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  1. Wonder where the old Arnold T800 comes from? Hope it’s not the same one they melted at the end of T2. Sad not to see Furlong in the trailer. Hope they dried him out long enough to have more than a bit part.
  2. I think he’s a little too tall. If his mid-section piece were a little shorter it would be better. I’m guessing it’s how they will vary the size of the other male figures. Also the helmet sits too high on his head and the way they make the space mask attach to the helmet makes the sides too short in atmospheric mode.
  3. Did the Max 1A preorder on MyKombibi ever go live?
  4. Origin of Valkyrie series - the last round of reissues - are the priciest for a few reasons: - very low production runs due to reissue fatigue from 2002 and modern Yamato product - Hikaru 1J finally got the swappable heat shield - DYRL Super VF-1A Max and Hikaru had never been done before in 1/55 Too bad sales were low because we may have gotten more first time in 1/55 models had it been able to continue. They also teased new head sculpts at one point.
  5. The black lion in that set was made with plastic that has become notoriously brittle with age, just like the one in their giant Ultimate Voltron has. They can crack apart while trying to form or separate Voltron so beware if you decide track one down.
  6. No, the only lions that can pull off that pose are the Yellow and Blue lions from the Toynami Ultimate EX. And it’s black lion can do a decent sit as well but not as good as the other two. It’s a great piece even though it’s Toynami.
  7. Right now you can get 15% off eBay toy purchases with code PLAYTIME15 and also get 8% on eBay bucks. Using that, you can score a knock off Hikaru with SSPs for about $142 shipped and also get $13.20 back in eBay bucks.
  8. Definitely, the EX is a lightweight compared to the mostly die cast Arcadia. It can be difficult to find a balance when posing and the elbows spin too easily. But I’m willing to forgive a lot considering the difficulty of making a perfect transformation toy of this design with those spindly legs. I wouldn’t pay full boat for it, but as it continues to slide into clearance prices I may pick up another.
  9. More comparison between the EX and Arcadia garlands. They are roughly the same length in bike mode but the extending calves of the EX give it a clear height advantage.
  10. I really like it! I’ve been wanting to pair these two bikes in a diorama since seeing this race track drawing in the May 1991 Hobby Japan. Just need to source some track tech and an umbrella girl figure.
  11. Snagged the Freeing EX=Garland at a pretty good discount. Maybe I got a better copy than standard because it stays together fairly well. And was happy to find it’s basically the same size as the Arcadia 1/24. They look great together. I figure with all the scale shenanigans the manufacturers pull to try to fit the rider inside, the numbers don’t mean much.
  12. Got the Minmay and it’s really well done. I think the head on the Rick is a terrible Hikaru likeness though, not even close. I’m going to order it just for the body and use these CMs heads on them instead.
  13. They’re getting really good with the rubber muscle suits these days. I like the new style but wish they had kept the glyph designs embedded in Hellboy’s skin like in The Golden Army.
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