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  1. Thank you! I'll have to dig up the render, or I could just post the shapeways sites - I did end up making more variations when the master file book came out. Here is the page where you can see all the alternate designs; https://www.shapeways.com/shops/RPG?section=Macross+VF%2FYF+Upgrades&s=0 They print good and i test fitted them all successfully - they also come with 2 new face plates now; And the old original desing; https://www.shapeways.com/product/6NVH992MQ/vf-4c-g-k-old-custom-head-unit?optionId=41029965 If there is enough interest, I can go nack into the files and tweak them so they print as one piece or as few as possible to bring the price down marginally - alternatively, I could take orders to do a small run on a Form2 resin printer I have access to. My Shapeways site is largely abandoned these days.
  2. Mmmmmmmdjessss... yes!! Maybe I'll sell me some more VF-4 head units so I can finally eat and buy some petrol.
  3. You can see a few more details and decals here;
  4. As a designer of a couple of 3rd part TFs myself and a few other toys, I don't know any other fellow designers who have charged by the hour - in my experience it is an agreed upon total. How chunks of $$$ that get to you and by what stage is per the initial agreement. As you work with a client more, it gets easier and less negotiation.
  5. This one is hardly line accurate either. Almost all of the official line art is drawn at a low perspective to give an impression of large size - and between that and the animation; there are plenty of liberties taken in the line art, official art and box art to animation. And also, it is drawn repeatedly in the same way because it is a very un-dynamic design and can hardly strike a pose without some serious anime magic. Just my casual arm-chair-designer thoughts.
  6. Surely you can get brass rods at your local hobby store? If not ebay? They're cheap as. Pics on your build please!
  7. Sorry i don't frequent these forums much any more - sorry for the late reply - which Rau are you talking about? The 1/60 yamato or the 1/144 (?) bandai kit?
  8. That's a really silly way to go about it. If everyone gets on that bandwagon, it won't get funded and no one will get them. Clearly that particular retailer went for the retailer retailer incentive, so they're supporting in the hope it'll get made. Correct. Each tetra has in addition to the null rays, another weapon or option that is specific to them - energy blades, impact cannons and in not-TC's case, a set of rockets. The coneheads do not have the energy blade option, but a missile launcher in addition to the impact cannons. Just check out the images. Of course they are all interchangeable and also, not pictured - each weapon can be arm mounted OR hand held as a blaster. As advised above!
  9. So the 3rd-party "Renegade" (Not-Cybertronian-Starscream) has only 12 days left. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on these, seeing as I know the guy who designed the figure. Support a fellow Macrossworld-er! https://maastoys.com/projects/air-soldiers/ Remember if you pledge, you pay after the target and date have both been met. I'd dearly love to have one on my shelf. PS. It does a decent gerwalk. No official pics yet.
  10. Hey everyone - just thought I might post this as it may be of interest to some of you - especially if you can like Cybertronian-type designs and can handle a new/modern take on the Tetrajet: https://maastoys.com/projects/air-soldiers/ MAAS Toys is doing a crowdfund for their line of not-cybertronian-seekers. They're not official MP scale but they do go toe-to-toe with MP Starscream, only off by 1 to 2mm to the top of the head. Wingspan in alt mode is the same as MP-SS's alt mode wingspan. There is also more articulation than the MP-11 mold. If you have a question, feel free to post on that page for answers regarding the project.
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