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  1. If the part is thick enough, sometimes I would put a pin through it (e.g. wire or paperclip). BTW, I highly recommending getting Mr. Metal Primer to prime your kit before painting.
  2. At least we know there's the Luka and Mikhail models which DO come with superpacks... hopefully a full-armor Ozma is coming soon I would be surprised if the Alto version were to be re-released with the super pack though - usually when Bandai makes a limited edition release, they will not release the exact same thing as a normal release (this is always the case for Kamen Rider, Gundam etc... ). Even if there is to be a re-release of the Alto valkyrie with some form of a super pack (= same mold), it'll either be with different markings or in a different color. Which leads me to believe there might be slight variations for the movie That's just the way Bandai likes to do things - make people buy multiple copies of the same thing (well... in most ways same). For all intensive purposes, that might be sufficient for people who just want to have a Super VF-25 in some way, shape or form.
  3. another way that works is, depending on what your base coat is (e.g. if you used mr. hobby or gaia notes lacquers), mix enamel paint with lighter fluid until it's thin, and use a brush to wash the panel lines - afterwards, just use q-tips/cotton swabs dipped in lighter fluid and wipe off the excess. it's easy to do and fast. this works only b/c enamel thinner (lighter fluid in this case) does not desolve lacquer paints. if you're not painting the model, this definitely works as well and yields good results. i'd watch out for scratch marks in the plastic though (good idea to go through and sand the whole model to a flat finish to remove signs of flash and gates anyway).
  4. great episode! it really moved the plot along. if this is really "the true beginning" as they say, we might be in for one big rollercoaster ride for the next 11 or so episodes - maybe along the lines of m7's pacing towards the end hopefully
  5. I think Bandai is just taking a more cautious approach due to the price of materials these days. Even Gundam 00 was not given the same Z, ZZ, and V Gundam treatment (constant new kits for every MS available) - they limited the FG series to the 4 protagonists only. However, looking at the 00 1/100 line, the products themselves will be given more attention. I'm sure the Macross Frontier series will be given the same treatment. I just hope they learned from Code Geass that if they do wait, they might as well wait longer (they had to release the Lancelot 3 times because by the time the Air Cavalry was released, that very week on TV you saw a new set of armaments... ). In fact, I hope they release them slightly later so that we don't end up with 6 Alto kits - which is very possible for Bandai!! (Normal G head, Super, Full Armour, S, S Super, S Full Armour).
  6. They've been teasing us this long... Ozma listening to planet dance, Michael's sound booster... Bring Fire Bomber back with Gepelnietzche and just sing a duet to end whatever the war is already My guess is that if they could have Breetai and Kamjin lookalikes, they might have an episode with cover bands and what not.
  7. looks awesome! i'd better start clearing out some storage space to splurge on this season's macross goods kekeke i wonder if Alto's machine would get an "S" type head eventually... (actually, isn't it assumed?) I notice that many are hoping that there will be some design changes before the final production - but if you go back and look at all the hobby japans, dengeki hobby etc... in the past few years where bandai has released a painted prototype, you'll see that they tend not to deviate much from the painted prototypes. Technically, they could - but it is very rare that they do. So what you see is going to be at least 90% accurate to what you'll get (assuming all parts are smooth and joints are tight). Nevertheless, the kit looks great as is! All those minor things that people mentioned that they don't like - they'll be remedied by pro-modelers in each magazine
  8. Seeing the trend in Bandai's marketing lately, it's very unlikely they will release the Super parts as a separate kit. Their Code Geass kits have rehashed the same Lancelot kit for 3 different versions. Strike Gundam has been rehashed numerous times (albeit some were colour variations) but the add on packs require you to buy a new Strike Gundam. Likewise, every other Gundam that is a slight variant or armoured version is released with the corresponding Gundam. The only company that really still does accessory packs for character models nowadays is Kotobukiya.
  9. Painting the ABS Bandai uses for their MGs has never really been a problem. Usually some surface treatment (e.g. light sanding + Mr. Surfacer + paint) works really well. If you really want strong, maybe a thin mist of Mr. Metal Primer would help, though you'd probably want to sand enough so that the tolerances aren't too tight.
  10. wow! great episode. I wonder if Ranka's going to sing DYRL next episode (the "ancient/legendary song"). also surprised that they got hal to write the ending theme this episode - wonder why they didnt' just get hamasaki ayumi to sing it if they went thru all that trouble haha.
  11. Arghhh the video is now Top wo Nerae 2! op... I'll wait till someone else uploads a permanent recording first. sorry for the confusion
  12. Pulled these pics off 2ch: These were apparently taken from the event. Some words are cut off, but I'm pretty certain this should say "銀河歌姫来艦" (The Galaxy Songtress/Diva Comes Aboard). Probably debatable whether the green-haired girl is a fan (the blonde girl in the back being the singer) or the singer. "A love story intertwining love, friendship, and a planet's destiny" Valk image. Some posters on 2ch thinks this looks more like some sort of VF-1 variant tailored to the singer. (In which case, I think it would make more sense if this were some VF-5000 variant or later model) The fleet
  13. OH man... I would so love to see some kind of "Firebomber reunion tour" (like never ending kiss reunion tours) or something wacky like that. If Max and Millia could look forever young, I'm sure Mylene would be still quite young in appearance too... hopefully she will show up too.
  14. THe funny thing is, both my brother and I grew up with Macross. I love it, he hates it... but he watched Macross 7 too... and to him, both the original series and 7 were about people fighting monsters with alot of ridiculous singing scenes... I guess in a way, he does have a point. To me, the announcement means I will be getting more of what I love about Macross: the mecha, and ridiculous people singing while fighting's going on
  15. Here is the translation of http://www.animate.tv/nf/detail.php?id=0000001903 Macross - The new songstress is the (equivalent of Grade 12) 3rd year Senior High student, Nakajima Megumi At the Macross 25th Anniversary Live "Minmay meets Fire Bomber", held on the 18th (Saturday) at the Nippon Seinenkan (Japan Youth Hall), it was announced that Nakajima Megumi (pronunciation provided) will take on the role of the new songtress "Lanka Li" in the planned "Macross F (tentative)". Miss Nakajima is a 3rd year Senior High student born in the Heisei era and she commented that at the time the announcement was made regarding her being selected for the role, "My manager was speaking softly on the phone, at first I thought I didn't make it. For a week, I couldn't believe it." At the same time, serving as the venue for announcing the "New Macross" songstress chosen from 5000 candidates in the large scale audition, the hall welcomed her with cheers. As the songs for the new program have yet to be written, Miss Nakajima sang the "Macross Plus" theme song, "Voices" (Original singer: Arai Akino) before the sold out hall, and calmly showed a glimpse of her talent. "Macross F (tentative)" is set in around 2070A.D.. F denotes "Frontier"; "Frontier" stands for the migration fleet which is the setting of the story. The story is about the fleet's encounters with space monsters (or things to that effect) while on its course. It is planned to be a TV series with Kanno Youko handling music, Kikuchi Kouji as director, Kawamori Shouji as general director. An approx. 2 min. video was shown for the fans, who were hungry for more.
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