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  1. It's not. Apparently Kawamori is still making notes, so it's not even a final prototype. I've waited ten years, I can wait a few more months.
  2. Ghost, YF-19 and 21, what a display that would be.
  3. The underbelly panels are definitely not sitting flush, but that's to be expected from a prototype in a hobby show. I'm more worried that they'd over-engineered the whole area to the point of looking weird or being troublesome. Still, I believe the final version is a long way off.
  4. I'm a Regult Scout fan since day 1, so I'm very happy to see this happening. If it comes alone I'm getting a couple at least, but if it's a bundle then just one. Still if the Tomahawk is any indication, there's no guarantee that we'll see a PO anytime soon.
  5. I was so disappointed at Yamato's 21 when it came out. The 21 is my favorite VF and yet I couldn't get over the tiny feet and the lower hips. Fighter was great, but I'm more of a battroid guy (I know I'm not in the majority there), so I skipped it altogether and prepared myself mentally for the long wait, because I knew there was going to be a better version eventually. This is perfect for me. I know we're all used to smaller thrusters, but if they mean more room for bigger feet and legs stowage, I'm in. Besides they make fighter mode look more powerful IMO and it doesn't look any less sleek to my eyes. If Kawamori is still making notes for the design team, then the most obvious aesthetic change should be the short bellyplates, which are easy to tweak without compromising the whole thing, so I'm happy there. Edit: I never cared much for Delta, but I dig the Immelman scheme MUCH more than the Gamlin and M&M's, so go ahead and milk that mold Bandai!
  6. Good catch! The TREAD is definitely considered then. Let's hope the sales justify the development. Toynami also made their Alpha with the Beta in mind but their link system was poorly thought out (lot's of challenges for Sentinel to have fun with in a TREAD toy as well). Unlike the VF-1 that had a steady evolution process as a toy, the Legioss has had so little improvement over the years that is exciting to see someone putting so much love and effort in working around the inherent design problems.
  7. So Mykombini honored my preorder after all (when I went to my account weeks after Preorder Madness there was a notice saying they wouldn't be able to fulfill my order b/c there were too many but to my surprise my one VF-4 is on the way). Seems to be the most fun to transform VF yet. I already want more but I'll patiently wait for the repaints.
  8. I also wouldn't mind a little squad of these guys. Quite a long shot, I know.
  9. PM'd! Edit: Agh! Too late. Still in the lookout. I'm not leaving this thread again.
  10. I just checked my VF-4 preorder with Mykombini and they didn't have enough of them to grant my one copy ordered, so I had to lower my pieces to 0, which means I really never had a preorder secured with them in the first place and they didn't bother to tell me. I'll keep on checking here in case a slot opens
  11. Yeah, I got excited for a minute there, but my initial preorder is 1500 Yen cheaper with shipping included!
  12. Do Amazon.jp has customer support? I can't find an email address or a chat anywhere in the site.
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