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  1. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Gruppo Bertone being the design house yes, but Marcello Gandini was the individual responsible for the countach design. Of which the prototype is much, much nicer than the production model. Bonus trivia - Gandini also designed the Lancia Stratos, Wheeljack for those playing at home.
  2. Whats next for Arcadia?

    O_______O Be still, my beating heart!!!! That is gorgeous
  3. VF-1S head unit

    HA! You just showed your age
  4. VF-1S head unit

    For the holes - a kawamori-vernier at a 45 degree angle should do the trick - or study some of the concept art available online for the carrier arm or hangar bays for inspiration.
  5. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    It is different with every company/product - sometimes they find you (even then they may have a design that needs tweaking or open to see what you have) and other times you introduce yourself. Sometimes you have a working, physical prototype, other times you have only renders or 2d concepts. They'd have their engineers to look at it and process it for it to begin the mold making process.
  6. This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    I say awesome for 3P and KO Macross. The business model Arcadia have going (especially for the VF-1s - but thats been discussed enough) isn't sustainable, for them or us. It leads to resentment. It should make them take notice and change how they do things - competition is good. Plus if they're not total crap (which will have consumers look for alternatives again - either real or other KO), they're great for customizing. I have a few VFs I'd love to customize but the perceived rarity and initial price i got them for make me NOT want to touch them at all.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Only one way to find out! I think the conformal tanks would help, might need to fudge the proportions/placement of them tho - keen to see how it turns out
  8. Kurisama's Custom 1/60 Upgrades & Add-ons

    OOH! Now that I did NOT know... Thanks for the info Xigfrid. So is it replacing WSF or is a new material all together? Can you point me to the pics of the new smoothing finish?
  9. Kurisama's Custom 1/60 Upgrades & Add-ons

    Oh I thought u meant new tools or shop or options something - yes, i was aware they made some materials cheaper
  10. Kurisama's Custom 1/60 Upgrades & Add-ons

    What new features? I'm out of the loop to be honest!
  11. Kurisama's Custom 1/60 Upgrades & Add-ons

    Nope, not at all - so yes, I can post both
  12. Kurisama's Custom 1/60 Upgrades & Add-ons

    Also some quick screen caps of the components;