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  1. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Same experience with mine. Is it possible that a tiny defect in the mold is growing bigger over use? My Elint had the same issue.
  2. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I'm interested in the Rick and Minmay figures. Do you have to pay upfront at the Kitz Concept site?
  3. Lonely Soldier Boy

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    Not much into the Thunder Hummer, but I'm glad there's another 3rd party engrossing the 1/100 Macross catalog. The orbital booster is a must, so I'm keeping an eye to this thread.
  4. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks, Tober. I'll do that.
  5. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Got one from NY. Does anybody know how to cancel a preorder from them? I don't see any option to edit my orders, do you have to write a letter or something?
  6. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool. I think I'll wait for NY to see if they have a better price. I also hope Nexx's comes with an optional leg armor.
  7. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Pricey. I wish I could buy multiples.
  8. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    To join the wish list bandwagon (hey, this is fun!) I'd go with a HMR Comanchero. It'd look fantastic in a hangar diorama. A set of 3 lancers with action stand would also be a must for me.
  9. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    WOO-HOO! Thanks, Tekering
  10. Lonely Soldier Boy

    Hi-Metal R

    Awsome! Care to post a list of the base parts used in case I commit to building one? I recognise the Armored Factory but that's it.
  11. Lonely Soldier Boy


    >EXO< is on it already
  12. Lonely Soldier Boy


    Bite the bullet and PO'd the pair at NY. Genius' review sold me this morning. Then I learned they were sold out everywhere (or in stock for an arm and a leg) and felt bummed. A couple hours later there were PO's for the reissues everywhere at great prices. Must be my lucky day. Crazy how NY has Stick in stock for 33,500 and on Preorder for 17,800.
  13. Lonely Soldier Boy

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I had already cancelled my extra PO with Hlj and still got the cancellation letter the next day and the coupon this morning.
  14. Lonely Soldier Boy

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I didn't like the Yamato YF-21 at all. Battroid was a sore to the eyes for me, so I skipped it and waited (I still do) for a better iteration. I'd be happy to see Bandai giving it a go. Even the 1/100 Hi-Metal teased a while would make me so happy at this point.
  15. Lonely Soldier Boy

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I got the same eMail this morning. The funny thing is I had already cancelled the YF-19 I ordered from them last night.