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  1. I’ve been trying to think of any instance in all the previous movies where fuel was an issue or even discussed. And now suddenly it is the central plot point of TLJ. Also,:
  2. He say you Blade Runnah TWO!

    They owe Kawamori a credit and royalty since the giant hologram pointing at Gosling's character is a straight rip from Macross Plus.
  3. Robotech by Titan Comics

    You and Seito , please post your thoughts on the Antarctic series Robotech: Covert Ops!
  4. 1/24 Freeing E=X Garland

    Did they give any release date?
  5. Atomic Blonde - July 2017

    I saw a screening of this a couple weeks ago. It was surprisingly good, especially if you were a teen in the 80s.
  6. ?? VF-1J Robotech Masterpiece Battery Replacement ??

    FYI - You can get a pack of four of the correct size batteries at Dollar Tree stores. Cheapest you will find them I'd say.
  7. Rare (very) valkyrie VF-1S robotech Lansay

    Also, the manufacturer is Savie , not Lansay.
  8. Rare (very) valkyrie VF-1S robotech Lansay

    That's a Hergoss WF-1S . They were sold in France but manufactured in Macau. As 1/55 bootlegs go, they are very well made with quality plastic and they added little extensions to the tips of the tail fins that you can see in his pics. I have one in the box.
  9. FedEx Customs Fees

    I"m in the US and got hit up for a $29 Fed Ex customs fee last year. They send you the bill after the item is delivered. Last time I ever used those jackwads. Must have been with HLJ because I don't think Nippon Yasan uses them.
  10. Arcadia 1/24 Scale Garland

    Translation: I have not had much time,2017 WF Continuing our booth exhibition in winterI will write it.Hello.We are in charge of mechanical supportIt is Misuteki.The world seems to have blooming early blooming cherry blossoms,It began to be warmer now,How is it going?Well, it is the continuation of the last time,This time it will be introduction of 23 mega zones items. First of all it is the same as last time but panel display on the wall.It is a form called moromoro's exhibit on the display stand.To say the thing exhibited,The main garland. It is a flyer (unusual) distributed at the venue.If you enlarge it you can read the details ....AndThe back of the leaflet.Booklet information that will be bundled with the product will be posted!That "Atsuki Tsukasa" drawsI asked for official Gaiden comic strips.Such expectation.It is Garland.Deco mass that made his own coloring exampleI exhibited it in two forms.It is red.For rough movements, see a leaflet ~.And prototype of prototype Garand.Is it because it is gray?It looks slender · · ·.And the panel behind!The picture on which Shogo boarding,Lower row is La ... Lightning?(I'm still considering it, but I want to do it.I'm preparing another official cartoon comic for me too! So, I kept you waiting.I am eager to commercialize (I am)Reference exhibition of Hagan and Porter! It is!(※ The decision on commercialization has not been decided.) With the cooperation of passionate bizarre,Hagan's output goods are includedBlock porter bomb / birthday!As for Hagan to be made with great care,It is deformable on 1/24 while conducting deformation consideration.※ Exhibits are not movable.furtherAlso placed before and after Garland,Image running on highway in play!(I hope it looks like ...)In addition to the exhibition,To check size and gimmick etcIt is also a model I made.It will be fun to be like this ~.Hagan, I want to transform it ~. By the way, information such as release time and price,I will announce it soon. Oh, that's right.Anything Mega Zone 23's new animation and remake versionIt seems that the project is progressing.Let's all get excited!As I said, WF our booth report was ~.Continue, thank you!Congo tomorrow!
  11. All things Voltron

    Playmates is making a DIECAST Legendary Defender version combiner that will stand 9 inches in Voltron combined form. For release in October 2017 timeframe. You can see the diecast lions in this video along with other wave 2 offerings like pilot figures
  12. The Wolverine FILMS (X-Men Universe)

    Does the something "robotics" name on the side of that water tower have some significance?
  13. 1/55 Mods - Let's list them all here...

    Not a claw, it's the thumb and the side of hand by the index finger. You know, the V shape between your thumb and finger. The fingers are on the other side of the barrel. Think of how your own hand would look wrapped around a big pipe. Same deal.
  14. Orguss is B A C K

    Opposite of that. The head is all one piece of transparent red plastic and they painted the brown on, leaving the eye shapes unpainted.