have 4 SSP sets ordered since 6/2019 and they have not responded to my ticket. I put in a week ago. I know one thing, I’m never ordering from these f*cks again.
  10. It’s true, I bought a new VE-1 back in the day that came with the jet fire armor rather than correct domed packs. Didn’t include the heat shield either if remember correctly. There was no warning from the seller so I was quite unpleasantly surprised. This was before internet was ubiquitous - old school mail order - so not much recourse. I believe it was from The Robot Store in New York. The same outfit that ran ads in Comico’s Robotech comics. I still have one of their old photocopy catalogs somewhere.
  11. I remember being at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall in 1984. They were riding high on the robot toy craze but everything they had was a bootleg or repackage of the real deal. They had a huge stack of LionBot deluxe sets and a a giant wall of Convertors. It was glorious. I bought the VF-1S Convertor. I remember the girl at the counter was wearing a dog collar. Lol, the 80’s.
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