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  1. So Mykombini honored my preorder after all (when I went to my account weeks after Preorder Madness there was a notice saying they wouldn't be able to fulfill my order b/c there were too many but to my surprise my one VF-4 is on the way). Seems to be the most fun to transform VF yet. I already want more but I'll patiently wait for the repaints.
  2. I also wouldn't mind a little squad of these guys. Quite a long shot, I know.
  3. PM'd! Edit: Agh! Too late. Still in the lookout. I'm not leaving this thread again.
  4. I just checked my VF-4 preorder with Mykombini and they didn't have enough of them to grant my one copy ordered, so I had to lower my pieces to 0, which means I really never had a preorder secured with them in the first place and they didn't bother to tell me. I'll keep on checking here in case a slot opens
  5. Yeah, I got excited for a minute there, but my initial preorder is 1500 Yen cheaper with shipping included!
  6. Do Amazon.jp has customer support? I can't find an email address or a chat anywhere in the site.
  7. Amazon wont allow me to place the order, something wrong with the shipping address, so I went with hlj. I need some sleep now.
  8. Amazon wont let me add an address outside Japan. Any suggestions?
  9. Did Hobby Search ever opened their PO yet? I'm waiting for them, but I might bite the bullet and get it from hlj.
  10. MyKombini will be days late to the game as usual, which is good: I missed on the VF-4 at PO night and got a preorder with them later on.
  11. Nice! Did you coated the whole thing or just the decals?
  12. Waiting for Sentinel's Legioss here also. After seeing Genius' reviews of ET's, I feel like I've already had that toy. Besides, I dig the smaller size.
  13. So the gun holder armor piece is optional? So cool! I prefer the look of the missile launchers on both legs.
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