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  1. Hi-Metal R

    I wouldn't mind a second one for an Urban Camo custom.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    Paid for my 2 pack. Been waiting for these since Bandai first announced the normal Regults. Now the Scout is my new Holy Grail of HM-R toys.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Awsome! Different markings!
  4. Hi-Metal R

    Monday as in tomorrow? Where's a good place to order it, or should be available at the usual online sotres?
  5. Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures

    The girl that was doing the promotional overview of the Sideshow booth at the SDCC, completely ignored this Deckard figure for some reason. This was the best screenshot I could take, since the camera just blurred over it all the way to Jack Burton. It's not listed in the SS site either (as of now), but it's the most exciting thing from the Con for me so far. After all these years, finally a decent 1/6 licensed Deck figure!
  6. wtf! toynami 1/2000 sdf-1 macross tv

    Yeah, not biting. The guy that did the toynami sculpt lacks aesthetic eye and good taste. The lighting is also tacky. Looks like a chinese KO. This one is gorgeous, I'd give an arm and a leg for a toy that looks like this and close the SDF-1 chapter for good.

    That EVO test shot seems to be made from the same cheap plastic they used on their VF-2ss. The 1/60 has me slightly more interested. What's the point in having a High End toy if the landing gear is useless and ugly anyway? This way they'll only have to concentrate in making sure the toy is sturdy and locks together well. Cheaper and fun to fiddle with is also a bonus.
  8. Hi-Metal R

    Thanks. I knew there was a reason I was hesitant of ordering with them. I guess their price is not the worse out there, so I'll just stick with them this time. Mykombini also has a history of taking a few days to put up their Hi-metal preorders up, BTW.
  9. Hi-Metal R

    Still waiting for NY, but preordered at Amiami last night just in case. Can you cancel on them without trouble or will they punish you somehow?
  10. Hi-Metal R

    Nothing from NY yet.
  11. Hi-Metal R

    I'm refreshing on the Hi-metal search myself.
  12. Hi-Metal R

    Ah, cool. Thanks, Slave IV.
  13. Hi-Metal R

    Sold out on eBay. Was 155+ shipped a good deal? Where can we expect the best price?
  14. Thinking on parting with my 1/48's

    So is the 1/35 confirmed for next year?
  15. Thinking on parting with my 1/48's

    Thanks for all the replies. I assumed that much. Too much new Macross stuff out there already, so this may not the best moment to sell these out. Ebay sellers are asking quite a lot, but I guess I'll have to lurk around to see if they're actually selling.